Hey! Say! Jump! - Japan


They are my inspiration... I love them with all my heart!
They don't GIVE UP! Their songs are full of determinations... I LOVE THEM.. HONTO NI SUKI DESU KONO BAND WA... And my ichiban there is Nakajima Yuto-kun... Even if he's so far away.. Still my heart belongs to him.. I can't explain why... But I get hurt every time he's down.. It feels like he's the other half of my being... Also JUMP... I totally love them... And every time my classmates ask me How much I love Hey! Say! JUMP... I'll just answer... "DON'T ASK ME BECAUSE IF YOU ASK ME.. IT'LL TAKE ME A LIFE TIME TO SAY IT... I CAN'T SAY IT IN WORDS... BECAUSE THEY'RE JUST INDESCRIBABLE... I LOVE JUMP.. I LOVE YUTO-KUN..

I really like Hey Say Jump since I was little. They also kind-hearted, like to crack jokes and more. I really like all of their songs because their songs really made me touched, encouraged, happier, and felt lonely like always. Their songs like a light for me. For me Hey Say Jump is the best at all over the world. I hope Jump will be top forever and ever and don't lose to the other band. JUMP Ganbatte! Zettai Makenai Dakara Ne! Omaera Watashi no hikari dakara

Hey! Say! JUMP always make me feel happy and get a dokidoki when I watch/listen their song. Ne Hey! Say! JUMP, I as your fans, always support ten of you. Please take care, ne. I believe that ten of you can do the best. I'm proud to be your fans Ganbatte kudasai Yabu Kota, Takaki Yuya, Hikaru Yaotome, Inoo Kei, Arioka Daiki, Okamoto Keito, Nakajima Yuto, Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuri and Morimoto Ryutaro

Hey! Say! JUMP are really for teens like me. There are encouraging songs, melancholic songs but mostly happy and energetic songs that we can relate to! Moreover, they are cute, talented and handsome on top of all that. They do variety of stuff too... I think the strong point of their groups is flexibility, they are able to do almost everything probably because of the members various specialty.

Hey! Say! JUMP is very different from lots of bands, even Johnny's bands. They mostly write songs about not giving up and they brought a light into my life and I'm really glad I found out about them. They are so funny during PV making and seeing a new PV from them is always exciting.

Hey! Say! JUMP is the best boyband I've ever known. Their friendship and teamwork is incomparable. Also, their songs are really motivating. It tells us different stories in friendship, achieving one's dream and never giving up. Just by listening to their song, even without full understanding of the lyrics, it already give you the feeling of being hyped up. Their songs are very cheerful and encouraging. The message that the song wants to convey to the listeners are reached because of their singing techniques and passion for their work.

Hey! Say! JUMP is the first male band make me feel proud of myself and think this world is so wonderful. Their musics cheer me up a lot. Hey! Say! JUMP will always try their best to make their fan satisfied. I LOVE HEY! SAY! JUMP AND I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT THEM. HEY! SAY! JUMP IS THE BEST. Ryutaro ganbatte ne!

I'm with JUMP since they debut. JUMP's awesome songs never fail to cheer me up! The members too of course! (: I love you JUMP! They let me have this desire to learn Japanese. (: Jump no minna-san, ganbatte! We, JUMPers love you a lot!

Jump is the best...
Jump through the song invites us to dream. They bring happiness and togetherness..
So, I will always support them
Keep the spirit and be the best... Ganbarou

I love Hey! Say! JUMP &
Ganbattene 10 JUMP!
I always support you!
We will JUMPing to our dream together...!

Dance, song, voice... I love them all!

I thing Hey! Say! JUMP have a high quality,.. They are voice so cool, they are face always make me melting HEY! SAY! JUMP is the BEST! And I hope they are a kind person,
They inspire me, I LOVE THEM! They are my motivation to keep stay ahead! I wish can meet all of personal Hey! Say! JUMP.. LOVE HEY! SAY! JUMP VERY MUCH..

Although in 15th but in my hearth you always be the
Best and be number 1

They're like the male AKB48 but smaller. They're like popular boys you see in your high school or university. They're truly talented - they never EVER auto tune in concerts and they can dance well, and those steps take a lot of practice.

And the way they shout "JUMP! ", you know what's gonna happen.

And I'm a boy from the Philippines but still, I like them and look up to them.

Hey Say JUMP has really changed my life and made me realize that if I really want it, I better go get it. At times, like Ryutaro leaving, I was so sad, but in my life they've made me so happy. I know I'll never meet them, and sadly, their never know my face, I'll just be stuck in the crowd of faces that adore them, but I love them regardless. Every day I can see in full color because they are in my life. I thank God they're here with me because without them, I don't know where I'de be. To me, they are so much more than a band.

Their songs motivate me and I learned not to give up through their songs. They had improved a lot since their debut in terms of dance and singing. Ganbatte!

I love hey say JUMP, they have started working as young kids then already made up a big fanbase. They sure worked hard, I mean some of them still goes to school then after that work don't you find that stressful? That's why I admire them their capability to make their fans smile and all =))

JUMP, their songs always make their fans smile, seriously. They can dance, sings, play instrument, they were thought by Johnny's Entertainment to dance since elementary school, they also active with dramas. Importantly, all of them are cute boys and they all under 25 years old, the oldest is 21, the youngest is 18...

Whatever happens, we'll always be here for Hey! Say! JUMP. We love them and nothing can really change that fact.

Without JUMP I'm not me now ;)JUMP is always number 1!

All of them are really great, they dance very well and so impressively. I like their songs. They are catchy and nice. They always try their best to do the perform. I love them so much and will always support them.

I really love JUMP.. Forever and ever! Most of their songs made me realized how I should believe and be strong to myself. I'm really proud to be their fan. I love you Hey! Say! JUMP! You are the BEST among the REST!

Really love Hey! Say! JUMP. Even if they have encountered a big problem they still give their best to make their fans happy and the help each other like brothers and friends. Really love JUMP!


They don't just sing and dance. This November, they'll be in a play to commemorate Johnny's Entertainment's 50th Anniversary and as a celebration for Mr. Johnny Kitagawa's winning of 2 Guinness World Records.

And their songs lift me up. These guys are my ultimate inspiration.

They are the best! The support one and other, they are like a family. They writes songs for their fans, I like them very much and they lights up my mood when I saw their videos or photos.