Top Ten Cities With the Worst Fan Bases

The Worst Fan Bases in North America. Whether it's fair weather fans, poor attendance, or attitude, here are the worst fan bases.

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21 Denver

When Broncos tipped over a portable toilet with a Patriots fan inside, that was too much. The Avalanche fans started to disappear when they fell out of the NHL elite. Rockies fans are fine but the Nuggets always play in empty arenas. - DoroExploro13

22 Baltimore

Though the Ravens and Orioles have great fans, they still seem to be a tad too passionate. - DoroExploro13

23 Milwaukee

Brewers fans are fine but where are the Bucks fans? And even though the Packers are located in Green Bay, I will add them. Their fans are WAY too passionate and have a lot of bandwagon fans. - DoroExploro13

24 St. Louis

I am from St Louis, and we have great fanbases. Sure, the Rams moved away, but that was because the owner was moron, they sold things for way too much money, and they just sucked. But the Cardinals are one of the most consistent teams in baseball, so they sell out most nights, even if they're having a so-so year, they still sell out most nights. Blues fans love hockey, and the Blues have been in existence for 50 years, and still no Stanley Cup, but I don't care. Blues fans stick with the team, and during playoff time, nosebleeds cost 250 bucks.

Why do you think the Rams relocated to Los Angeles? Poor attendance! But the Blues and Cardinals have good fans. - DoroExploro13

25 Jacksonville

Jacksonville only had 1 pro sports team, the Jaguars. But they always have poor attendance. It wasn't like that when they were good. - DoroExploro13

26 Washington

Redskins fans are fine. But the Capitals always played in empty arenas until 2005 when they drafted Alexander Ovechkin. The Nationals are somewhat at the bottom in attendance. And the Wizards, well, they come and go. - DoroExploro13

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