Worst Things About Country Music

Everyone knows what country music is. Most people know it sucks. But the question is, what sucks about it?
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1 Lack of Difference Between Artists

The artists sound the same and the songs are getting less "country". The kid who won American Idol 2019 is the perfect example. Sounds like a hundred other country western singers, nothing distinctive at all. Yet they'll make him a star, singing so-so songs. Yawn. Country music has really lost it's charm and the singers have lost true uniqueness.

Country use to be good. Now it's just the same thing over and over and over again. A bunch of people with southern accents singing about the wild west and their tractors.

They all sound the same, it sounds like there's two country songs sung by different people.

Yeah cause all pop songs are so different and rap isn't all the same trash.

2 All They Sing About is Love and Tractors

They also sing about trucks, hot girls, various states (mainly states in the South, Southwest or West), beer, cheating, drunkenness, dogs, horses, rivers, etc, etc, it shows how far this genre has fell.

Just try a little more variety country singers!

Sing about something else.

Woman and beer too not much..

3 It's Stereotypical

Florida Georgia Line is stereotypical bro country music. If I had to hear "baby you're a song" one more time, I'd cut my head off with a huge sword.

Cold beer on a Friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right and the radio onn. Every country song ever.

In every song.

4 Alcoholic References

If not talking about cheating their talking about alcohol. Being drunk and not knowing what happened is obviously bad and singing about it where younger kids can hear is just awful the world is already has too many problems. Though some country singers are really talented!

Country music has gone from a genre about life and culture in the rural parts of America to a whole genre that supports unrealistic ideas of partying and drinking. I'm all for having a good time, but that's ALL IT IS at this point.

I actually like country especially pop country but I don't like when they constantly sing about getting drunk, which is why Daneille Bradbery is awesome, well, one of the many reasons.

This is why I can't stand Dierks Bentley's hit single Drunk on A Plane. All it is is it's about drinking too much wine and whiskey on a flight to God knows where.

5 Southern Accents

Well, coming from someone who lives in the south, that how people talk. Just like to me, people from Boston or New Jersey have completely different accents. It is a little rude to say that because that is how they were raised and can't change that.

The accents sound fake, they so not sound real. It sounds like they are pretending to do it.

The ONLY good country artist is probably Johnny Cash. And I love a lot of music...

Ya they have southern accents because they are from the south. Duh.

6 Sexual References

Compare country's lyrics to rap. You will definitely not be complaining about sexual references in country after seeing what rappers talk, not sing, about.

Every woman in a country song is reduced to a, "little crazy country chick." Come on already.

I love country music, but this is the one thing I don't like. The rest is amazing.

7 Lack of Instrumental Talent

Okay I don't like country but this shouldn't be number two at least they play guitar instead of the macbook.

Country music is for a moron thinking he know music by listening to retarded artist.

Always the same crap. There is no musical visionary in this stupid country music business

Haha yall are really funny. You probably like the trashy rap everyone listens to now. Country is the best!

8 Bro Country

I dislike all Country but this is the worst its all about tractors and beer

9 Lame Lyrics
10 Can Cause Suicide

Of course. I work at a grocery store where the music playlist is 80% country. It plays on shuffle so you can hear the same song 3 times in one night(I have :( ). My coworkers have joked about hacking the system so we won't feel the need to blow our brains out. It's particularly annoying when I hear customers or the dang cashiers singing along. If there were no consequences I would probably smack them into next week. Maybe they would come back with taste.

I agree 100 percent my buddy plays country a lot now and every time we get to the second or third song I start thinking about how much better death would be.

Listening to country makes me want to hurt others more than myself, but I would agree that I would rather be dead than have to hear any more of it.

This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard of. If someone commits suicide over country music there is a problem..

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11 Lack of Manliness

All the songs make it like the man is lucky to even be around the girl. Sets up bad expectations and false beliefs for the women that men are 2nd rate. Look at the songs about a man waiting around for a woman to come home and how he's so lucky, she can wreck his plans, come home after being out with the girls... the VERY SAME behaviour that causes marriages to fail, the country songs make it okay and even romanticize it.

12 Country Stations

Why is this on here? If you don't like them then don't listen to them, they aren't bothering you.

My local country radio station spokespeople are annoying as heck.

13 It is Slowly Becoming a Subgenre of Hip Hop

It has become all the annoying disco and hip-hop you couldn't stand back in the 1970's.

14 Boring Melodies
15 All They Sing About is a Girls, Trucks, or Drinking
16 It's Inappropriate

It is a bunch of baloney

17 It is No Longer Country

"Country" music is no longer country. Go hear anything from Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr., Waylon Jennings and compare it to today's garbage that is called "country". It is nothing like the classic country that has survived and has been loved for decades.

This is my biggest gripe about current country music. It is not country, it is crap rap. Give me the old classics.

18 Country Rap
19 Criminal References

I mean, Eminem rapped about killing his wife or killing strangers because of their sexuality (not that I'm condoning this or defending him). But Carrie Underwood has made a song about killing her ex, and she is seen as an angel that can do no wrong. If that is the norm in country music, I do not want a part of it.

What, this is country not hip hop laugh out loud... Just came from the same one about hip hop and this one looks a lot like it except instead of annoying accents, wait, that one's on here too

I'm pretty sure Johnny Cash made a song about kill a man just to watch him die. What is that not a crime? Or is it just rap music listen to lyrics you dicks

20 It's Getting Worse Every Day

If Carrie Underwood's bubblegum country (specifically, country music made for the preteen pop audience) isn't bad enough, there are Luke Bryan and Florida-Georgia Line to perpetuate the bad stereotypes of country music and shamelessly exhibit them.

Old country was better

21 It's Completely Off-Base

Country music used to be about a man and a common mans problem, which I personally don't mind but, now it's shifted from that to a skinny jeaned sorority girl fantasy.

22 Completely Low Class Accents and Lyrics
23 No Imagination
24 I'll Never Be Old Enough to Listen to Country Music

More like I'll never be illiterate enough to listen to this rubbish

25 Old Stars
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