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61 Country Girl

Should be in the top 10. One of Tony's greatest riffs and some of Dio's strongest singing. The version from Live at Hammersmith is one of Sabbath's best live recordings ever.

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62 Air Dance

This song proves Sabbath was as complex as Pink Floyd or John Coltrane... I wish they kept on this trail instead of selling out to the trailer park masses.

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63 No Stranger to Love
64 Headless Cross

What? This is one of Sabbath's best Songs! GOD I hate you Ozzy Only Fools! You guys don't know good music Sabbath continued on without Ozzy and made FANTASTIC MUSIC and The Tony Martin Era had brilliant music and he was superb Live he was the only Sabbath singer to last as long as Ozzy and sang all era's Live Ozzy nor Dio didn't

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65 Hard Life to Love
66 Dying for Love

Dying for Love ranked #43 are you kidding me if this is a joke I'm certainly not laughing. This song is significantly better than the prior songs mentioned. If there is anything about this list that's laughable is the fact that Paranoid is #1 on this list considering it's one of the simplistic songs I've ever heard. And if it's because of being a chart topper then Lady Gagais technically better than everything on this list and anyone that knows anything about music knows that that is a joke. Listen Cross Purposes is the best Sabbath album and it deserves to be recognized by true music buffs.

67 Too Late

This song deserves a better place, this is dio's masterpiece in Black Sabbath, the sound, the voice amd the darkness in this song its fantastic

68 TV Crimes

So good, fast, heavy. I mean, come on!

69 Angry Heart

Off Seventh Star.Glen Hughes and Iommi were the most amazing combo and this song showcases that.Simply put,an excellent song.

70 Am I Going Insane (Radio)
71 Fluff

How the hell is this song so low on the list? It has to be one of the most soothing tunes I've ever heard in my life.

72 Disturbing the Priest

Count me as one of the fans of Ian Gillan's collaboration with Iommi/Butler/Ward. He was a powerful singer whose unique tone perfectly suited Iommi's riffing. Born Again was an underrated album and the centrepiece was the amazing Stonehenge/Disturbing the Priest.

Ian Gillen´┐Ż's vocals are so immensely great in this track. Absolutely stunning!

73 A Hard Road

THE most underrated sabbath song. I can't believe its only rated at No.40. Ozzy at his very best vocally, ironically just before he was chucked out of the band..

Not only is this a great song, the whole album was ahead of its time. Have a listen and enjoy.

This song should be at least in the top10. Can't blive nobody voted it

74 Psycho Man

Very underrated. Great song

75 Tomorrow's Dream
76 Age of Reason

The best Iommi's solos (there are two! ). And a great and terrific song. For me, it should be between the top 5, at least!

Simply E P I C


77 The Devil Cried

As heavy as it gets.

78 Time Machine
79 Born Again

The third best line up.

80 Seventh Star

Awesome Song. Glenn Hughes vocals are very powerful. The riff is heartbreaking. Nice use of keyboards at the outro.

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