Top Ten Consoles/Handhelds You Would Sell If Given the Chance

I bet some idiot would buy any of these then you'd feel like a winner

The Top Ten

1 Virtual Boy Virtual Boy

Get that trash away from me - Dvafan2

Honestly, I wouldn't sell it. If I owned I wouldn't try to pawn it off for a quick buck. It's too horrible to be bought. It's an important part of video game history.

2 Xbox One Xbox One

Whoever put XBONE on this list is a smart guy/girl.

3 R-Zone R-Zone

Angry Video Game Nerd said it's the worst console ever. And when AVGN says a game is "bad," you better listen to him... - nintendofan126

4 Phillip Cdi Phillip Cdi
5 3DO 3DO

Oh come on,the 3DO wasn't that bad - CerealGuy

6 Atari 5200 Atari 5200
7 Atari Jaguar Atari Jaguar
8 N-Gage N-Gage
9 HyperScan HyperScan
10 Gizmondo Gizmondo

The Contenders

11 RCA Studio II
12 Tiger
13 Xbox
14 Nintendo VII

I expected this was a misspelling of the "Nintendo Wii". So I looked it up, and apparently there was a Wii rip-off called the "Sport Vii" that was released in China in 2007. - Rocko

If you mispelled "Wii", then I disagree because that console was great. If there is something called the "VII" I don't even want to know.

No it was a typo, it was suppose to be chintendo Vii - htoutlaws2012

15 Pioneer LaserActive
16 Commodore 64
17 Nintendo 64DD
18 Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch
19 Nintendo 3DS

Get that trash away from me! - myusernameisthis

20 Sega Nomad
21 Atari Lynx
22 Intellivision
23 Action Max
24 Panasonic Q
25 Apple Bandai Pippin
26 LJN Video Art
27 POPStation
28 Wireless60
29 PlayStation 4
30 Sega Neptune
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