Top Ten Biggest Problems with Star Wars: The Last Jedi

So Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise, and suprisingly the worst too! I hated this movie so much that it made The Force Awakens look like a cinematic masterpiece! Here are the worst things about the movie! Also, SPOILERS.

The Top Ten

1 Unneeded Love Sub-Plot

I like the film, but this was not very good. - iliekpiez

I'm not really a fan of the whole love sub plots in movies, I don't think Rose is a terrible character though, because we actually learn a bit about her character. - Phillip873

Rose and Finn is worse than Anakin and Padme - 445956

Rose is the worst character in all of Star Wars - MegaSoulhero

At least Jar Jar did SOME helpful things. Rose nearly put the Resistance at risk at the end. - MegaSoulhero

2 Rey Isn't Related to Anyone

Who cares? If she was, you'd complain that it rehashed the twist in Empire Strikes Back. - IronSabbathPriest

This was actually a pretty clever twist. I like how they played with our expectations. - MegaSoulhero

What? I liked that part of the movie a lot! - Phillip873

I like this mystery aspect to the story - PackFan2005

3 Yoda's Small Amount of Screen time is Unneeded

I never thought I would say this, but Yoda is really the worst character in the movie, he didn't even need to be tehhe! He is pointless in this movie. He is just fanservice! And he does the worst thing possible in the movie, he creates a lightning bolt that destroys a whole jedi temple, yes, A WHOLE JEDI TEMPLE even though Luke Skywalker didn't want him to! And then they try to force in a message that books aren't important, well, listen Yoda, no one cares about your stupidity and your small brain in this mess of a movie! Books are important, written by an intelligent person, how do you know Rey's powers already sood in the book, huh? - darthvadern

I think the problem with Yoda being here is that he creates a huge continuity error, in that he was able to shoot lightning and destroy that Jedi Temple.
So if that’s the case...what was stopping Ghost Obi Wan Kenobi from shooting bolts of lightning at Darth Vader or the enemy's artillery on Endor? Total screw up. - DCfnaf

He came to tell Luke Skywalker something important, but he felt like fanservice.

Also, if the Jedi turn to ghosts when they die and are able to do stuff as ghosts, then what exactly was so devastating about the Jedi all dying in the third movie? They could just turn into ghosts and solve everything.

But whatever, it’s a movie series. - DCfnaf

4 It Completely Destroyed Star Wars

This movie killed Star Wars and destroyed everything about the saga. TFA was bad enough, but this one was the nail in the coffin.

Episode 1 killed star wars

How did one film destroy the franchise it was jar jar who destroyed Star Wars not tlj

This movie singlehandedly destroyed Star Wars, without a doubt! It is by far the worst of the saga! I don't even consider it real Star Wars. How any fan could say otherwise is mindboggling! This and TFA were absolute garbage. They both make TPM and AotC look stellar by comparison!

5 They Kill Off Way Too Many Characters

Yet they don't kill off the character who's actress died? - 445956

Yet you didn't have an issue with that in Infinity War - B1ueNew

What's wrong with that? - Phillip873

Eh. Whatever - DCfnaf

6 Leia's Fakeout Death Scene

This is probably my least favorite part of the movie, even though liked this movie. Seriosuly, they could have totally killed off Leia in that scene, and it would have been a good end to her, but no she has the force and she flies back to the ship. I don't even think that's how the force works! - Phillip873

Yeah, this scene is awful. Like I'm supposed to believe she can just float back to the ship. - DCfnaf

Yeah, this scene was kind of dumb. - MegaSoulhero

"That's not how the force works." - TheFourthWorld

7 Some Parts Don't Make Any Sense

There are so many plot-holes in the movie! Like when Leia is frozen in space and she suddenly is able to float back to the ship, THAT'S NOT HOW THE FORCE WORKS! What's even worse in that Carrie Fisher isn't alive anymore so Leia won't be in Episode IX. So, good job Rian Johnson, you have destroyed Star Wars! And one more thing, if Luke didn't want his lightsaber back and wanted to ignore everything, why did he even create a map in The Force Awakens anyway? It's like Rian Johnson didn't even watch The Force Awakens! - darthvadern

