Top 10 Biggest Problems with The Emoji Movie

The Emoji Movie is the second worst movie to come out in 2017! Pretty much everything about it is terrible! And I'm gonna tell you why it's the worst animated film of all time!

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1 It's a Ripoff of Wreck-it Ralph, Inside Out, and the Lego Movie

Even before the movie came out, people were already calling it a ripoff of these movies! Think about it! The main character wants to feel like he belongs, so he goes out on an adventure through different apps! That sounds very similar to Wreck-it Ralph! The characters all live in a phone and we have a subplot involving a human character whom the emoji characters help out! Kind of like Inside Out! And the overall concept of taking something the children love to use and turn it into an entire movie is basically like the Lego Movie! The only thing is, all three of those movies were good! The Emoji Movie isn't! They basically took the ideas of all 3 of these movies and put them all into one without the things that actually made those movies good! The entire movie is unoriginal! No effort was put into it! This is just lazy! It's plagiarism! - MegaSoulhero

Saying The Emoji Movie sucks is like saying "The sky is blue" or "Water is wet". We kind of get it by now. I think it's time to move on to something else and not give this crap chute any more attention. - phillysports

True that it doesn't need attention, but if we don't make a deal of it this is more likely to reoccur. If we to stop hate, there are bigger fish to fry! But, yeah - EliHbk

This movie is strait up plagiarism, they literally stole plot points from other better movies like Wreck-It Ralph, Inside Out and even The Smurfs The Lost Village. - egnomac

Wreck-it-ralph is much better than the emoji movie - VideoGamefan5

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2 The Jokes Aren't Funny

Wanna know how many times I laughed! ZERO! I did not laugh at all during this movie! None of the jokes were funny or clever! Well actually there was this one part where Gene accidentally knocks over a group of emoticons and they act like old people. I almost found that joke funny, but then they immediately ruined it by having one of them say "My colon! " This movie almost had one funny joke and they managed to ruin it! Wow! One of the characters is actual crap and his only joke is that he's crap! All of his lines are poop jokes! Mr. and Mrs. Meh's only joke is that since they're "meh" emojis, they constantly have to speak in a bored tone! It gets old very fast! None of the jokes hit their mark! It's not one of those movies that I can laugh it for how bad it is! As much as I hate Foodfight, at least there were moments where the animation got so bad to the point where it was laughable! Don't get me wrong, Foodfight is still one of the worst animated films ever made, but the Emoji Movie ...more - MegaSoulhero

This movie has not a single chuckle

I laughed at things that weren't supposed to be funny

It's rated a comedy yet it isn't funny at all - PeeledBanana

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3 It's a Movie About Emojis

Even if the movie ended up being good, IT'S STILL A MOVIE ABOUT EMOJIS! "Kids love emojis, so let's make an entire movie about them! " This entire concept is stupid! You can't really tell much of a story with emojis! I'm one of the few people who defended the Lego Movie before it came out because legos were made to tell stories with! THESE ARE EMOJIS! Just random faces and objects on an iPhone keyboard that are used for texting! Did we really need to know if emojis had feelings? No! No we didn't! - MegaSoulhero

Seriously? Emojis of all things? I bet it was just created because of how much of a trend emojis are. What's next to get an unneeded movie? Fidget spinners? Please NO! This movie makes the angry birds movie look like a masterpiece - Randomator

There's nothing wrong with emoji's,but the movie itself should ezsits - BoyGenius234

I used to use emojis
...and now I hate them
the only one I like is this 😶
because it's good - GrapeJuiceK

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4 It's a Commercial for Mobile Apps

When Gene and his friends are trying to make him become a "meh" emoji, they go through a bunch of mobile apps! Which leads to what is the longest commercial for mobile apps! I wonder how much the owners of these apps paid to get them in this movie! They aren't even subtle about this product placement! There's an entire scene that takes place in Candy Crush! In that scene, they're saying "we must get you to the bottom by matching other candies" and that's exactly what they're doing! They're playing Candy Crush! And it drags on for so long! It makes the Krispy Kreme product placement in Power Rangers seem subtle! They also go into Spotify and you hear songs such as Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) and Cheerleader! There's a scene in which Gene's parents go into the YouTube app and they're watching Pen Pineapple Apple Pen! They also distract some robots by putting on Surprised Kitty! Because YouTube is best known for cat videos! So unoriginal! They also go into Instagram and change the filter of ...more - MegaSoulhero

