Top 10 Best Characters In Ultraman Galaxy

Ultraman galaxy game is in top 10 nowYou favourite ultra might be in here

The Top Ten

1 Ultraman Ken

He has the best leader skill for the hole game. It's name is called Lava Blast it deals 4000 damage to all enemies for 3 rounds.

2 Ultraman Mebius

It is called Extinguise Force. It grants fire immunity for 4 rounds.

3 Twintail

It deals damage to all enemies equal to 370% and revives 1

4 Ultraman Belial

It heals 3 cards that have the lowest health including itself.

5 Ultraman Neos

It is called Earth Blow it deals 4 times damage to an enemy.

6 King Goldras

Triples the double damage for 3 rounds.

7 Ultraman Ace

It's name is Tornado. It deals 3 times more nature damage to enemies.

8 Alien Hipporito

It's called Volcanic Blow. It deals 2.5 more damage to enemies.

9 Rolveger the Second

It is called Fire defense. It reduces all enemies health for 25%

10 Tyrant

It is called Healing Focus. It turns Ultra symbol and Wild symbols into Recovery symbols

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