8 The Battle Scenes are Too Short

What? I thought they were awesome! - Phillip873

Only one was short - Randomator

If you remember from the trailer there was going to be this duel between Finn and Captain Phasma, it looked like it could be a good duel, but the problem is that in the movie it was way to short! Why? And they kill Captain Phasma in the most unfair way in Star Wars! Finn basicilly comes up from nowhere and slams his weapon in Phaasma's face which makes Phasma fly away into the fire, this is not fair!? And the lightsaber duel at the end between Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren is even dumber! So Luke Skywalker created some ghost of himself and - darthvadern

Literally the only battle scene in this movie that was short was Finn and Phasma’s battle. - MegaSoulhero

9 They Ruined Luke Skywalker

He refused to kill his own father, but was willing to kill his own nephew

I could go on and on about the problems this film has, but the worst by far for me is what they did to Luke's character. I understand that the new trilogy is not about him, but the fact that he has rejected the Force, thinks that the Jedi "should end," and ultimately fails in his mission represents a complete destruction of Star Wars' original hero, which irreparably damages the franchise.

10 It Doesn't Answer Any of the Questions from the Force Awakens

Get this in the top 10.

This is excactly why we hate this movie.

The Contenders

11 Rose Tico

I actually like Rose Tico's actress, but her hole was bad.
- She interrupted Finn's sacrifice, which would saved time for the resistance;
- Her "romance" with Finn;
- She is not useful most of time. She just hinted where the code breaker was living and some other things;
- Her deleted scene that she bravelly bites the officer's hand should have been in the movie;

I actually liked Rose a lot. - Y2K

I kinda liked Rose.

Like many other characters in The Last Jedi, I think she was ruined by bad storytelling rather than the character or acting itself. It is unfortunate that the actress is being harassed.

I believe most people wouldn't have liked grumpy Luke Skywalker if it wasn't for his history in the previous films. They also doubled down on the Mary Sue Rey. - Solemn-Philosopher

12 Too Many Meaningless Action Scenes
13 It Was Even Worse Than Star Wars: The Force Awakens

So true...and I didn't think it could get worse lol.

That is an opinion. - iliekpiez

Star Wars: The Force Awakens had less problems than The Last Jedi! This makes The Force Awakens look like The Godfather and this makes J. J. Abrams look like George Lucas! I mean, at the end of The Force Awakens you were able to speculate so much things about Episode VIII that it was kinda good, this movie sums up everything! - darthvadern

IN YOUR OPINION - Randomator

14 Admiral Holdo

Surprised she's not in the list yet. Holdo is a forced representation of Feminism in the film, if Rey wasn't enough. And not only that, her character isn't even that good. - CrimsonShark

15 Kylo Ren is the Only Good Character

In your opinion. - iliekpiez

IN YOUR OPINION - Randomator

He is seriously the only thing I liked about this movie, he is literally te only new charcter in the sequel trilogy to be good and to actually have devolopment and motivations, we know why he is evil and why he does what he does. - darthvadern

Ben Swolo is a good meme though - Phillip873

16 Luke Skywalker Died

I actually loved the scene where he becomes one with the force - Phillip873

I'm blaming the director

It didn't make any sense

That just means he will be a force ghost - Randomator

17 Not Everyone Dies

You want everyone to die? - TheFourthWorld

How is that a criticism?

18 Even Star Wars Fans Hate It

People want to remove this movie from existence and remake it, and I understand why, this is a horrible movie, end of that! - darthvadern

This list is a perfect example of the Star Wars fanbase

Um, you know there are people who hate Star Wars 8 but hate every other Star Wars movie too, right? - darthvadern

So? Just because other people hate it doesn't mean you have to. - Phillip873

Wha - DCfnaf

19 It's Extremely Boring
20 It Didn't Make Any Sense that Luke Died and Rey Was the Last Jedi

It didn't make sense

21 No Mourning for Han

There is a deleted scene in which Luke mourns Han. It's brief but powerful. Yet, was shaved off while 45 minutes of Canto Bight were not.

22 We Never Got a Single Information About Snoke

Unbelievable! They decided to dumped the character.

23 Captain Phasma Had No Purpose in the Plot Aside from Fighting Finn
24 Unoriginal
25 It's a Print Money Movie

Every Movie is to make money.

Yeah, but most movies we're mad in the soul intent to entertain and please people and fans. This movie's only purpose was making money. - RogerMcBaloney

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