Top 10 Worst Types of Fictional Characters

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1 The Mary Sue/Gary Sue

Everyone should avoid making female characters right now, your favorite female character is well written get slaughtered by woke culture.

Yes, so true. They never make mistakes and are always perfect. Many people like them, they look attractive, they always do things right, and they have no flaws. Real humans are not like that, not only are those characters unrealistic, but you cannot relate to them. People want characters to be relatable and realsitic.

Writers make strong female characters and writers thinks Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, Spy x Family, Teen Titans, Steven Universe is overrated.

2 The whiny one

Zuri from The Lion Guard is one character I hate because of this. She whines and complains about even the most harmless things.

So annoying. They cry all the time over petty things. Just shut up already!

I can't stand those kind of characters!

3 The annoying popular girl

In my story I have one equivalent to popular girl, but she has her own character development where she turns out to be really nice.

4 The ripoff

Why didn't Babar's creator sue Tezuka for copying the story and making it about a certain white lion but adding a bad ending to it?

May I remind you people that Kimba The White Lion stole a lot of it's plot from Babar King Of The Elephants? Too Bad for you Kimba fans, your precious white lion is not original!

The Lion King (1994) and all of it's characters and legacy: An obvious ripoff of Kimba, Hamlet and the Bible. 'Enough said.

5 The bully

My story has a bully who was really evil but then I made her change into a better person.

I despise bullies! Aren't they ashamed of their actions? They ruined people's lives!

I really hate these guys. I want to shove them down a hole so bad.

6 The damsel in distress

She is just an annoyance that needs constant saving by a male protagonist and is super boring. She is annoying and stupid and gives people a bad message that girls always need to be saved by boys and marry them. Never liked how they always got kidnapped by the antagonist (also a male). If they know that they keep on getting abducted, then why don't they make a plan to get rid of the bad guy instead of depending on their boyfriend? Princess peach I'm looking at you.

GOD I hate these, though, in my story, I actually wrote one of these with a lot of depth. She's got her own sense of will and is extremely kind despite being extremely weak and moderately stupid. She tries to be helpful to the other characters and even falls into a crisis when she realizes how useless she really is. She's actually a lot more motivated and stronger than the male protagonist who keeps on saving her but just happens to be really helpless because of her "a stranger is a friend you haven't made yet" philosophy and how cruel I am to her.

7 The one who has no consequences for their actions

Especially if they're weird and creepy like Sarah from Gumball or Mark the tapir from Sonic Boom or how Cloe is in Always Bratz. That makes me mad.

I had so send one of my characters to jail after he killd someone. Story is getting boring without him, but, like, dude, you killed someone so you need to go to jail or else it would be unfair.

Loki In avengers, I never saw him getting real consequences for killed hundreds in New york, same for Nebula.

8 The romantic vampire

The only vampire I'll ever like in a story is a story about My chemical romance. haha I hate vampires that are romantic and all that.

Ugh..I hate this so much
The are usually perverts whose only purpose in the story is to bite the girl for fanservice

I voted this since DIO counts as one of them!

9 The unnecessary love interest
10 The know it all

Pretty much modern Lisa Simpson sums up everything wrong with the Know-It-All. She's controlling, arrogant, condescending and have a really uncomfortable obsession with being the best at everything

Hermione Granger is a know it all written greatly. But most of the times those characters are really annoying

Even the know it all has to mess up once in their life. It's boring when they never do.

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11 The small-sized comic-relief sidekick that is annoying

I always found Gabby from Gulliver's Travels to be ridiculously annoying, his voice sounded like if Alvin and the Chipmunks tried to rap, and can easily get into your nerves quickly. I hate both Pico the Woodworm from The Magic Voyage and Timon & Pumbaa from The Lion King with a burning passion, because both characters have inherited traits that made Gabby annoying and they turned them up to eleven. And don't get me started on Scrappy Doo...

Seriously, there are better sidekicks and comic-relief characters than these abominations.

12 The bratty teenage daughter

Aleu from Balto II and (bleh) Kiara from The Lion King II are this. At least not all daughters are like that, thankfully.

13 The pedophile

Especially if other characters brush it off like it nothing.