5 The Characters are Uninteresting

Something that each movie has to do is at least make the characters likeable and relatable! That was not the case with this movie. I did not like any of the characters in this movie! Most of them were just bland! They expect us to relate to Gene, but how!? We're not emojis! The characters were also very underdeveloped. The most developed character is Jailbreak and the only development she gets is that she's a princess! Which is a flat out rip off of Wreck-it Ralph! Speaking of Wreck-it Ralph, I absolutely love that Disney princess scene they showed from Wreck-it Ralph 2 at D23. In the Emoji Movie, they really did a terrible job at developing the characters. - MegaSoulhero

I agree so much on everything here, the characters are so booring, who thought Hi-5 would be a good character, and Jailbreak, you can clearly see she's a rip-off from Wildstyle from Lego Movie, though I didn't like Wildstyle, at least she's not a rip-off. - darthvadern

6 It's Made by Sony

If I learned anything from my previous list, it's that I shouldn't say that the writers should die for making a movie. That was the worst thing I've ever done on TTT. I apologized for that in a post if you want to read it. One thing I also said was that all of Sony's movies are bad. And that was an extreme exaggeration. I had no idea Baby Driver was a Sony movie. And I liked Spider-Man Homecoming, but I guess since the movie is part of the MCU, I don't consider it a Sony film. Still, Sony has made a lot of bad movies! Especially when it comes to animated films! Sausage Party was terrible! Angry Birds was terrible! The Emoji Movie is another one of their bad films! So honestly, it wasn't surprising that it was bad. None of this is objective though. Obviously. - MegaSoulhero

Sony definitely has a lot of garbage, but I just wanted to let you know that those were Sony movies on your other list because you acted like nobody should buy their products when Baby Driver is a must buy movie. And I forgive you. Your lists are too great for me to hate on. Just wanted to point that out for you. - DCfnaf

They have some good movies like Lawrence of Arabia, Memento and Baby Driver but some of their recent movies like Rough Night (failed to engage the audience to a bachelorette party gone wrong), The Emoji Movie (was very unnecessary) and the Dark Tower (failed to get anybody's attention) all failed hard and were panned by critics. And what do these 3 movies have in common? They were all cliche, a waste of talent, and were so damn disappointing.

Disney is worse than Sony personally. No offense. Sony has some of the best movies like Spiderman Homecoming, Baby Driver, etc. - AlphaQ

But Sony made Open Season and The Smurfs! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

7 A Popeye Movie Was Held Back 5 Years Due to It
8 The Relationship Between Gene and Jailbreak

I've always hated the cliché of two main characters becoming a couple unless they are able to do it well. In Star vs the Forces of Evil, people only ship Star and Marco because they're the main characters! And throughout the show, they're romantic relationship isn't very developed and it seems very forced! And the same goes for the Emoji Movie! They're relationship came right out of nowhere! But because they're the main characters, they must be together! This is just lazy! And we don't even care about the characters so why should we care about them being a couple? - MegaSoulhero

Ok, no offense, but there's a lot of relationships in animated movies that people ship just for being the main characters, such as in the Lego batman movie where the relationship between batman and batgirl was underdeveloped and I still like the movie - VideoGamefan5

9 It's Made to Sell Merchandise

Sony is desperate for money. That's what some of their recent films are saying.

