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1 Nagito Komaeda Nagito Komaeda (狛枝 凪斗 Komaeda Nagito), is a student of Hope's Peak Academy's Class 77-B, and a participant of the Killing School Trip featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. His title is Ultimate Lucky Student.

Fun fact: There's a character in Fate/Grand Order called Edmond Dantes who's an Avenger-class Servant. The thing is that he and Nagito Komaeda look strictly similar in appearance. Why? Because they're both drawn by the same artist. Now THAT's creepy... and awesome at the same time.

Komaeda is the definition of creepy, not just through his personality, but he acts so insane and unpredictable that he's just a dangerous individual. Nobody knows what he's gonna do next, and that's why he's so creepy.

He created an unsolvable mystery on purpose to get everyone killed. At the start he seemed normal like Makoto, but no this mans a totally different breed of crazy XD he's one of my favs tho

2 Isshiki Madarai

Korekiyo freaks me out. I'm a girl, so the whole killing girls thing just ahhhh. I understand his past, but you know what also freaks me out.

3 Seiko Kimura

She's not creepy, her design could come off as creepy if you don't know anything about her tho. She's so sweet and she deserved so much better. I don't blame Ruruka tho.

Her design is a little creepy, but Seiko is one of my favorites. She is a angel inside. She have my respect.

4 Korekiyo Shinguji

He IS totally creepy, but he's my favorite character in the whole game I think. Majority of people I know hate his guts, but he's always my best boy. He's just not stable. He really needs hugs.

His whole obsession with the "100 friends" and humanity is creepy yet interesting at the same time.

Ok, Korekiyo is absolutely amazing. I love him (Platonically obviously) but he can be creepy times.

5 Junko Enoshima Junko Enoshima (江ノ島 盾子 Enoshima Junko), is a student in Hope's Peak Academy's Class 78th, and a participant of the Killing School Life featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Her title is Ultimate Fashionista/True Ultimate Despair

Her sheer boredom and the fact that she doesn't really have a personality creeps me out. Imagine trying to work with her should would kill you for the sake of despair.

She literally caused millions of deaths across the world. She's disturbing, and you can't convince me otherwise.

She is honestly like Alastor for Hazbin hotel. She will create pure carnage and chaos just out of sheer boredom.

6 Toko Fukawa

Her whole masochist thing creeps me out but she's great, also I'm talking about Toko not Genocide Jack since I consider the, different characters because of how different they are and the fact that they don't share memory.

Okay, love Toko, but if you've seen Ultra Despair girls... you'll understand. Cough (Toko's fantasy's) cough.

She is a legit serial killer who wouldn't be scared...

7 Mikan Tsumiki

I absolutely love mikan and I respect how scary she is tbh. She was definitely manipulated and used the most by junko, and because of that she became extremely sadistic. I do feel sorry and pity her, but no I don't condone her actions

I love her (platonically), but there is definitely something wrong with her in the head.

Before Junko brainwashed her she was so sweet, but after that she's freaking creepppyyy.

8 Monaca Towa
9 Monokuma

He looks creepy and considering he's the main villain of the show, show of his motives and stuff can be creepy.

I don't really think Monokuma is creepy, but DANG! He's insane!

How does he even see with the red eye.

10 Hifumi Yamada

Okay, so I think he was a little creepy and a bit unsettling to be around but I don't understand why people hate him so much. Correct me if I'm wrong but he never did anything pervert-ish or disgusting other than the obsession over Celestia. I mean, I don't love him but I don't hate him.

He just gives me the creeps for some reason. Creepy stalker vibes

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11 Kokichi Ouma

Well- He pretended to be the mastermind and let himself die to save his friends. He also makes up lies ALL the time so-

Kokichi does cute but also scary in the end of the class trial 4.Plus he super strong cus he punch Kaito so hard

He is a creepy guy in person but I didn't pick favorites but he is one of my favorites.

12 Teruteru Hanamura Teruteru Hanamura (花村 輝々 Hanamura Teruteru), is a student of Hope's Peak Academy's Class 77-B, and a participant of the Killing School Trip featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. His title is Ultimate Cook.

I don't know why this is related but when I was ready teruteru I had the urge to look at my battery. Turns out I have 69% left.

I never liked him. The only time he was slightly good was the anime. I still hate him, and he's just really annoying.

Nope. Didn't like him from the start-

13 Jataro Kemuri

The voice. The voice is creepy. And the mask, bro.

Strange. Child. That's all I'm gonna say

As much as I feel sorry for him, he's still highly unsettling, at least in the English dub

14 Izuru Kamukura

He has a creepy personality, and the design is creepy.

it's kinda creepy that he turned to despair and committed however many murders and crimes just because he was bored, though I do see reasoning behind what he does/did. despite that, he's still quite unerving

15 Celestia Ludenberg Celestia Ludenberg (セレスティア・ルーデンベルク Seresutia Rūdenberuku), also known as Celeste, is a student in Hope's Peak Academy's Class 78th, and a participant of the Killing School Life featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Her title is the Ultimate Gambler.

Most other characters: "I'm so sorry for committing murder. I had my reasons, and I'm sorry. I'll accept it if you hate me.

Celestia: MONEY.

Creepy, but gorgeous. Love her goth lolita style.

She killed two people, and if she got away with it she'd earn money off of Monokuma for gambling- Insane-

16 Angie Yonaga

I have an extreme hatred for her manipulative cultist ways, specifically in Chapter 3.

How is she not on here already? Everything about her is unsettling and weird.

17 Haiji Towa

This man is a pedophile and does not deserve any love.

He's a pedophile and the only person I hate besides his sister Monaca

18 Big Smoke

Big Smoke, the Chapter 3 Murderer, and the Ultimate McDonald Customer, is the creepiest character in Dangan Ronpa 4.

I don't even know who these people are, but Big Smoke is a legend.

I don't know anything about Danganronpa this is just beautiful

19 Kazuichi Soda

Sonia: "If you were penetrated by something that long, hard and thick, you would die INSTANTLY! " (referring to a spear, obviously)

Kazuichi: "Could you, like, record that so I can listen to it on repeat for the rest of my LIFE?! "

20 Maki Harukawa

Kokichi is right she really looks like she could kill someone.

She. She is crazy- and hella scary-

21 Miu Iruma

I really love her, but it's something about her that makes her a bit "unsettling,

22 Gundham Tanaka

He is not creepy. He is just a chunibyo. That's why he has the arm bands and scarf.

23 Hiyoko Saionji
24 Shuichi Saihara

He's super kind but let's be honest, this boi can be kinda scary sometimes

Okay so, I don't know if this is canon but apparently if his eyes are pink he be a flipping killer- the pink eyes were more common pregame then ingame

25 Yasuhiro Hagakure
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