Top Ten Butt Kickings In Movie History

The Top Ten

1 Neo kicking Agent Smith's butt - The Matrix

Most Epic Final Battle Ever. The moment this scene comes on, I still get chills.
MR. Anderson! My Name is NEO!

2 The Narrator kicking his own butt - Fight Club
3 Indiana Jones kicking the guy with the big swords' butt - Indiana Jones And the Raiders of the Lost Ark

I absolutely love Indiana Jones, but this isn't the best butt kicking they could give for him. What about the Russian Colonel in the 4th movie? The end, with the ants? That should be first!

There was nothing to it! Pull out the gun, and shoot the guy with the big swords.

Haha memorable, funny and just cool scene. I love Indi and his humor - Alexandr

I laugh every time! EPIC FAIL. - moose4life19

4 Yoda kicking Count Dooku's butt - Star Wars

The first time we see yodas power, obiwan and anakin just got owned and yoda makes dooku retreat in no time at all

5 The T-Rex kicking the lawyer's butt - Jurassic Park
6 The iceburg kicking the Titanic's butt - Titanic

I didn't know the Titanic had a butt

The lookout deserves a butt-kicking

7 The Predator kicking the Alien's butt - AVP
8 The wrecking ball kicking Homer Simpson's butt - The Simpsons Movie
9 Mr. Miagi kicking a bunch of jerks' butts - The Karate Kid
10 Gandalf the White kicking Lord Denethors Butt - Lord of the Rings, the Return of the King.

The Contenders

11 The monkey kicking Larry Daley's butt - Night at the Museum
12 George McFly kicking Biff's butt In 1955 - Back to the Future
13 Sgt. Riggs beating Mr. Joshua - Lethal Weapon
14 Sonya Blade beating Mileena's butt - Mortal Kombat Annihilation

they were almost equal but sonya won though
Flawless Victory! - Alexandr

15 Matthew Murdock kicking bullies in alleyways butts - Daredevil
16 Batman kicking the Joker's butt - The Dark Knight
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