Top Ten Character Traits that People Take Advantage Of

The Top Ten

1 Warmth
2 Kindness

People don't remember the deeds of kindness done to them, They'll just forget it and then show what they actually are ( Some low leveled transient humans...) - Ananya

3 Naivety

This and ignorance. If not for these, most politicians would be chasing ambulances or selling used cars for a living.

4 Intelligence

I admit, I do take advantage of other peoples' intelligence. They have it all and I have none. Makes sense! - Britgirl

Haha. Ahh...if only it was the other way round... :). - Britgirl

You have more than enough to get yourself in trubble. And just enough cute to wriggle your way back out :).

5 Trust

Taking advantage of someone's trust is extremely cruel - TwilightKitsune

In the words of the great Ronaldus Magnus, "Trust, but verify."

6 Patience
7 Tenacity

I take advantage of my own. - Britgirl

8 Forgiveness
9 Creativity
10 Generosity

The Contenders

11 Fearfulness

The meek shall inherit a screwing.

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