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61 Jonny Lang Jonny Lang Jonny Lang is an American blues, gospel, and rock singer, songwriter, guitarist and recording artist.

Jonny Lang is a 76... Really? I'm a working musician and it's hard to take this list seriously. However the Phil Keaggy rating is pretty fair.

62 Kerry Livgren

Agreed! Should be higher in the list. Plays multiple instruments and fantastic songwriter!

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63 Stu Heiss

Stu Heiss invented the genre of "Christian Rock Guitarist". Listen to DMZ or Live Bootleg and get schooled!

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64 Dave Mustaine Dave Mustaine more.

Dave is not just a great guitarist, he understands Christianity, and the need to forgive his adversaries. He went back to his former Metallica band mates and forgave them. He also forgave his now bassist, David Ellefson. He was at war with these people, but they are not his friends. A true sign of his Christianity.

65 Lanny Cordola

Amazing! "Electric Warrior-Acoustic Saint" one of my favorites productions of all times.

66 Hadley Hockensmith

Now we are moving to somewhat outside the box that the all previous are closing in. This fellow is the guitarist of the former Koinonia and you should check his work in youtube. All Keaggy fans must know Hadley.

He made his mark with the late Keith Green and also with the first Christian Jazz band Koinoia His style is amazing!

67 Ulf Christiansson (Jerusalem)
68 Michael Cutting (Holy Soldier)
69 Jamie Cramer (Holy Soldier)
70 Buddy Miller
71 Neal Morse
72 Dee Harrington (Saint)
73 John Mahan (Saint)
74 Michael Guy Chislett
75 Johnny Markin

Should be in the top ten for guitar playing, and he loves Jesus!

Amazingly gifted worship leader

Incredible musician and really rocks a banjo

76 W. Avery Howard

Fantastic guitarist, and he can play about any style out there. Avery had a group called the Kingdom Heirs (not the group at Dollywood), he not only plays guitar but also sings.

77 Scott Dente V 1 Comment
78 Gary Lenaire (Tourniquet)
79 Larry Farkas (Vengeance Rising/Die Happy)

One of the best ever! Should be from 1-5!

80 George Ochoa (Deliverance)
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