Best Characters from Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6 and Zootopia

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1 Nick Wilde - Zootopia Officer Nicholas Piberius "Nick" Wilde is a male red fox and the deuteragonist of Zootopia. He is the son of Mrs. Wilde. He was voiced by actor, Jason Bateman.

Yes, yes, and yes. He is my spirit animal

He's really cool.

He's funny and he's just really cool!

Its call a hustle sweetheart.

2 Judy Hopps - Zootopia Officer Judy Hopps is the protagonist in Disney's 2016 animated feature film Zootopia. The first rabbit to be in Zootopia's police force, Judy is determined to make the world a better place while breaking preconceptions about other species. Teaming up with a fox named Nick Wilde, she sets off on her more.

She's awesome.

Well.. I rather judy than nick.. She's powerful girl - Milohamada

3 Hiro Hamada - Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada is a fictional character who appears as the main character in the 2014 movie Big Hero 6 and is in the Big Hero 6 comics named Hiro Takachino
4 Fix-It Felix Jr. - Wreck-It Ralph

It's hilarious that Felix got higher than any other Wreck-It Ralph character, because normally Ralph or Vanellope get a higher spot, but hey, Felix is the best character ever, so why not?

5 Vanellope Von Schweetz - Wreck-It Ralph
6 Baymax - Big Hero 6 Baymax is a fictional character, a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.
7 Ralph - Wreck-It Ralph
8 Sergeant Calhoun - Wreck-It Ralph
9 Benjamin Clawhauser - Zootopia
10 Fred - Big Hero 6

The Contenders

11 Honey Lemon - Big Hero 6
12 Finnick - Zootopia

Dosen't ger enough screen time.

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