Top 10 Danganronpa Quotes

The Top Ten Danganronpa Quotes

1 "That place is sealed up tighter than Togami's butt!" - Makoto Naegi

I love that naegi out of all people said this - Danganronpa

This is why I ship Naegami


Togamis butt is hotter than a deep fried meme-

2 "If you were penetrated by something that big and thick, you would die instantly!" - Sonia Nevermind

sONIA NO - Danganronpa

HAHA - GenericUser


Who tAUGHT HER THE MEME- - Porck_Bunzz

3 "Don't put me on the same level as that VIRGIN! I might...catch...his VIRGINITY!" - Hifumi Yamada

Hifumi you are a virgin yourself - GenericUser

Thanks hifumi very cool - Danganronpa


Hifumi your prOBABlY a virgin urself uwu

4 "For a few years now, it has been Ibuki's dream to make a statue of her bewbs made out of cookies!" - Ibuki Mioda

Three cheers for life goals. - OPZoroark

mood - Porck_Bunzz

5 "It appears it's just as Miss Sonia said...I'm just a, I'm not just a pest, I'm a total f****** PIG...ISN'T THAT RIGHT, MISS SONIA?! IF I'M A F****** PIG, YOU CAN SAY SO!!" - Kazuichi Souda

I couldn't listen to this. It broke my heart - girlynerd21

"Ambition makes you look pretty ugly; creepy Sonia-stalking little PIGGY" - xandermartin98

Also parodied by Filburt in the Rocko fanfic "Filburt's Postmodern Wife" - xandermartin98

Sonia: No, I believe you gave your all!

Kazuichi: HEY, WHY AREN'T YOU TEASING ME ANYMORE?!? - xandermartin98

6 “Hey, do robots have dicks?” - Kokichi Oma

Of course Kokichi, If you beilive hard enough robots have dicks uwu

I wish I could vote them all but since kokichi is best boi ill vote
also this line is gold

It was solely this line that made me love this boy

Kokichi is best boy I wheezed

7 "You are but one individual plankton drifting through a vast ocean...try as you might, you're naught but the tiniest, most inconsequential of existences." - Byakuya Togami

Thanks booyakaya very awesome - Danganronpa

8 "Monokuma has some fine, FINE birthing hips, dude! I'd just LOVE to tap that fluffy round a**!" - Monokuma

Oh, Monokuma! - listotaku17

9 "I'M sorry, I didn't quite CATCH all that...AHH, SAY IT ONE MORE TIME...I NEED TO RECORD IT...FOR REASSSONNNS...." - Kazuichi Souda

"Hey, BASTARD, you'd better CUT IT OUT! " - xandermartin98

10 "AVRIL LAVIGNE!!!" - Teruteru Hanamura

This is why we stan Teruteru - Porck_Bunzz

Where's the leak, ma'am? - xandermartin98

Teruteru’s only redeeming quality: saying “AVRIL LAVINGE”

Fuggin lasagna lousiana head ass bitch

The Contenders

11 “This entire discussion is completely idiotic.” -Byakuya Togami

Most Reddit threads in a nutshell - xandermartin98

Reddit be like - Porck_Bunzz

12 "Well, I was always taught that if you had bad penmanship, a ghost would come and haunt you." - Yasuhiro Hagakure

Only hagakure would think this - Danganronpa

13 Holy s**t, I love boats - Izuru Kamakura

That was is the greatest thing ever

Yes Izuru-kun, yes

When I die, put this on my gravestone - KillerKiryuCreations

Me too Izuru, Me too

14 "No human language can describe the disappointment I'm feeling right now." - Kyoko Kirigiri

Kirigiri wow. Kirigiri is now describing the undertale fandom. Kirigiri be like in not human language "egdethceryhswwrteqwrygdqwr! " DISAPPOINT

I'm using this now

15 "This is amazing, Hajime! What an impressive display of harassment! Even I'm about to lose sight of hope in the presence of that item!" - Nagito Komaeda

PLEASE let me stick it in your butt - xandermartin98

16 Yeah, but disappointment varies depending on the person, Ibuki associates it with department store rooftops." - Ibuki Mioda

