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Spider-Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics existing in its shared universe. The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko, and first appeared in the anthology comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962) in the ...read more.


Spider-man is icon superhero in the world... He's humorous, responsibility, care ^^ much women fall in love with him... So I want like him. He's Smart, Strong, just a nerd, ^^ low profile.

Spiderman is the best superhero of all time, I'm sick of hearing people say Batman is the coolest because he's the lamest. Think about it, any superhero in this world (not ones like Hawkeye or Green Arrow cause they're not really superheroes) could beat Batman anyday even Iron Man because his methods are basically the same as Batman but he still has the repulser blast move without the suit, Spiderman has the spider sense which counters surprise and stealth otherwise know as Batman's only fighting techneche. Next to Superman, Spiderman is the best superhero the world has ever known.

The only hero you'd see yourself being the most. We can go on for years about how amazing he is, and still not scratch the surface of why he is the greatest superhero ever. Even his comics say, "World's Greatest Super Hero". And although I don't really support most other Spider-Men in the Spider-Verse, they still are offspring of the best ever, the one who started it all, Peter Parker. I don't care what the Batman fans say. When did Bats ever say a phrase as good as- or even better than- "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"? Which superhero has a lifetime of events like Peter Parker did and can even BEGIN to live up to that phrase-other than Spidey himself? (I do feel for Jason Todd, though).
Anyway, Spider-Man is a masterpiece to never be forgotten, and no other character can even come close to how amazing he is.

Marvel hit the ground running by putting heroes into the real world, rather than making up city names. Spider-man narrowed the borders more by creating a character so flawed he could have been the boy next door or the geek at school. He is Macbeth for Marvel Comics, a character that is hard to dislike even with a few bad storylines. You know you buy quality when you buy this characters books each month.

Kind of the underdog everyday nerd. Out of all the heroes I've always been most able to identify with Spider-Man. Unlike Batman, or Iron Man who are unrealistically wealthy, or Superman with his invulnerability, Spider-Man actually has to work for a living and struggles with everyday problems.

Peter is a boy with a good heart. He is one of the most emotional character of all time who always blamed himself for the death of his uncle. He is smart and has a strong heart. People like J.J. jameson declare him as hideous and negative all the time but he doesn't care. All he knows is that he must help anyone who is helpless and innocent.
I really liked an issue where he doesn't catch an old thief just because he was old and reminded him of his uncle Ben. He really loves his uncle & his Aunt May who he never forgets to call even if he is fighting criminals he still manages to reach out to a closest phone booth to just give a call to Aunt May. That's our beloved Peter Parker - The boy next door.

Spider-Man is my favorite marvel hero. I think he is very interesting and the idea of a teenager who has to deal with normal life stuff like bullies and having to earn money, while also having to fight deadly super-villains is awesome. His powers are also very cool.

What spider man is better than all superheroes, also better than superman 1000000000000 times and than batman 10000 times. He is clearly the strongest. He has spider sense and can even dodge light I think so. He has just not been given a chance. And if he had been given the people would have said "come on I can't do that I am not spider man

Spideys the best hero ever created. Unlike Superman he's not a god. Unlike Batman he's not a billionaire. He's just a kid struggling with school, bills, taking care of his aunt May, and his love life all while also trying to keep New York safe and prevent something like Uncle Ben from happening again. I grew up with Spider-Man and definitely believe he the greatest hero ever created. And this is just my opinion but also the greatest character in all of fiction.

Spider-man is the best Superhero because he has acts more human than all the other superheros not just fighting and beating up bad guys.

He is also the most original Superhero of all time.

The only ones that stand in his way are batman and superman, but superman has it easy, he can do anything and batman ain't even super, he just good at jumping and throwing. Spiderman is the best

Spiderman always amazed me, right from my childhood. Most of them like superman. But I personally feel...being superman is easy.Nothing happens to you what so ever you do.Batman, is just rich and has no super powers.
But for spiderman, its brains over body.He has to control both his body and his brains to become a super hero.He has to weave (throw) his web in the right direction, swing at the right angle, move in the correct direction...and yes of course...keep a sharp eye on the gangster at the same time.
I always want to be spiderman and I sometimes try to be one (except the crawling the walls and waeving webs! ).

From web-swinging to witty banter, Spider-Man is simply fun to watch. And when he takes of the mask you can actually see a person; unlike heroes such as the Hulk or Captain America.

The creator has used some extra brain to chalk out a character never imagined so far in the world. And the concept of weaving web and trapping and hanging with the support of the same is just amazing...

He's no mutant nor alien he spider not perfect nor brute he just cool because he balances his life face consequences such as losing uncle Ben and Richard Parker and Mary Parker and school he lets us learn that not all heroes are perfect

If you want to be spiderman, find a radioactive spider (probably dead, and it's already impossible), have it bite you (dead spiders can't bite and only venomous ones bite), and out of nowhere, webs fly out of you're hands. Impossible! A little more Batman brains people!

I love Spiderman because he is funny but serious. He has AMAZING powers webs the come out of his wrist. He is also apart of the avengers to. Spiderman is strong I think he should be first

I used to read a lot of Spider Man comic books my dad got for me when I was really young. I want to read them again! I was so young I didn't understand them! I wanna get those times back!

Spiderman is the worlds most favourite superhero, spidey has stopped the most superheroes on any comic book, my childhood favourite - facts136

He's one of my favorite superheroes. You can relate to his guilt and sadness and he's determined. He may not be the strongest but he's definitely one of the coolest - llamaboy17

Every other person on this list is garbage compared to spider man (except for Goku and Venom, if I had two more votes they'd be up here) - sp1d3rman

Spider-man is awesome! Superman has too many powers and Batman isn't even super! Hes just rich and has really cool gadgets - Snuckles

Batman should not even be in the top ten. Nor superman. They're both generic and unspecial. "Ohh my parents died blah blur" Spiderman can be related to, because he's scared, and afraid. But Batman always walks in with 100% confidence and then has some lame action scene and then because batman fans praise him for no reason he wins. He could litteraly be fighting Spider-Man, a superhero who is so strong he can lift up to like 25 tons, and he'd win for no reason. And superman is just generic and op.

I grew up ready Spidey. He's even inspired me in real life situations. Not just his powers, but his strong sense of responsibility, wisecracking humor, caring for others, and never EVER giving up he's not the strongest or most powerful but definitely the best superhero in the world.

Come on people help old spidey beat those DC tight wearin' comic book heroes and make him THE #1 super hero