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1 17 Again

It's So awesome!
Stupendous movie
I love zac's role
And his simplicity and his love for his wife
I love you zac

It's just cool...
The story.. it amazing..
And zac efron.. HE'S AWESOME...

He's really handsome... And going back to childhood is really a nice concept in a movie... Zac is one of my favorite male artist in Hollywood... Maybe I'll meet him someday and tell him he is gorgeous.


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2 Charlie St. Cloud

That movie was so touching. I just want to watch the movie over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Epic Movie.. Sad, Happy, All Of Your Emotions Are Put 2 The Test.. Its Simply Amazing xXxX

Favourite movie ever... Cried 6 times and 6 times more than I've ever cried in any movie! (Except for movies involving dogs they're just sad)

It's my first movie of him and I'm a big fan of him now.

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3 The Lucky One

Most amazing movie ever! It made me feel like one day I will fall in love and find the person of my life as if they are waiting for me to come just as I am.

I saw it Zac looks really cool I love him and the movie is interesting you want to know what happened to her brother in war and the headline is catchy and where Zac plays with the kid makes Zac even more romantic and cool he is amazing talented I love you Zac you are the best

King of actors

I absolutely love this movie! Zac, you did a fantastic job of transforming into a soldier. It was so convincing. As always Zac does a fantastic job of making the character come to life. Keep up the good work. He is the best actor ever! AWESOME MOVIE!

I have many go to movies
The Lucky One is definitely
A soft place to fall when I feel in the
Mood to see love on screen
I will choose this fantastic
Zac and the leading lady delight

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4 Hairspray

Oh come on! It should be higher. It was hilarious and a bit like the 60's groove. Vote higher you people for crying out loud

I really love this movie especially because Zac efron is in it he is my second future boyfriend!

This movie is so awesome! I just love the way zac acts all of his movies

It amazing

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5 High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Troy and Gabriella are Goals

Wow Zac compare your self in this movie your so cute in hsm the whole trilogies I wish you still have that long blond hair but you still got it break a leg

#best movie ever!

Honestly,my favorite hsm film it has plenty of great songs like now or never, the boys are back and scream and so many more also I mainly put good songs with sac efron in because its how I found this website.

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6 High School Musical

ALL OF THESE MOVIES ARE MY FAVORITE! I wish this movie was at least in the top 5. I hope they make the 4th one. Good job Zac Efron you did amazing in this role!

Why the heck isn't this top 5!

He did very good

best film

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7 Neighbors

I love all of them

I love the hotdog... And the body!

Zac is just hot in that Movie.

Awesome acting and comedy

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8 We Are Your Friends

The soundtrack to this movie is awesome and Zac Efron really acts great with the genre.

I love that movie so much

Inspirational movie for those who want to be dj

9 High School Musical 2

I think that this one was the best out of the 3 movies honestly

Its d best of d 3 parts of hsm n I love zac he luks just aussi!

10 The Paperboy

His acting is so good here he let it out all.. He's so committed to this film he actually let himself get pissed (literally! ) all over by Cameron Diaz! And in most of the scenes he actually hanging there just wearing that sexy white underwear laugh out loud

Love it

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11 That Awkward Moment

Seriously this should be higher, there all good actors especially zac efron he's my inspiration, he is why I go to the gym, I grew up with Michael Jackson same as him,he is my inspiration on life, he takes life by his right hand he is dope as

Really good I love Zac, the black guy was pretty cute too laugh out loud

Funniest movie ever I love it

Best Romcom ever. my all time favorite

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12 The Derby Stallion Special Edition

Go on Patrick ride more horses lol

Go on Patrick ride more horses lol

13 Baywatch

He is so sexy in this

Is a good movie

It is so funny.


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14 Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

What the hell... this is as excruciating, weak bad and stereotype-provoking as the High School Musical trilogy, so it deserves 3/10. - Kieran Stark (do I need to explain my account name if you've seen it? )

I love zac efron... I download his all photos

Just watched it and I love it. GOSH! It is so touching

15 Melinda's World
16 Me & Orson Welles
17 New Year's Eve

It's so good;-) and zac is so HOT

18 Dirty Grandpa

So funny

19 Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
20 Triple Play

Never watched it but seen adverts and it is so great

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