MBLAQ - Korea


What can you ask for?

A group with great singing skills and emotions
A group that is known for their unique dance steps and intense performances.
The group famous for their own brand of music--something that is so MBLAQ
The group boasts of a great friendship and loyalty to each member
The group known for their great interaction with fans.
The group famous for being the new king of varieties.
The group that is so human you can relate to them--no pretension.

A groups that will be the best in the years to come

Mblaq will always be #1. The group is so talented and they work so hard to make the best quality music. Every comeback concept is different and they are not afraid to try new things. They have truly become artists and not just another typical group. Leader Seungho! What can he not do! He is an incredible dancer and he has the sexiest body waves ever! He also plays multiple instruments but his specialty is the piano. He can also do tumbling, knit, sing, beat box, magic, etc... The list goes on and on. G O. The main vocal of the group has the voice of a god! Also writes and produces a lot of music. Lee Joon is just gorgeous and has proven what a great actor and artist he is. Thunder is so handsome and has worked so hard to improve by producing and writing a lot of their music. Lastly Mir's rap is phenomenal and he puts so much care and effort into everything. They have grown so much as artists in the last five years. I can't wait for the next five! This group of talented, funny, yet ...more

There's no words to describe their talents. Whether singing, dancing, acting or just being themselves, they can be awesome. For me MBLAQ is the best and I love them. And I really hope they receive the recognition they truly deserve. And I believe in it. Supporting MBLAQ forever. ♥

I love this music and I love this idols. I'm an only A+, they are so especial for me. MBLAQ fighting, I love you guys so much. SeungHo, the best leader.G. O the amazing voice. Joon, the best dancer. Thunder, the visual of the group. And Mir, the best rapper and crazy maknae.

Because thru it all they stuck together. I have never seen a group this close together in a long time. They r like a real family and I want to follow them til they get to the top. That's my biggest dream, to see them on top of the world with the rest of the other big name groups.

MBLAQ is a band ta makes good music, a kind of music the makes you want to listen more than once, their songs are different to the formula and every time I find them releasing A song totally unexpected. Right now, members are learning to compose and making songs that will identify them.

Mblaq is not the first kpop group I've listened to but since I know them I think they are the best kpop group because their music is pure Quality not just sing catchy song and others. MBLAQ the BEST not because I'm an A+ but they songs really are the best

They're amazing! I love their music and everything about them. Not to mention that their so funny. I can't wait for their new comeback.

MBLAQ is the most dorkiest yet charismatic group ever in the kpop industry.
they're special... For me & for all A+ around the world. No doubt =)

Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality=MBLAQ
They live up to their name and they are very hardworking and humble. They always do their best and puts their hearts in their performance. I LOVE THEM. They always exceeds my expectations. MBLAQ Fighting!

MBLAQ is the best! They were the reason I started supporting K-pop at all. They most definitely deserve to be number one! They will probably be my first love and last love in K-pop ever.

MBLAQ they got amazing voices and dances that are really difficult to copy.. Their performances are the best. They are also well known in Asia and across different countries.

MBLAQ is the most awesome Korean band for me! They're the most talented and awesome boys! I just love MBLAQ, 100%MBLAQ!

It's definitely be mblaq! The absolute quality of music boys.. Excellent! Music, dance, compose, gag, play music instruments, knit, ballerina, magic, fixing electrnics, laugh out loud the important one is they are so honest.. Can't find any idol groups like them.. No mblaq no fun!

MBLAQ *, * Hope they will be No1 because they are the best boyband in asia they are so talented I became fan of Kpop world because of them.

I love group which has strong bond with each other and MBLAQ is the group.. They are very talented and each of them has unique personality..

They are so honest and so funny. They try their best and love their fans. This is the group that you can honestly like a person in, instead of faces. (That doesn't mean that they all look great. )

MBLAQ is great Boy band in Korea even in World they have a new concept and new taste of their music, they have multi talented MBLAQ is great! MBLAQ jjang!

MBLAQ was so great! Can't stop sing their song! Yang Seungho! Jung Byunghee! Lee Changsun! Park Sanghyun! Bang Cheolyoung! MBLAQ! A+! Fighting!

MBLAQ, outstandingly unique and different in song style, looks, performances, fan service THE WHOLE PACKAGE. Each one of the group have their own brand of sex appeal, zany and fun personalies and abundant skills. GO MBLAQ...

MBLAQ Fighting!
I love you all.
Hope MBLAQ's ranking better and better.
A+ Fighting!
Made our MBLAQ is The Winner

I love MBLAQ...!

i want MBLAQ come in my home... I love love love love love MBLAQ!

THEY ARE REALLY CHIC-DOL AND ALSO GAG-DOL. Everyone likes to hang out with them because the members are so friendly.

They deserve success in everything they dream, because they are one of the most powerful and incredible boybands I have ever discovered in Korea. It's not only their music but their personality, they're not just artists but a group of 'heart-brothers'. Just like Seungho said on Twitter: "Trust, loyalty, friendship, support. This is MBLAQ. ♥"

MBLAQ r the best... Wish they achieve number 1 :)
my one and only love is G. O the main vocal of mblaq!