Top Ten Canned Heat Songs

Top Ten Canned Heat songs but really in no particular order. Too hard. It's on par with completing a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle in two minutes; can't be done. The ten I have chosen though is my own personal favourite. Hopefully I'll have included at least two you like too! :) Add others I've missed which you think deserves to be placed on this list if you feel like it.

The Top Ten

1 She's Lookin' Good She's Lookin' Good Cover Art

T-Biscuit: Trivia question. Where did the name Canned Heat come from? (No peekin';).

2 Funky Funky Cover Art
3 Night Time is the Right Time Night Time is the Right Time Cover Art
4 Lookin' for My Rainbow Lookin' for My Rainbow Cover Art
5 Open Up Your Back Door Open Up Your Back Door Cover Art
6 Hot Money Hot Money Cover Art
7 Rock and Roll Music Rock and Roll Music Cover Art
8 Future Blues Future Blues Cover Art
9 Going Up the Country Going Up the Country Cover Art

O like this sound, a start of a dream era.

How's this not number one?

Great song and a historic performance at Woodstock.
Maybe even greater was the parody performance by a very young John Belushi in the Woodstock send-up called "Lemmings".

10 Chicken Shack Boogie Chicken Shack Boogie Cover Art

Well how about that? Thought: "I'll compile a Top Ten Canned Heat Songs list". Pleased to find one had already been made and then realised it was mine! Silly ol' me! Haha! - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 Worried Life Blues Worried Life Blues Cover Art
12 Let's Work Together Let's Work Together Cover Art
13 Fried Hockey Boogie Fried Hockey Boogie Cover Art

Really super Boogie

14 On the Road Again - Canned Heat On the Road Again - Canned Heat Cover Art

Enorm moment of Woodstock

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