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Australia, officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands. Australia has a very warm climate and is very dry. The country's official language is English.


I'm from Newcastle, England and I went to Australia twice and on both occasions I was told to always look in the grass, the trees, the water, etc. I didn't really listen and one day I stood on a dead 'black snake' with red on its bottom/belly (? ). I was scared for life. Then I saw what was half out of its mouth. A Koala! Yuck! Now I know why they live in the coast.

Australia may not be riddled with wars and violence, unlike some countries (which aren't on here), the amount of deadly animals is, in some way, ridiculous. A few weeks ago, I almost rode over a Brown Snake on my bike. It was just across the path, and it looked like bark... until it moved. But yes, lots of animals here can kill you. Cane toads, sharks, snakes, spiders, creepy crawlies. I was in Queensland last year, the cockroaches there, anywhere else in the world, cockroaches are... well... they're insect size, in Queensland, they're the size of a small child's foot! However, they can't kill you which is a surprise. Usually, the saying for animals in Australia is "If it can't kill you, it doesn't exist in the country. I think the animals here make up for the lack of natural disasters we have. Don't get me wrong fellow Australian, I know we have bushfires, cyclones, floods, tornadoes... actually, on second thought, we have some freakish weather as well, but we don't have volcanoes. ...more - Brandan

Australia has the largest number of the most venomous Snakes, Spiders, Fish and other animals. The largest terrestrial carnivore on earth the Saltwater crocodile also lives there and is regarded as the largest, most aggressive, strongest bite of all Crocodilians and is also the largest reptile on earth being recorded at 2 tonnes which is nearly twice the size of any large American carnivore or even any Afro-eurasian Carnivore.

I am from Australia too. Well, last night I found a huge black house spider nest with thousands of babies crawling around. The two days before, there was a huge snake in our shed. Then on the way to swimming the other day to the damn, three kangaroos jumped into the middle of the road. Also, last year there was this huge accident because a huge red kangaroo jumped into the road. And last week I got bitten by hundreds of ants an my legs were numb and swelled for two days. Well guys, I can go on forever. So all you idiots out there who believe Australia is not dangerous, don't you dare to open your mouth.
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Yeah it's true. We have the world's most venomous snakes and spiders. Sharks and crocodiles. You name it! Sure lots of them are in remote areas but what about spiders. Lots of them are right in your backyard with some not being deadly at all, and others being downright lethal. Although I haven't been affected by these creatures...

The humans don't want to...but the animals do.

I have heard that Australia has jellyfish that kills u in a few seconds, sharks that tear flesh and break bones, spiders which inject venom which kills you. Kangaroos may be dangerous too...

Ok now I regret for voting this for the best country ever

Of course Australia has the most dangerous animals in the world. The most venomous animal in the world called the Fierce Snake is in this country and also the most dangerous animal in the world called the Australian Box Jellyfish is in this country too.

Well just think about wouldn't you say Australia to

I lived in griffith in NSW for a few years when I was in primary school and the teachers walked around in summer with shovels in case of the occasional brown snake. My first year there half a dozen snakes were spotted and two were killed. On the farm were we lived we would find the occasional sheep torn apart, guts spread over a dozen meters. I'm in year 11 now and I live on the coast at Forster and every now and then I shark is spotted at the beach. Even the trees are dangerous Finger cherry fruit were associated with cases of permanent blindness in northern Queensland.

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I live in Australia and I agree because I have seen about 25% of the animals here. I seen big snakes to deadly spiders. Another one to look out for is the Emu. One of the biggest birds on earth. Even dogs get scared of them. One time I got too close to one and I had to do a detour so I couldn't get chased by it.

Did you know Australia officially had a war with the emus known as 'The emu war' and LOST? The emus managed to dodge soldiers with machine guns, and even managed to injure a few. This just shows that even a big chicken in Australia is dangerous - Plumpapollo

I lived out in the bush for 22 years and managed to avoid most things. However, redbacks are everywhere - as a teacher I had to get them out the toilets for the kids. My father-in-law often has to shoot snakes that are threatening homes. Kangaroos can be huge and if you're smart you take a wide berth around them or make a lot of noise before you get there - we had to shoo them off the footy oval before training. Most Australians avoid the multitude of dangerous animals due to where they live but there's no getting away from the fact we grow up being told about them and how to avoid them.

Yeah mate. I'm an Aussie born and raised and as a kid we used to catch some of the most deadly spider (not knowing what we were doing). Swam in croc and shark infested waters. Also these deadly snakes and spiders will sometimes just come out of the toilet or out of your shoes.

At the moment I am studying the differences in global connections between different countries around the world. At some stage we studied Australia and I realised and learnt as a fact Australia in fact is the most dangerous and deadly place on the planet due to its wildlife, dominating snakes, terrifying blood lovers of the ocean great white sharks and hideous red backs. We also are populated with some of the worlds most deadly crocodiles and alligators. By: Yusuf. Mifsud SHPPS

When I was gardening with my dad, he was partly drunk and got stung by 2 scorpions and had a paralysis tick burrow in the hole. I was fine cause I was a hell of a lot more careful and I mean a lot more careful than my dad was. - AGK

This IS RIDICULOUS! It is very rare to come across an animal in australia that wants to kill you. Most of the snakes or spiders that I've seen I thought were dangerous but they are completely harmless to Human such as the Black Headed Snake.

Don't forget about the drop-bears in Australia... I suggest looking up when walking under trees; particularly the big gum trees... If you see something hurtling towards you, run like hell.

I live in Australia myself I live on a farm I went down to the river, while I was going I saw a red belly and when I got down their there was a brown so I turned back and decided that the bath was better.

I live in Australia and a lot of my friends parents friends have died of snake bite or box jelly fish stings but this still is a nice place

Even in the city's there's a bird eater crawled up in the pipe or a tiger snake in a public park. Americans freak when they see some slight danger! I'm sure they would love to come here to Australia...

In Australia, everything you look under has venomous spiders underneath it. I've lived here my whole life and I rarely go a day with out seeing a spider that could possibly kill me

Us Aussies know what to do, we know where snakes are, we know not where to swim, we know not to walk in long grass, Yes we probably have the most dangerous animals, but we are not afraid of them, we know how to react if we see one. So please don't overreacted, we might have the most dangerous animals, but we know how to avoid them. - micahisthebest

Australia has it hands down in my job I have to wear gloves for all the red back spiders around I may find 20-30 a day. Many Australians live no where near the coast snakes, crocodiles, sharks, spiders live all over not just in the middle of the country. Brisbane a major city in queensland has rivers that run through it that are full of bull sharks.

As an Aussie I can say everything is deadly. Spiders, sharks, snakes, scorpions yeah sure. We have the deadliest bird the Cassowary, killer ants even Platypuses have a venom gland.

Yeah, we have some very dangerous animals here. Spiders, snakes, sharks, crocodiles and many other dangerous animals. Don't forget drop bears! - Catlover2004

Yep! And it gets worse. Wait until you meet the female human species "Down Under"!