Top Ten Canned Heat Songs

Top Ten Canned Heat songs but really in no particular order. Too hard. It's on par with completing a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle in two minutes; can't be done. The ten I have chosen though is my own personal favourite. Hopefully I'll have included at least two you like too! :) Add others I've missed which you think deserves to be placed on this list if you feel like it.

The Top Ten

1 She's Lookin' Good

T-Biscuit: Trivia question. Where did the name Canned Heat come from? (No peekin';).

2 Funky
3 Night Time is the Right Time
4 Lookin' for My Rainbow
5 Open Up Your Back Door
6 Hot Money
7 Rock and Roll Music
8 Future Blues
9 Going Up the Country

O like this sound, a start of a dream era.

How's this not number one?

Great song and a historic performance at Woodstock.
Maybe even greater was the parody performance by a very young John Belushi in the Woodstock send-up called "Lemmings".

10 Chicken Shack Boogie

Well how about that? Thought: "I'll compile a Top Ten Canned Heat Songs list". Pleased to find one had already been made and then realised it was mine! Silly ol' me! Haha! - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 Worried Life Blues
12 Let's Work Together
13 Fried Hockey Boogie

Really super Boogie

14 On the Road Again - Canned Heat

Enorm moment of Woodstock

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