Top Ten Boxing Knockouts of 2021

Best knockouts in boxing for 2021.

Note: Why no Paul KOing Woodley? Because I don’t see it as legit. Of course the knockout in and of itself was legit. However, the “professional boxing match” aspects of it isn’t. It’s a circus show for suckers. Nothing more.
The Top Ten
1 Óscar Valdez KO10 Miguel Berchelt

Not only a fight of the year candidate but also knockout of the year. Brutal fight with a brutal knockout.

Berchelt came straight in swinging wildly, Valdez took three steps back and unloaded a huge counter left hook that sent Berchelt to the canvas face first out cold.

2 Kiko Martinez KO6 Kid Galahad

First punch of the round. A hard right hand put Galahad flat on his back and out cold.

Galahad was floored right before the end of the previous round. Even though he got up, he was saved by the bell and never recovered between rounds.

3 Gabriel Rosado KO3 Bektemir Melikuziev

Glad to see this one happen. Not a fan of "The Bully" Bektemir Melikuziev. Dude thought he could just come in and use his "bully style" on a crafty, experienced veteran like Rosado.

Well, Rosado cracked him with a hard right while Melikuziev was doing his typical bully charging his way in. Paid the price. After eating that right from Rosado, he crashed face first and had no idea where he was.

4 Callum Smith KO2 Lenin Castillo

Scary knockout. During an exchange, Smith landed a straight right that had Castillo stiffened up before he hit the canvas, then proceeded to convulse while out on the mat.

5 Efe Ajagba KO3 Brian Howard

Lights out! Ajagba lands a fast, clean one-two to send Howard twirling to the canvas. Landed all twisted up and out cold.

6 Conor Benn KO4 Chris Algieri

Didn't expect this. Not saying I thought Algieri was going to win, I just didn't think he'd be knocked out cold the way he was.

Straight right down the pipe while Algieri was on the ropes squared with his feet side by side. Algieri was out before he hit the floor as he crumbled face forward.

7 Troy Williamson KO10 Ted Cheeseman

Fun fight. With "The Big Cheese" Cheeseman against the ropes, Williamson delivered a hard uppercut that rocked Cheeseman and finished it with another hard uppercut that sent Cheeseman crashing down with his leg folded under him.

8 Mauricio Lara KO9 Josh Warrington

Lara stunned Warrington with a left hook and, during a flurry of punches, caught him again with another hard left hook that crashed Warrington to the canvas with the ref immediately waving off the fight.

9 Canelo Álvarez KO11 Caleb Plant

History-making TKO. This knockout made Canelo the first-ever undisputed champion in that weight class (Super Middleweight). It started with Canelo battering Plant before sending him down with an uppercut.

Plant, with a lot of heart, gets up but his legs are shot. Canelo proceeds to flurry, catching him with a right to the temple that floored Plant and ended the fight.

10 Ryan Garcia KO7 Luke Campbell
The Contenders
11 Naoya Inoue KO3 Michael Dasmarinas

Body shot knockout of the year. Inoue dropped his opponent three times in two rounds with devastating liver shots.

The final one had Dasmarinas on the canvas, curled up in a fetal position, with the ref waving off the fight. I'm telling you guys, having experienced this, I'd rather be punched in the face. I'm serious.

12 Tyson Fury KO11 Deontay Wilder
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