Top Ten Fictional Turkeys

Turns out, there are a lot less famous fictional turkeys than I first realized. Oh well... Vote for the top ten best fictional turkeys YOU think deserve a high spot on this list, and feel free to add any that I may have missed. Happy Thanksgiving! Eat well!
The Top Ten
1 Redfeather (Pocahontas)

An unused side character in Disney's Pocahontas that was removed in the final draft of the film after his intended voice actor John Candy passed away of a heart attack.

As interesting as it would have been to see Redfeather in the movie he really would have felt out of place within the world of Pocahontas.

2 Narrator (Stroker and Hoop)

This turkey narrates the episode "I Saw Stroker Killing Santa", and he's voiced by none other than Eli Wallach.

3 Reggie (Free Birds)

At the beginning of the movie, Reggie is somewhat the black sheep of the turkey flock. He's a part of who is ostracized due to being smarter than the other turkey's who ends up being the pardon turkey chosen by the president's daughter as he ends up living the high life with TV, and endless pizza deliveries before he is recruited by Jake in his mission to travel back in time to the very first Thanksgiving and keep turkey's off the menu.

The main protagonist of the film who is also known as Reginald. I honestly don't know too much about him because I haven't seen this movie yet, so there's not a lot for me to say about him. (Just be thankful for what you get okay?) Voiced by Owen Wilson.

4 Turkey Lurkey (Chicken Little - 1943 short film)

One of the main characters in the 1943 Walt Disney short film, Chicken Little. Voiced by the late Frank Graham who also voiced Foxy Loxy, Chicken Little, Cocky Locky, and the Narrator.

5 Turkey (Rover Dangerfield)
6 Jake (Free Birds)

He has a pretty sad backstory as a child. He and his mother lived in a cold, clinical factory where from the moment turkey's there are born they were fattened up on formula. Meanwhile, his mother kept him hidden from the humans and tasked him with saving the remaining eggs and escaped the factory to find a safe place to start a new flock. However, Jake ends up failing his mission while trying to get the eggs through the fence door as the humans grab them as he's forced to leave in disgrace, feeling he let down not only his mother, but the entire flock deciding he was better off alone so that he would never hurt anyone until he met the great turkey who later is revealed to be Reggie who gives Jake his mission that would get turkey's off the menu for good.

7 Jenny (Free Birds)

She's the daughter of Chief Broadbeak whose chief of the native turkey's, and like him, she's dedicated to caring for and protecting the tribe and refuses to leave them when Reggie tries to convince her to come with him to the future.

The main love interest of Reggie in the film. Once again, there's not much I can say about her, because I haven't watched the film yet. But hey, at least she's kinda cute I guess... Voiced by Amy Poehler.

8 Turkey (Animaniacs)
9 Franklin (Animal Crossing)

Comes around once a year on Turkey Day to prepare a delicious feast for you and your town. He's surprisingly also the only turkey character in the series to date.

Congratulations on the featured list. I don't think I'd be able to think of any fictional turkeys.

10 Mayor Turkey Lurkey (Chicken Little)

The mayor of the town of Oakey Oaks and based off Turkey Lurkey who already has a spot on this list. Voiced by the late Don Knotts in the film, and Richard McGonagle in the video game.

The Contenders
11 The Turkey/Thomas (Looney Tunes)

A minor recurring character of the Looney Tunes cast who was voiced by both Billy Bletcher and the great Mel Blanc respectively.

12 Turkie (ThanksKilling)

An evil killer turkey from the movie ThanksKilling about... you guessed it, an evil turkey who goes around murdering people which is as stupid as it sounds.

13 Super Turkey (ARK: Survival Evolved)

Shows up during the Turkey Trial of the game. What exactly he does, I'm not going spoil it for you...

14 Old Turkey Mom (CatDog)
15 Evil Turkey (South Park)

From the episode "Starvin Marvin" where a bunch of generically engineered turkey's created by Dr. Myphisto start attacking the citizens of South Park.

16 Turkey (A Muppet Family Christmas)
17 Turkey on Guard (Disney's Magical Quest 3)

Nothing that special about him really. Just serves as a boss battle in the Town Harvest Fair stage of the game.

18 Tom the Turkey (The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror)
19 Pavita Pechugona (La Pavita Pechugona)
20 Gobbles (South Park)
21 Gobbleygourd
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