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1 (Don't Fear) the Reaper (Don't Fear) the Reaper Cover Art


The way I starts out, you're like Nice stuff and then the riff in the middle goes crazy and it goes ethereal!
One of the best of all time.

This is simply the best song ever. The guitar along with the singer make a great combination. Also the lyrics are amazing.

The best song ever created. The best piece of music ever committed to recording.

2 Astronomy Astronomy Cover Art

My favorite song ever!

Metallica's version has nothing to do with this, listen to the Some Enchanted Evening live version, and the Imaginos version too, both wonderful

Four doors at the four winds bar. This song is mysterious and amazing, it's the best song ever. Every version of this song rocks, but the original is the best version. A STAR!

Amazing. This song is so good, Metallica did a cover for it, the only cover song from Blue Oyster Cult, may I add. Blue Oyster Cult at there best.

Metallica has nothing to do with BOC. Get off the BOC page if you like Metallica. This is their second best song, next to The Marshall Plan.

3 Burnin' for You Burnin' for You Cover Art

Sick guitar solo's throughout! But that ending is just phenomenal! I am guaranteed to break the speed limit if I am listening to this song. And my rock goes all the way to 11 with this song!

Still much respect to Don't Fear The Reaper!

Not only is it a very catchy song with great vocals and excellent guitar work, it also may or may not have to do with the contraction of syphillis.

This Song Makes Me Happy. I Just Don't Know Why. This Song Is Very Catchy, Awesome Vocals And Great Guitar And Drum works. This song Has to be considered one of the group's best. It rocks! Musically and lyrically. And Its One Of The Songs From Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. I Just Wonder Why This Type Of Music Can't Be Made Today?

Arguably their best song. Should be number 2 at the worst.

4 Godzilla Godzilla Cover Art

Blue Oyster Cult is awesome to me because they sound slightly like the beatles and are extremely catchy.
Top 3
1. Godzilla
2. Burning For you
3. Don't fear the reaper

Blue Oyster Cult = myth
Godzilla = myth
it's simply obvious that this song would be such a masterpiece!
Blue Oyster Cult Rocks! Nothing more to say

Oh no, they say he's got to go
Go go Godzilla, yeah
Oh no, there goes Tokyo
Go go Godzilla, yeah!

My first Blue Oyster Cult song, and this also is what introduced me to Godzilla at like 5 years old.

5 I Love the Night I Love the Night Cover Art

Beautiful song one of there best ballads along with last days of May the thing I love about blue oyster cult is they have a errie atmosphere to all there songs but this one captures that at it's best

Haunting... So good! Buck's vocals are so smooth and his guitar work is second to none. One of the best tunes off of Spectres.

I love this song. Melodic and Haunting guitar hooks are so good.

A beautiful love song.

6 Veteran of the Psychic Wars Veteran of the Psychic Wars Cover Art

Amazing song. The live version found on the Extraterrestrial Live album is absolutely superb. The middle section is something to behold in awe.

I listened to this song so much this last summer. I wouldn't say it's better than reaper, but it really deserves to be in the top five at least.

This easily deserves to be in the top ten, if not top five. The live version is even better than the already great studio version.

This song is like wings that will make you fly higher than clouds so you could look down at all the human race and feel something special. More than psychedelic. A perfect song. Maybe this should be in top 3? Or maybe that's just me...
Oh, please don't let theses shakes go on...

7 Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll Cover Art

Is there a more well known guitar lick? I can sing it word for word and that is a rarity.

Agreed, this was pretty much America's first native Heavy Metal Song. Never get tired of this one! Crank it up!

So heavy for it's time, timeless riffing and the drums fit perfectly along with Albert Bouchard's vocals, huge live staple and the musicianship is flawless.

First song I heard by them, one of my personal favorites

8 Harvest Moon

Almost unknown late offering. It's from the underappreciated Heaven Forbid album which just rocks- probably their heaviest album ever! Harvest Moon harkens back to that Reaper feel- an awesome Buck offering. If this song was released in the late 70's, it would have been a huge hit!

Awesome. Right up there with Burnin' For You and Don't Fear The Reaper. Underrated.

Can't put my finger on it , but this song has the it factor.

9 Career of Evil Career of Evil Cover Art

One of the best song to start off an album in my opinion.

Sneaky underrated song which has aged like fine wine.

Wasn't one of my favs in my mid teens, but wow it sure is now. Just a great album.

10 Flaming Telepaths Flaming Telepaths Cover Art

Phenomenal song. Piano is killer! If you don't vote for this then "The joke's on you!"

It's so hard to pick any one song to be a favorite, but if I had to at this point in time, Flaming Telepaths would be it.

I can't believe this track wasn't included already! It has to be one of their top 5 songs.

How do people listen to this song without falling in love with it? How?

