Best Christian Black Metal Bands

Black Metal is known for it's satanic... Anti-christian lyrics... That is why it is called black metal... Actually I listen to the satanic black metal normally but I just don't care about their message I just hear the song because I like it... Also there are Christian black metal bands.. Vote for your favourite here...

The Top Ten

1 Antestor
2 Horde

Invert the Inverted Cross!

3 Frost Like Ashes
4 Crimson Moonlight

Welcome to Christian Black Metal! To you - an oxymoron, to me - perfection

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5 Vaakevandring

I love Vaakevandring. They were one of my first Christian metal bands

Great unblock metal band. 1. Vaakevandring 2. Horde 3.Frost like ashes

Vaakevandring is life

1. Vaakevandring
2. Crimson Moonlight
3. Horde
4. Drottnar
5. Frosthardr
6. Antestor
7. Admonish
8. Slechtvalk
9. Borgazûr
10. Blood Covenant

6 Blood Covenant
7 Dark Lay Still
8 Dark Woods
9 Slechtvalk
10 Christageddon

The Contenders

11 Poems of Shadows
12 Drottnar

Such an awesome band (i'm not a Christian), Technical Black Metal, just like Technical Death Metal but Darker. - GREYBOYY

Technical Black Metal! "Bunker Metal"! Whatever you call it, its still awesome.

13 Frosthardr
14 Bleakwail
15 Wintersoul
16 Borgazûr
17 Admonish
18 Grave Declaration

Great band with good melody, instrumentation, vocals.
This band is the side project of vocalist in the pioneer band, Antestor.
You can imagine now, how GD can sound like.

19 Immortal Souls
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