Best Biosphere Albums

Best albums from ambient legend Geir Jenssen better known as Biosphere.

The Top Ten Best Biosphere Albums

1 Substrata

Yeah, this is very cliche, but seriously! I whole heartedly believe that Substrata should top this list. It is a near perfect album, that executes its atmosphere perfectly, and does a great job taking you to a place somewhere in the arctic. - slipperyjack30

2 Shenzhou

Extremely minimalistic and repetitive, but still amazing! It is made up of looping orchestral samples and droning ambient pads. This is a very difficult album to describe, it is like you are in a dream, where directions are unclear. Some parts you feel like your in a fairy tale, and others you are waiting for a nightmare to happen. - slipperyjack30

3 Patashnik

Its like his debut Microgravity, but more of a focus on the ambient side. Patashnik better captures the feeling of being in space, looking at nebulas, planets, or going through asteroid fields. One of the finest ambient techno albums you will ever hear. - slipperyjack30

4 N-Plants
5 Microgravity
6 Cirque
7 The Hilvarenbeek Recordings
8 Departed Glories
9 Dropsonde
10 Autour De La Lune
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