Best Yoshi Colors

What is the best color of Yoshi? Let's get your votes and find out!

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1 Green Yoshi

Green yoshi is the best! Even though he not my favourite colour he's marios 2nd sidekick and I'm ubsesed with him! He's playful and happy. I like red and blue yoshi, but green number 1!

Its the original that's the best!

Um. This is the ORIGINAL Yoshi! Of COURSE I'll vote this! (also I love green)

The original green Yoshi is the best.

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2 Black Yoshi

A yoshi with more eclectic tastes than the others, he enjoys peppers.

Why isn't Black Yoshi #1? He's the cutest!

Most people call them "Shadow Yoshies" - YoshiFan277

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3 Blue Yoshi

One of the most favourite, i'm sure. - YoshiFan277

Blue Yoshi is my favorite Mario character!

Imagine Rouge the Bat riding a Blue Yoshi.

4 Red Yoshi V 4 Comments
5 White Yoshi

This was my favorite Yoshi color growing up when I played Yoshi's Story for the Nintendo 64 - babbott15

They are in Nintendo somewhere, i looked it up. - YoshiFan277

It's shameful that Mario didn't actually appear in Yoshi's Story. Also, guess what? Amy Rose should pick Green Yoshi's giant, bulbous nose & then Thor Odinson shall break it with a Piko Piko Hammer w/ Amy Rose breaking it w/ Thor Odinson's hammer!

Amy Rose (potentially voiced by Miley Cyrus): I'M GONNA KILL YOU!

Thor Odinson (voiced by Chris Hemsworth): YOU RUIN THE PROPERTY OF OUR HOME REALM!

Green Yoshi (voiced by Shaffer Chimere Smith): Please stop killing my nose! OUCH!

Also, White Yoshi is cool!

6 Orange Yoshi

orange is the best color because it stands out, and because everyone lovers the random Yoshi who pops up to save the day.

Have you noticed you very rarely see Orange ones? - YoshiFan277

So rare it passes green just barely. - booklover1

7 Light Blue Yoshi

Light blue, or cyan Yoshi, as I call him, is the best because I say so!

I play as this color Yoshi in Smash, so it's gonna be my favorite. Any problems?

Another Blue? Yeah, Got problem? - YoshiFan277

Our favorite Yoshi which is so underrated.

8 Camouflaged Yoshi

I love camouflaged yoshi! go yoshi go!

Wait... What? (MYSTERY YOSHI) - YoshiFan277

What kind of Yoshi is this? It must be a hidden Yoshi.

9 Yellow Yoshi

This Should Be Number 1 Or 2 Because It's The Best Yoshi Color In New Super Mario Bros Wii It's So Awesome It's Better Than The Green Yoshi - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

Yellow and white look almost the same sometimes, but never in Nintendo world! - YoshiFan277

Do you want to see Mrs. Pac-Man ride a Yellow Yoshi?

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10 Purple Yoshi

Such an underrated yoshi!

Also, Purple Yoshi, Blaze the Cat, Spyro the Dragon & Pinky the pink ghost would make a perfect love score.

Also, screw Sonic & Mega Man characters uniting! They shouldn't unite anyways. The Eggman & Wily duo sucks & is overrated! We hate Sonic & Mega Man so much! We strongly prefer "Sonic & Pac-Man/Mario & Mega Man: Worlds Collide" on Archie Comics! Also, there should not be Sonic & Mega Man crossovers in the first place! No! Please don't make us like that combination! Pac-Man should be on Archie Comics.

The Contenders

11 Pink Yoshi
12 Brown Yoshi

I honestly find Brown Yoshi really Underrated. Come on Nintendo, give us back Brown Yoshi.

You might be like "This gotta be fake! " But before Yoshi Touch and Go, Orange Was Taken place of Brown. But Orange was in the Japanese Version of SMW2:YI However, It was keeped brown in the Nintendo Power issue. And It's only (Somewhat) minor role in Paper Mario. As the chief Yoshi's possible friend, He has gold bracelets. He also apperared in Game and Watch Gallery 2 in the Modern version of Vermin. This obscure yoshi makes him the 9th color of yoshi's. Making a total of 11 different Colors of the Race of Yoshi. (13 if you count Boshi's Indigo-Like and The Baby Yoshi in New Super Mario Bros.U. )

13 Gray Yoshi
14 Rainbow Yoshi

I wish this was a real Yoshi color. Would be awesome. - TheYoshiOverlord

Oh my god you have a really similar user name as me. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! - Yoshilord

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