Top 10 Silliest Ideas for New Comic Book Superheroes

We have all heard about a fair share of superheroes in the entertainment industry, but there are some truly ridiculous ideas one can come up with to create new superheroes. Here is a list of silliest ideas for superheroes.
The Top Ten
1 Peter-Piper-Picked-a-Peck-of-Pickled-Pepper Man

'Oh no, it's Peter-Piper-Picked-a-Peck... it's Peker-Piker-Kicked... no, it's Peper-Piper-Peped... Gr!' He is neither fast nor strong, but bad guys lose their demonic enthusiasm when they stumble on this superhero's awkward name.

2 Smile Man

Smile Man has a disarming smile. When Smile Man smiles, everybody smiles. Even bad-tempered villains can't stop grinning.

3 S-Catwoman

She is a woman with cat ears who lives in the sewers. She can move through all kinds of sewers and sewage pipes, and if she finds someone with stomach issues sitting on the toilet, she flows through the sewers and appears inside your toilet. Eventually, she cleanses your bowel and colon with her magical hands, making you feel more comfortable.

4 Chicken Man

A psychic who wears a chicken costume and is capable of hypnotizing and controlling large numbers of chickens at his will. He first gained this ability and decided to improve it further when he was 6 years old and successfully hypnotized a chicken to cross the road. He fights evil using swarms of chickens at his service.

His only drawback is that as soon as his work with a chicken is done, the chicken mandatorily poops on Chicken Man. Therefore, the more number of chickens he controls at once, the more poop he receives after the battle.

5 Cherry Pit Spit Man

He is a very skilled man, capable of spitting cherry pits at a speed of over 500 km/h. His mouth is practically like a gun. He can adjust shooting modes to full-auto, semi-auto, and manual, and can increase the bullet size by fusing two or more cherry pits with his mind. His only drawback is that he gets a massive diarrhea attack every 69 minutes.

6 Inedible Man

Though he is only the size of a marshmallow and smells good, he tastes completely disgusting. As soon as you pop him into your mouth, the gag reflex sends him shooting across the room to fight another day.

Out of all the wonderfully stupid ideas on the list, this has to be the most stupid, as well as the most wonderful.

7 El Bulbo

Brought to life when a spell was cast on the bulbs in a television set, El Bulbo is a Mexican superhero who fights his arch-rival and fellow light bulb, Adolfo. He can fly, grow to an enormous size, and fire destructive rays.

8 The Noise Man

He is 4 feet tall and is 42.069 years old as of April 20, 2018. He is capable of producing extremely loud noises: he cracks a knuckle at 170 decibels, burps at 185 decibels, and screams at 225 decibels. He is also completely deaf. Scientists are searching for the answer to why he is still single.

9 Morton

He is an ordinary guy at first impression, but anyone within a 500-meter radius around him will be faced with two equally unpleasant alternatives. Here's a light example: You can do your homework first and then clean your bedroom, or you can clean your bedroom first and then do your homework. The closer you get to him, the more severe the choices you face.

10 Stinky Feet Man
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11 Space Lord
12 Bronie Man
13 President

In some places, he is known by other names such as Chancellor or Prime Minister. He is usually a normal human being who 'takes care' of a well-defined territory. Many people don't like him.

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