Lolol good info - Porck_Bunzz

lol great - Danganronpa

...Why? - OPZoroark

17 "She's not busty, she's BUSTED...for having some fake-a** tiddies!" - Genocider Syo

haha - GenericUser


only toko - Danganronpa

18 "Don'tcha know?! Me and balls are the best of friends!" - Miu Iruma
19 I hate liars! Liar, liar, pants on fire! - Kokichi Oma

This is underrated but like, guys,

I don't know what to say about this is awkward... - Porck_Bunzz

Ironic - GenericUser

20 "I refuse to acknowledge you! You're stupid! Stupid! Stupid stupid stupid! Stupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupid!!!" - Leon Kuwata

This always makes me laugh even though I felt bad for leon - GenericUser

This is one of the many reasons why I stan Leon - KillerKiryuCreations

Thak you Leon UWU

21 "Welcome to the world of girl love! It's slippery when wet!" - Ibuki Mioda

Ibuki has some of the greatest quotes ever - kempokid

Ibuki is best girl okay - Porck_Bunzz

22 It's a lie! - Kokichi Oma

it's a lie

23 "A lack of a lack of survivability. Survival is not based on who is the strongest or the smartest. It comes down to who can adapt." - Celeste
24 "Gentlemen not chuck dead bodies!" - Gonta Gokuhara

A Killing Game is the only place you can say this without seeming like an absolute lunatic - Cinnayanny

25 "Goodbye" - Kyoko Kirigiri

Gave me chills

26 "Do you want to die?" - Maki Harukawa

Thank you maki, you have truly inspired me. I still use this quote against everyone I know to this day.


27 "PLEASE give me another copy of Danganronpa 2, starring the modern-day sex symbol, MONOKUMA!" - Monokuma

One of the most badass things Gundham's ever said.


29 "What's the point of living if you're just waiting until you finally die?" - Gundham Tanaka

I love this so much - Danganronpa

30 Sorry man, I couldn’t keep the promise we made, from one man to another - Mondo Oowada
31 "The impossible is possible! All you gotta do is make it so!" - Kaito Momota

After his execution I cried for about 3 hours - GenericUser

32 "I don't disagree with not disagreeing" - Genocider Syo
33 So I’m a ghost? Interesting... - Kyoko

One of the best white noises in the first game.

34 Fapsauce!? - Genocide Jill
35 "O-Omigod! Miu actually said something smart!" - Kokichi Oma

Underrated, but amazing


Miu is wifey

36 "I may have been held back three times, but that doesn't make me stupid!" - Yasuhiro Hagakure

Yes Yashuhiro has his own personal smart

37 "Defecating in my pants would shame me as a MAAANNN!!" - Nekomaru Nidai

Yes nekomaru, it would


38 "Ugh, my CHEST itches...I wish I could scratch it RAWWW...reach inside and...scrape my NAAAILLLS ON ITTT..." - Jataro Kemuri

(cue Junk Food For A Dashing Youth) - xandermartin98

39 "Ah, that's literally ALL I need in order to sustain myself...simply breathing in the carbon dioxide that Master Byakuya exhales..." - Genocider Syo
40 "If you're lying, I'll set your pants on fire!" - Himiko Yumena
41 "Taylor Swift!" - Teruteru Hanamura
42 I will kill you in the name of deliciousness - Sonosuke Izayoi

What I say befor I kill someone in the name of deliciousness

43 “He might actually be that stupid!” -Tenko

Like seriously. The delivery of that line...beautiful

Tru dat

44 "Like Schubert, Bach, Edison, Van Gogh, Perez, and Senna...I, too, am an awesome musician!" - Ibuki Mioda
45 "I would never kill for a reason as petty as mere survival!" - Genocider Syo
46 "Would an Italian chef suddenly start making ramen, just because they're both noodles? Don't be stupid!" - Genocider Syo


47 "I wasn't about to die for some woman! If I'm gonna go down, I want it to be for killing Master!" - Genocider Syo


48 "I'm strong against women and children, but not women and children that seem strong..." - Yasuhiro Hagakure

Probably my favourite quote from the first game - kempokid

49 "It must be a newly evolved SPECIES of ghost!" - Yasuhiro Hagakure

"Is there an END to your stupidity? " - xandermartin98

50 "I'm so proud of you... You made friends with real people...not maps..." - Himiko Yumeno


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