Top Ten Breadwinners Episodes That Should Be Created


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41 Poopybread Crapwinners

SwaySway craps his pants and turns into crap - Goatworlds

42 The Phone V 1 Comment
43 SwaySway Must Die
44 BreadLittle PonyWinners: Buhdeuce Is Magic

The ponies kill breadwinners then the ponies are killed by Goku - Goatworlds

No ruining good shows allowed

No, just no - PeeledBanana

45 JohnnyBread TestWinners

The Breadwinners meet Johnny Test and his friends and they all kill each other - Goatworlds

46 The Execution of Buhdeuce

He's executed for being a heartless cruel piece of crap who you don't find out until now but is also racist sexist and homophobic - Goatworlds

47 SwaySway Gets Hooked On Crack
48 Bread Infection

Swaysway and buhduce doesent know that the bread have become infected. Soon costumers become sick and they pass the infection. Pondgea has to find a way to cure it. - Goatworlds

V 2 Comments
49 Buhdeuce's New Boyfriend

Buhdeuce is dating SwaySway - Goatworlds

Dude, that's gay. SwaySway and Buhdeuce dating?! Heck no!

50 Swaysway's Head Gets Run Over by the Rocket Van
51 Synchronized Swimming V 1 Comment
52 Snake Attack!
53 Sway Sway Explodes
54 Mikey vs Buhduce
55 SwaySway's Criminal Loaf
56 Bill Cipher Possesses T-Midi
57 Homicidal-Suicidal Ducks

They kill everyone else then themselves

58 The Penguins Blow up the Rocket Van
59 Creepers blow up Pondgea V 1 Comment
60 Buhdeuce and Swaysway's Wedding Day V 1 Comment
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