Top 10 Classic Mega Man Games

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1 Mega Man 2

I will never forget this game. It's so cool! Perfect graphics, irresistible music, a very high nostalgia cause, very inspiring & creative, strong robot masters, fantastic gameplay and very memorable remdoels! This game is an instant classic. I would recommend this game to everyone and give this game a 100+/100 score.

This game is so overrated. the only good things about it is a few soundtracks, the intro, and the metal blade. that is it.

2 Mega Man 7

Personally I find this game better than all the megaman X on SNES. I can't say if it's better than the x series overall since I haven't played the others but from the review I've seen X4 seems to be the only game that can potentially rivals megaman 7. Maybe I'm wrong that by pure coincidence the reviews I saw all say that x6 and x7 are thrash.(almost sarcasm because who knows, some people find things underrated while others say its overrated)

Thanks to the megaman legacy collection 2, I've finally played every classic megaman games (except the wily wars sadly). So before I get this collection game, my favorite was 7 and now... it sill is. I want to mention that Megaman V on Gameboy, Megaman and Bass, and Megaman 10 are also very good. Megaman 4 is my favorite in the NES games by the way and Megaman 8 while not awesome is highly underrated and it haves many ideas that sadly, and Bass, 9, and 10 will sadly not brought back.I want to say more but it would be too long.

This game is an absolute masterpiece. I'm glad it has been getting a lot more love since the release of MM11.

Underrated. I've heard most people hate it just because It's not 8-bit. People either have not even played it or have a bad taste in classics.

3 Mega Man 3

Mega Man 2 is overrated. Mega Man 3 was classic.

Best music throughout the whole series!

4 Mega Man 5
5 Mega Man 9

What a comeback for the series! Genius idea to go old school after the disappointment of 7 and 8. 6 was decent but the worst of the NES Mega Mans. 10 was good but not quite as good as 9. Mega Man 9 should be considered the crowning Jewel of the Mega Man series. - stellaryarn

MegaMan 9 was awesome it brought back a well beloved series from what we thought dead sadly Megaman classic is dead once again. Still this game is fresh and has easily the best selection of Robot Masters and the weapon selection was through the roof. We had the memorable Tornado man, Galaxy Man and Splash Women ton name some Robot Masters. And for weapons we had the overpowered Jewel Sattelite and Black Hole Bomb. Man I love this game. No joke it's my favorite classic game and 3rd favorite MegaMan game of all time

Mega Man 6 might be the worst of all Classic Mega Man games since it was the least innovative.

6 Mega Man 4

This game does not deserve this spot; it deserves number one! The level design is the most unique and most fun in the series, the music, while not the best in the series (that honor belongs to Mega Man 6) is still top notch, the bosses and root masters are also the most unique and interesting in the series, and the story was fresh and original at the time and I still think it's the best story today.

7 Mega Man 10

3 Characters to play with
cool bosses
one of my favorite willy castle stages

Finally an easy mode! It has been so long.

Sheep Man.

8 Mega Man

I don't know why I love megaman one but I think its because of its fresh ideas that are used in almost every megaman game or the amount of time I've put into it. Its not my favourite ( that honor goes to megaman x4 and megaman 3 ) but its still up there and it deserves more praise. - attackonmetroid

It's my favorite because I enjoy everything about it,mega man 2 had that irritating walls boss and 3 had those doc robots

Gotta love the Cutman

9 Mega Man 8

I actually like this game and the voice acting. Mega Man and Bass's voices fit them. - Chikinan

10 Mega Man X Mega Man X Product Image

I was 6 years old when I first played Mega Man X. The first two Mega Man games I played were 4 & 6 which I absolutely loved. But the instant the intro stage in X started, the graphics and music almost literally blew mind and made my jaw drop. Also the fact that you can collect armor upgrades was amazing, and that beating certain levels would change elements of other stages. It also introduced Zero. Come on. It still stands as my favorite game of all time as I have quite literally played this game hundreds of times. No exaggeration. I still play this game every couple months or so, and whenever I do play it, I play it once a day for almost a week and it takes me about 40 minutes to beat it. Anyone who wants a good side scrolling action game and has yet to play this game needs to do themselves a favor and play it.

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11 Mega Man 6

One of the most underrated Mega Man games of all time. People just didn't give this one a chance because it was on old hardware. That doesn't mean that the game will be bad.

Best megaman game ever

12 Mega Man X4 Mega Man X4 Product Image
13 Mega Man & Bass

Oh the good memories that I had with this game.

14 Mega Man X3 Mega Man X3 Product Image
15 Mega Man X2 Mega Man X2 Product Image
16 Mega Man V Mega Man V Product Image

If you are a Megaman fan you should play this game. Its really good and completely original

17 Mega Man 11

Why is this game all the way down here? 1. The music is amazing 2. The graphics are outstanding! 3. The bosses are epic! (I mean, have you even seen Block Man in his huge form? ) For my first ever physical copy of a Mega Man game, I’d rate this one a 10/10. I have played the first six, but that was only on the Mega Man: Legacy Collection that I downloaded on my 3DS.

18 Mega Man X6 Mega Man X6 Product Image
19 Mega Man X5 Mega Man X5 Product Image
20 Mega Man X7
21 Mega Man: The Wily Wars Mega Man: The Wily Wars Product Image

This game here? HIGHLY underrated!

One of the BEST games, you'll ever play, on the Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive.

When you clear these versions, of "Mega Man", "Mega Man 2", and "Mega Man 3", you'll then encounter a fourth, unlockable game, called "Wily Tower", where you get to wield powers, from the PREVIOUS games, but you can only bring in a limited amount of weapons, at a time.

Among Genesis games, this is a REAL hidden gem!

22 Mega Man X8
23 Mega Man: Battle & Chase


24 Megaman II

You are thinking of mega man 2. Mega man II is the game boy mega man 2

Has the best music - Frouze

25 Mega Man Soccer

What's mega Man soccer?

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