14 The one with no character development

I don't agree with this one. I do understand that most characters have to have some character development to work, characters without development can be very funny at times. Sure, they can't have a big role, but just seeing them maybe once per episode or once per two episodes can be really funny. One great example of this is Creed Bratton from the office. I often find that it messes things up when they get a character who doesn't need development and gives it to them. A great example of this would be The Earl of Lemongrab who was a really funny character, and starting the episode Too Old they gave them too much development to the point where it wasn't funny anymore.

15 The tsundere

Some are okay (Tron from Megaman Legends), but a lot especially in a lot of shonnen anime are just annoying & unrootable to end with their love interest in my opinion. Like, why would I want a favorite character of mine end with some chick that constantly calls him an idiot, belittles him, yells & hits them at anything they do, accuses him of doing something he wasn't doing, & ruins relationships of the opposite sex of their love interest because they've jealous? Nah, they can f off & the guy can end with a woman that knows how to treat people with respect.

Honestly, I can't see tsunderes/their love interest ever healthily working out. If anything he does pisses her off, then why does she want to get with him? Why would some guy get with a girl who constantly 💩 & hits on him?

16 The one with no personality

Yeah, these kinds of characters are bland as heck. They're as bad as the ones with no development.

17 The evil stepmother

Fun fact: several of these (e.g. "Snow White", "Hansel and Gretel") were originally the ACTUAL mothers. They were quickly changed to stepmothers (and this was long before Walt Disney was even conceived, let alone the Disney corporation existing).

Evil stepmother could make her stepchild grow up to be a monster!

18 The yandere

You don't love them if you think you need to control them THAT much! "If you love someone, let them free. If they return to you, it was meant to be!"

19 The brooding pretty boy

Read this and the first one came to my mind is Sasuke LOL Also Zeref and Jellal ( sometimes ). But they're still my favourite characters in their respective shows : P

20 The comic relief who provides toilet humor

Timon and Pumbaa are probably one of my most hated comic reliefs in fiction next to the villainous hyena trio from the same film and Bunga from that film's spinoff, The Lion Guard.

First, Timon is very similar to Gabby from Gulliver's Travels (1939), such as being annoying, has anger issues at times, and even shares the same red-ish hair color. Heck, one would say that Timon has inherited all the traits that made Gabby annoying and turned them up to eleven. And man, I thought Gabby was pretty awful. Pumbaa, on the other hand, is stated to be the first character in the Disney animated canon to provide toilet humor, notably fart jokes. What?!

FART JOKES, IN THE SUPPOSED-TO-BE-FAMILY-FRIENDLY-AND-CONSERVATIVE-WORLD-OF-DISNEY?! That can't be possible. You have got to be kidding to me.

Not to mention that The Lion King is supposed to be all "epic" since it is based on both Hamlet and the Joseph/Moses stories from the Bible. Thus, toilet humor doesn't fit too well in a story that is supposed to be all "epic" or Biblical in tone. Just look at every comic relief in every other Disney movie made before TLK. There was no fart jokes or any other form of toilet humor the last time I have checked. It is possible to lighten a story without using such low, downright immature humor like that.

21 The forgettable character

What's the point of a Character being made if they barely do anything? It would honestly be better to NOT make the character in the first place if you can't even think of anything interesting they do.

You know, a character which we've forgotten about
because it doesn't get screen-time or doesn't even talk!

22 The butt-monkey
23 The forbidden lover

It's not that bad really. My favourite anime couple - Jellal Fernandes x Erza Scarlet ( Fairy Tail ) - is an example of forbidden lovers and they're awesome! Furthermore, the most popular fictional couple in the world is arguably Romeo and Juliet, who are a pair of forbidden lovers.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of most of them.

24 The animal abuser

Who want's to see some jerk hurting a poor innocent animal anyway? I honestly want to Choke Slam anybody who does that!

25 The androgynous villain

I know that some of them are funny, like Jakotsu as you said before, but the ones I cannot stand are the brooding ones found in the Kingdom Hearts series, like the Organization 13 or whatcha-call-them; These are terrible characters, yet their fans drool and fawn over them.

Not that bad. I like some of them. Yeah some are disgusting ( like Master Bob in Fairy Tail. Yuck! ), but some are really funny and lovable. Jakotsu from InuYasha is actually one of my favourite characters from that series, he's absolutly hilarious!

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