Boyband/Girlband Ship Names

Which 'ship' name from boy and girl bands do you think is the best? There are so many out there, but here are just a few!

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Jerrie (Jade Thirlwall + Perrie Edwards)

The two Little Mix girls have a big following for their ship name. From 'grinding' on stage to 'spanking' to the sneaky glances to the ass grabs, to the flirty smiles, the look of love in their eyes, to the closeness they share, who couldn't adore the two? Though both are in a relationship, people still vision them together.

They are always together and always holding hands and always backing each other up but all the girls do that and I just think Perrie and Jade are so good together because they are always doing it on stage

The two girls almost kissed in stage as their bandmate, Jesy Nelson, confirmed and said, "Officially, Jerrie is real." and pointed at them. The two proudly raised their hands together and after a while their other two bandmates told them to have a "smooch" and "Jerrie kiss". The two girls went for it, but didn't since the both moved away from each other before their lips touched. While performing their single, "Love Me Like You", when Perrie was singing her solo she pointed at Jade as she sang, "don't need those other lovers, when I got my number one."

Jerrie is real. Ask the girls your selves.

Camren (Camila Cabello + Lauren Jaurgegui)

Both of these girls are from Fifth Harmony. Even though they aren't seen together as much anymore, who could forget the fetus Camren moments. During the Xtra-Factors, they are in some way hugging. Arms around the neck, arm around the shoulders, and silly mess-ups (Inter: "Who are you kissing under the mistletoe, Lauren? " Camila: "Me! Wait.. No no no! " Q: Who is your celebrity crush? Camila: "Mine's Lauren," Both make weird faces) Fetus Camren was so adorable!

I'm a Harmonizer but seriously I don't think they are actually dating. They are very good friends and they're super close but I don't think they are a couple. But maybe I'm wrong, who knows.

They if they were dating not applying that they are it would be super cute

I ship them as a friendship and couple should be number 1

Larry (Louis Tomlinson + Harry Styles)

Whatever anybody say, they were in love for sure. TRY CHANGING MY MIND.

These two boys have been seen as a couple for a long time, even though they aren't together! They have many adorable moments that have attracted the attention of loads of their fans! Both from One Direction.

"Who was your first real crush? " "Louis Tomlinson"
If that isn't proof enough, what is?

They're still together & that's on period!

Ziam (Zayn Malik + Liam Payne)

ZIAM IS SO REAL! 1> Liam said Zayn was the best singer in the band! Ziam was so real

I mean, come on. The hugs, the kisses, the fact that both of them supported each other in their solo careers. This ship is sailing smoothly!

I'm not very educated on these two, but I know they exist. I have caught sight of some recommended Ziam videos while watching a 1D video.

I love them together, they are so beautiful!

Lerrie (Leigh-Anne Pinnock + Perrie Edwards)

The kisses (both on the X Factor and on Celebrity Juice), the way they dance together, the way that they look at each other... All of that should be an indication why this is the best Little Mix ship.

I know nothing about these two, nor do I have the desire to! Haha, sorry! I ship Jerrie, so I don't really look at any other LM ships. Whoops!

You can ship Jerrie all you want, but you know they are just friends. Lerrie is where the fire is :fire emoji:

The best ship, jerrie can choke x

Zerrie (Zayn Malik + Perrie Edwards)

They are so cute together!

Broke Up

The two lovebirds went from friends on the X-Factor UK, to an engaged couple! How cute! There are some accusations that it is fake, and for Little Mix's publicity, but I don't think contracts go THAT far. But all in all the 1D boy and LM girl an awesome match!

Jarry (Jade Thirwall + Harry Styles)

They seem so cute together

Amazing ship

The two met on 2010's season of X-Factor UK. They met and hung out, even rumored to have gone out on a few dates! A large amount from each fandom ship the two together, though Jade is in a relationship with another fella (Sam Craske of dance team Diversity)

Narry (Niall Horan + Harry Styles)

Narry is love, Narry is life. OTP

Once again, very little education on these two. I don't really ship anyone from 1D with anyone other than their girlfriends... Very awkward, I should know more about this, as I'm a Directioner.

Just cute

Leighade (Leigh-Anne Pinnock + Jade Thirlwall)

Leighade should be the best because they are super cute together

Jauren (Jade Thirwall + Lauren Jauregui)

These two have seen to have bonded quickly when they met first. They after all know a lot about each other and admire each others features.

Really wish that they were actually together :(

Now you speak.. I can really see that

If only they were an actual couple

The Newcomers

? Loushton Irwinson (Louis Tomlinson + Ashton Irwin)

The Contenders

Muke (Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford)

Muke is real!


Joshler (Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph)

Cool awesome

Best ship name :))


Zauren (Zayn Malik + Lauren Jaurgegui)

Once in a Fifth Harmony interview, the girls were asked to choose which 1D boy they would like to date. Lauren said Zayn, and the rest is history! Shippers have made manips of the two, and fan fictions. But I think there is very few real interactions between the two.

Niam (Niall Horan + Liam Payne)

Love it

Niam is cute

Jiam (Jade Thirlwall + Liam Payne)

Jade has been busy in the shipping hasn't she? I think she's also been shipped with Louis, Niall, and Zayn. So all of the One Direction boys have been imagined with Jade. Anyways, the two have met on two different occasions. Once in 2008 X-Factor UK, the other in 2010 X-Factor. We assume their friends, but some fans think more!

Jiall (Jade Thirwall + Niall Horan)



They look so bloody cute! 💕

Ferard (Gerard Way + Frank Iero)
Caminah (Camila Cabello + Dinah Jane)

They are always together, have special nicknames, and the love in their eyes is so obvious.

Laurmani (Lauren Jauregui + Normani Kordei)

Fan: is laurmani real?
normani: oh too real!

Jarry (Jade Thirlwall + Harry Styles)
Pesy (Jesy Nelson + Perrie Edwards)

"I don't know what to say! I love this ship. They're just meant for one another, I love it when they perform Touch on stage, when they grind on one another! "

Malum (Michael Clifford + Calum Hood)
Louren (Louis Tomlinson + Lauren Jauregui)

I've often wondered the junction name Louis name and lauren. I really do not know the official name of the "ship" most think it's this.

Lashton (Luke Hemmings + Ashton Irwin)
Nouis (Louis Tomlinson + Niall Horan)

Best friendship

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