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101 Overcome

Overcome from Mesa AZ in the late 90sin was one of the best bands with the most clear Christian message. Please all young Christians please look up their first full length album "When Beauty Dies" they came out when tooth and nail solid state took off. I seen these guys live with Strongarm and Stretch Arm Strong... The best show I've evwr seen.

102 Strongarm

This power trio hit the scene in the mid and late 90s. They were one of Tooth n Nail solid states best bands. After breaking up a few members went on to form Further Seems Forever and Shai Hulud.

103 Where the Ocean Meets the Sky
104 Hope for the Dying

Exordium is the best album, it's like 1 giant song with the smooth changes between every song, the power in the lyrics, and the talent in the music

105 Trust Divided

They are probably one of the best unsigned bands I have heard. They are amazing but nobody really knows about them. Every one of their songs blow me away! Please check these guys out! You will not be disappointed.

Amazing Band! Listen to the song revolt

106 The Seeking
107 Colossus

Time and eternal, nice album by colossus

108 Metal Nobre
109 Dark Lay Still
110 Woe of Tyrants
111 Inhale Exhale

If you don't listen to them... You're doing something wrong. Brilliant band, one of my tops!

112 The Great Commission
113 Saviour Machine
114 Soul Embraced

This isn't a list of Christian Metal Bands because Red and Thousand Foot Krutch are not metal. Soul Embraced are metal should at least be in the top five.

Not the best list. These guys are awesome part of living sacrifice lineup. Which is the greatest Christian metal band of all time.

They are my very favorite Christian band.

115 Ultimatum
116 Galactic Cowboys
117 Jerusalem

Oldskool metal. really back to basic, but in a very good way!
Easy listening music, good lyrics. let's plunder hell and populate Heaven right now!

118 Sacred Warrior
119 Virgin Black Virgin Black Virgin Black is an Australian band that combines gothic-doom and symphonic metal influences. Signed to The End Records and Germany's Massacre Records, the band has released 4 albums and 1 EP.
120 Majestic Vanguard

One of the most underrated Christian metal bands. A band with a Great message.

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