Top Ten Fictional Characters with Names that are a Number

So many lists are out there for classifying fictional characters, from a-z, but there wasn't yet one that held all the fictional characters whose names are numbers, and there are many great characters out there that I think need to be recognized. So here are the top ten fictional characters with names that are a number! Enjoy!
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1 Eleven - Stranger Things Eleven is a fictional character of the Netflix science fiction horror series Stranger Things. She is portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown.

I instantly fell in love with Eleven, the great psychic killing machine and the main protagonist of Stranger Things. She was taken as a baby and was robbed of a childhood, being given telekinetic powers by government agents and being turned into a deadly weapon by them. Following her escape (at a very young age) she went through a lot of emotional trauma while slowly developing into a heroine. Over the course of the next two seasons, she begins to speak more often and normally and can now pretty much fit in with society, which is a big jump after her snapping necks with her mind as a child and going through so many hardships.

2 V - V for Vendetta

Many people are probably confused at this. V is V, right? V is a letter, not a number! You're right, but V, in this particular case, isn't a letter, as strange as that may seem and as confused as you probably are right now. People address him by saying the letter V, but it actually means something different. V derives his name from the source of his vendetta; when he was subjected to medical experimentation at the Larkhill Resettlement Camp, he was the man in room five — marked with the Roman numeral "V."

3 Experiment 626 - Lilo and Stitch

Experiment 626 was the lovable character from the movie series Lilo and Stitch, though you'll probably know him simply as Stitch, which is the name Lilo gave him. The alien mad scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba created 626 strange and dangerous lifeforms. The wanton destruction caused by the final experiment, 626, condemns them both to life in exile, but the experiment escapes to Earth, more specifically Hawaii, where he met Lilo.

Stitch is such a lovable and awesome character. They should be higher than third

4 Number 6 - The Prisoner

Number 6 is the main character in the television series The Prisoner, where he, a British agent, wakes up trapped in a strange seaside village after being gassed. He is a pretty vague but decent protagonist, and he definitely deserves his spot on the list. The television series is quite old, but I'm sure older readers have either seen it or at least heard of it.

5 Agent 99 - Get Smart

this hilarious spy spoof never revealed the real name of Agent 99. Not even the duo's eventual marriage spilled the beans on true name of Barbara Feldon's character, so as of right now her name is still definitely 99. She was a pretty good character.

6 Krazy-8 - Breaking Bad

Krazy-8 was a meth distributor formerly associated with Jesse Pinkman and Tuco Salamanca. He was also the cousin of Emilio Koyama, and a character in Breaking Bad, the fantastic and well-loved TV show. Walt, the main character of the series, ultimately strangled Krazy-8 with a bike lock after Walt realized the dealer was about to kill him with a sharp piece of a broken plate.

7 Eight - Stranger Things

Just like eleven, eight was taken when she was a baby and brought to be experimented on and be transformed into a weapon. While eleven can control objects, eight can alter what people are seeing, usually making them see what they want to see the most. It can be a very deadly weapon. She escaped when she was a small child, before eleven did, and since then her and a gang she recruited have seeked revenge on the injustices she faced while being experimented on, killing many of the agents from that lab. She actually recruits eleven for a little while but Eleven eventually remembers the trials she has to face back at Hawkins and leaves. I put her at #8 for obvious reasons.

8 555 95472 - Peanuts

Strangely, 555 95482 is a pretty normal kid from the TV show peanuts, and he is certainly one of the more memorable peripheral Peanuts kids, even if few recall his full, truly bizarre name. Whether you know his name or not you'll have heard of him before. His dance moves in "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is pretty iconic, whether you know him or not. 95472 was the boy's surname, actually a zip code in California, where Charles Schulz was living when the character came into being. He has sisters named 3 and 4. His father explained to Lucy that he was overwhelmed by the preponderance of numbers in modern living and just "gave in." 555 95472 appears in over a dozen Peanuts television specials.

9 Number Two - Austin Powers Series

Number two is kind of the secondary villain in Austin Powers, not the main baddie but definitely noticeable and memorable. He wears an eye patch, in case you're not sure who I'm talking about when I say Number Two. He's Doctor Evil's second in command. Austin Powers may not be a great series at all, but it's still iconic, and Number Two is a big part of it.

10 Number One - Star Trek

Ages before Captain Picard started referring to William Riker as "Number One," Majel Barrett filmed the original Star Trek pilot, where her character was known only as Number One. Like Riker, Number One was the Enterprise's first officer, but the novel Vulcan's Glory suggests Number One was her actual name, given to her because she possessed the top intellect of her planet's generation.

The Contenders
11 Agent 9 - Spyro: Year of the Dragon
12 Number Five - Umbrella Academy
13 9 - 9

9 was the main character from the 2009 film 9. Jeez that's a lot of nines. The film was also made by Shane Acker with a tad bit help from Tim Burton. I recommend the film.

14 Twelve - Street Fighter III: Third Strike
15 7 of 9 - Star Trek: Voyager
16 Agent 47 - Hitman Agent 47 is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Hitman video game series released by IO Interactive and Square Enix Europe.
17 22 - Soul
18 Four - BFB
19 2b - Nier Automata
20 Clone 99 - Star Wars
21 Seven - Married with Children
22 Numbuh 1 - Codename: Kids Next Door
23 Twelve - Terror in Resonance
24 Number Six - Battlestar Galactica
25 9S - NieR: Automata
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