Top 10 Cover Songs by Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian, Demons & Wizards)

Hansi Kürsch is an excellent singer, lyricist and songwriter, who also did some of the best cover versions I've ever heard.

The Top Ten

1 Don't Talk to Strangers - Blind Guardian

A Dio cover - as good as the original.
Hansi sounds just like Dio! I think Dio would be proud.

I guess Hansi and Dio have some similar vocal chords and Hansi naturally sounds close to Dio - the closest possible I've heard. Both are very expressive high baritones with almost the same ranges.
While in his original recordings Hansi doesn't sound like anybody else and doesn't imitate anybody, here he sounds like Dio (on purpose, of course).

However, there are several small differences between the original and the cover, and the one I like at most is the way Hansi sings the line "Drive you insane'. - Metal_Treasure

2 Beyond the Realms of Death - Blind Guardian

This Judas Priest cover is extremely impressive vocal-wise.
The original song is very deep, emotional, difficult and sad (about suicide). And, the original song is already perfect.

Now, it takes talent and guts to sing a Rob Halford song. Moreover, Halford is a high tenor and this song is not for Hansi’s voice (baritone) … but Hansi nailed it!

Here's how he did it: Hansi didn't try to imitate Halford. Instead, Hansi played on his own strengths - dark, harsh and more dramatic voice, noticeable on the choruses.
Hansi's voice is also more powerful and his 2nd chorus is mindblowing (2:15). Oh my God, how he sings 'Keep the world...'. His voice is like a nuclear explosion. - Metal_Treasure

3 White Room - Demons & Wizards

A Cream cover - better than the original. Just give a listen. - Metal_Treasure

4 The Wizard - Blind Guardian

A Uriah Heep cover - better than the original. Heavier and more powerful.
By the way, Hansi is a huge Uriah Heep fan and he named his 2nd band after the Uriah Heep album Demons & Wizards. - Metal_Treasure

5 Immigrant Song - Demons & Wizards

Led Zeppelin cover - probably the best cover of this song (they didn't make significant changes).
I call Hansi Kürsch a vocal chameleon because he can sound like many different singers. - Metal_Treasure

6 Surfin' USA - Blind Guardian

The Beach Boys sound refreshed and current. And of course - heavier.
Blind Guardian were heavily influenced by The Beach Boys vocal harmonies in their original recordings. - Metal_Treasure

7 Dream a Little Dream of Me - Blind Guardian

The original was recorded in 1931 by Ozzie Nelson and the cover version in 2007 (76 years later and the genre is completely different).
Hansi is incredibly versatile and he sounds amazing again on this retro romantic song.
At the beginning Hansi successfully mimics the singing style of the 30s and I can't believe it's him! Then he and the guys show they are a metal band after all. - Metal_Treasure

8 Hallelujah - Blind Guardian

One of the best Deep Purple covers. Again, they didn't make significant changes but the song sounds updated. Hansi quotes Deep Purple and especially Ian Gillan as his biggest vocal influence (but I think this song was originally performed by Rod Evans - the singer before Gillan). - Metal_Treasure

9 In A Gadda Da Vida - Blind Guardian

A really "metalized" version of this Iron Butterfly classic. Good job!
Here they changed many things and this psychedelic rock song sounds close to metal in their version. - Metal_Treasure

10 Barbara Ann - Blind Guardian

The Beach Boys again - Hansi just likes them. I'd also recommend the live version from Tokyo:
Blind Guardian - Barbara Ann (Tokyo Tales).
They still play this song live. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 You're the Voice - Blind Guardian

It's John Farnham's signature song.
Maybe Hansi should have used more of his flawless soft/angelic voice and less of his harsh/raspy voice. We all know he's got many different voices - with and without rasp. - Metal_Treasure

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