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11 Then Came the Last Days of May Then Came the Last Days of May Cover Art

The best song in my book but they never play it live at least at the concerts that I have attended

Great early catalogue song. Where's Flaming Telepaths, Veteran of the Psychic Wars and Harvester of Eyes? Two may to choose from. Great band.

Another classic of BOC! This song should be within Top 5 of BOC playlist.

I was just listening to it. Great song. I love the whole album but it didn't get much air play on the radio.

12 Sinful Love Sinful Love Cover Art

I love you like sin, but I won't be your pidgeon. Crazy as it sounds , but it works.

13 Black Blade Black Blade Cover Art

In my opinion black blade belongs in the top 10, but then all songs are based on someones likes, so even if you don't think so it does not make it so, A number one to some could be a 50 to another
thank you

Epic rocker. Books are worth checking out. Hopefully will become a film series someday.

Should be in top 10 list.. Best song.. Love the variations..

The Black Blade is your master and is awesome!

14 Shooting Shark Shooting Shark Cover Art

Another underrated song. The lyrics are so so amazing.

Songs amazing.. Really really good song

Excellent song so often overlooked.

Great song. Must be in top 10.

15 The Vigil The Vigil Cover Art

The Vigil IS Blue Oyster Cult! It is the heavy song from the more poppy Mirrors- an album that was maligned when released, but like fine wine, holds up real well today. The Vigil has that iconic Buck opening riff and it is a creepy, powerful song with dual lead vocals- a strength of BOC. The band with two lead vocalists (Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma) and two (Albert and Joe Bouchard) that also sing lead on many songs. It's like having 4 bands in one!

If you ask all the true BOC fans which is their best track, I'm sure this will be the number one choice. It's obviously their greatest song, no doubt about it.

A Masterpiece

Best B.O.C. song without question and of course one of the greatest songs of all time. Why is it never played on the radio?

16 Teen Archer Teen Archer Cover Art

Probably their best song, a rarity, a short song with an epic melodic arc.The keyboard solves could not be better, and the ascending guitar licks that precede the final (and impressively looser) last verse are just phenomenal. If you don't know it, learn it.

17 Fire of Unknown Origin Fire of Unknown Origin Cover Art

The original version of this song (which can be found on YouTube) isn't on any of the original albums, but is a bonus track on the CD of Agents Of Fortune. It is so much better than the more well-known version. It is really dark, and he sounds sick and crazy.

Heard this song in Supernatural Season 01 Episode 17 - Hell House.
This is an awesome song.

Best of B.O.C... I have no idea why it is behind. You have to listen to this song!

This is seriously their best song, don't always go on the site rankings. this song is kickass. heard it from supernatural also

18 7 Screaming Diz-Busters 7 Screaming Diz-Busters Cover Art

If you like hard rock and great guitar riffs and kick ass baseline, this is a must hear. One of my all time favorite rock songs

"... When Duster's dust becomes the sale. And Lucifer, the light..."

19 Before the Kiss, a Redcap Before the Kiss, a Redcap Cover Art

I want BOC to open a show with this, I think it is that good. One of their boogie rock songs.

Its jazzy and rocks to the top. Its their best in my opinion. Love this song.

Listen close. It is so good.

I want tolishan this song man

20 Joan Crawford Joan Crawford Cover Art

this song just shows that not only were these guys incredible musicians, they had such a good sense of humor too!

"Joan Crawford has risen from the grave". Epic lyrics and the smoothness makes this song really special.

The beginning is the best part can't stop replaying

Love this song.

21 In Thee In Thee Cover Art

Very touching and meaningful, an underrated and forgotten rock ballad, this deserves to be a classic!

Love this song! Always thought it was more popular than it is.. Should be more known!

Written by Keyboardist/ Guitarist Allen Lanier, In the was a minor hit off Mirrors- but it should have been bigger. Such a heartfelt song. Perfect ballad made for radio.

22 Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver Cover Art

Listened to a live version the other day and can't believe this wasn't played at more concerts. Just fantastic.

This is one of their most heaviest songs- if you play guitar, the riff is intoxicating! Was made for the movie Heavy Metal, but wasn't picked- and I can't figure out why.

This song just flat out rocks! The entire Fire of Unknown Origin album is just awesome.

Heaviest Blue Oyster Cult song ever!

23 E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) Cover Art

The solo rules!

24 Debbie Denise Debbie Denise Cover Art
25 Take Me Away Take Me Away Cover Art

Great song- driving tune off The Revolution by Night. Has Randy Jackson (American Idol) guesting on bass- check out the slap work there!

Great vocal hook, and that breakdown bridge after the solo is brilliant!

I remember this tune having limited airplay on album rock radio over 30 years ago, then never played afterwards. MSG in the 1980's had the tune What We Need, but I'd thought that it sounded like a tune that I'd heard before. It sounds very much like Take Me Away. I think B.O.C. should get more credit for this minor hit of their.

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