To an extent, but if were talking gaming Microsoft is very desperate for money. - htoutlaws2012

10 The Animation

I wouldn't say the animation is bad, but it's VERY uncreative! All they did was use the emojis that you see on a phone and put arms and legs on them! A baby could do that! I'll admit though, there are some moments where the scenery looks okay, but that honestly makes it a lot worse for me given that the concept of this movie is absolutely stupid! It makes me feel bad for the animators! In the scene when they're in Spotify, the animators put so much detail into that scene! But again, they're in Spotify! That is wasted effort! I also thought the designs of the humans were pretty good, but the humans were underused! I want to like the animation, but they make it so hard! - MegaSoulhero

As a proud tradition of Sony Pictures Animation, the animation is, conceptually, some of the worst to ever be put on a mainstream animated feature! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

The animation is so sloppy. Gee, we're they high when they thought of this? - AlphaQ

Not bad, just plain.

The Newcomers

? It's the movie Sony Pictures Animation made that's worse than Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2

As AniMat said: Sony Pictures Animation made a movie worse than Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2. We all knew he'd find a movie from Sony worse than Cloudy 2. And he's right.

The Emoji Movie is not only Sony's worst movie of all time, but it also emphasizes the worst elements of Sony Animation to prove how they are one of the worst studios in the business.

The unwatchably bad animation, and terrible humor, of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, the shameless advertising of the Smurfs, and the desperate attempt to be cool and hip with kids of Hotel Transylvania.

The Emoji Movie really IS that bad. It actually IS one of the worst animated films in the ranks of Norm of the North and Foodfight! THIS IS EXACTLY WHY SONY ANIMAITON IS BETTER OFF DEAD! SO, with that said, SCREW SONY, SCREW EMOJIS, AND SCREW THIS MOVIE! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

? They played a Hotel Transylvania cartoon "Puppy!" in front of it.

Yes, I hate Hotel Transylvania, but some of the humor in both movies are actually pretty funny. As for the Puppy! short, it was more stupid than humorous, and is easily the worst thing Genndy Tartakovsky has ever done. Yes, Sony fired Genndy from the Popeye movie, just so that he would end up working on the Emoji Movie by making a Hotel Transylvania cartoon. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

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11 The Atrocious Voiceovers

One element that I would like to add about this is that the voice acting is also NOTICEABLY bad. It sounded like the actors are invested a lot more in their check than their performance and they don't even put in any sort of effort into this. Then again, I don't think you can find anyone in the cast and crew that were motivated to making a good movie." - AniMat who is right about most of the complaints he has towards Sony Pictures Animation, but needs to take it a LOT easier on his negative opinion on that company that went from engaging to hit-and-miss to very untrustworthy

12 The Characters are Dumb
13 The Jokes are Stupid

Were number 2 is right this whole movie is one giant number 2. - egnomac

14 The Human Scenes

All of these scenes that take place in the human world are so stupid! The reason why it worked so well in Inside Out is because they actually made Riley a relatable character and they developed her character which made her more likeable. In the Emoji Movie, most of these scenes are just filler! As I was watching the movie, I kept forgetting that there is a subplot involving the humans! That just shows how forgettable these scenes are! They're only there to remind us who's phone these emojis are on and so we could have this conflict with Alex's phone being erased! Speaking of which, one of the reasons why he is getting his phone wiped is because it kept on unexpectedly making noises. If I were him, I would just mute the phone. Also, there's this very big plot hole in which when he's getting his phone erased, he sends his crush an emoji and then unplugs the phone to stop it from being erased, and everything on it comes back even though it was almost done being erased! Phones don't work ...more - MegaSoulhero

15 It's Trying to Hard to Be Mainstream
16 Sir Patrick Stewart is the Poop Emoji

After giving us such an incredible performance as Charles Xavier in Logan, Patrick Stewart went on to be the poop emoji in the Emoji Movie in the same year. Why in the world did he agree to do this? Patrick Stewart is such a great actor, but he was completely wasted in this film! He only had a few lines and they were all poop jokes! I feel bad for him! At least we know he was in one of the best movies of the year earlier this year. - MegaSoulhero

The Patrick Stewart Poop might as well be the official mascot of Sony Animation. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

That emoji poop should've been the great main character for this movie.

17 It's Boring
18 Kids Were Begging Too See It as Soon as They Saw the Trailer
19 It Had No Action
20 It's Generic
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1. It's a Ripoff of Wreck-it Ralph, Inside Out, and the Lego Movie
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