Top Ten Cutest Singing Monsters


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1 PomPom

No not the cutest. Pango is the cutest. Pompom is so overrated - BrendanDaJedi

Really.. THAT!?!

Cute monster, and I bred her on my first try.

She's really good at cheer leading! - Officialpen

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2 Wubbox

Not that cute. Do they really cost 75 million coins?

H.he's ugly.

3 Drumpler

This little cutie is amazing just look at his little fat pot belly

Really sweet. - Officialpen

4 Potbelly
5 Scups

Wot I thought scups was underrated. really warms my heart to see it here

6 Whajje



7 Blabbit
8 Entbrat

Great monster but it’s not that cute

9 Toe Jammer
10 Dandidoo

Super cute.

The Newcomers

? Bisonorus

Cute at the continent island but at the cave island…

The Contenders

11 Punkleton

Wish I had one. I have missed it two years in a row

Best seasonal - Officialpen

12 Furcorn

I thought Furcorn would be first.

13 Maw

I just love the maw cause it's a little cute furball

Maps are so cute I love them so much! 😍

14 Thrumble

I mean his face, his idle animation, and his sound. SO CUTE - leepee

I agree he is super cute.

This guy is adorable!

15 Ghazt
16 Hoola
17 Sox

He looks hot for some reason.

18 Jeeode
19 Bowgart
20 Quibble
21 Shellbeat
22 Tweedle
23 Pixolotl

Pixel lizard X3 He's one of my favorites, I woke him up the other day but couldn't biggify him so I un-biggified all of my other Wublins so he wouldn't feel left out

24 Glowl

She is not only cute but she also has an amazing voice! Glowl is one of the only monsters that don't become ugly when they transition into adults

25 Yelmut

Probably would've been number one if it wasn't for its adult forme

26 Plixie
27 Reedling
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