Top Ten Most Dangerous Kids Toys Ever Sold


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1 Gilbert Glass Blowing Set

I can't believe it that toys like these actually exist - Delgia2k

Hard to believe that some people actually BOUGHT THIS for their kids. - Catacorn

Kids plus hot glass equals emergency room. Those guys were dumb - blackflower

Ok Gilbert is creating some nasty toys! - Toucan

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2 Wood Burning Kit

Wood burning is a combination of etching and branding onto wood. The kit included a handheld hot iron powered by electricity. This toy was sold to children, and caused many serious injuries, and some deaths. - Wolftail

I know people who had almost every one of the toys on this list, and nothing happened to them.
According to actual owners of these toys, the dangers were well known, and easy to avoid, and anybody who got hurt with them was just stupid.

Kids burning anything is a bad idea - blackflower

Fudge this exists

3 Gilbert Chemistry Set

This contained many dangerous chemicals, including some that could catch fire, and some that were poisonous. - Wolftail

Just, how many lawsuits has Gilbert had, with this and the glass set? - Turkeyasylum

Dangerous to the extreme - blackflower

4 Toy Guns

Not like Toy guns because of her end and they will be so dangerous because you can get shoe in the eyeball

In October 2013, a policeman shot and killed a thirteen-year old boy in California, who was walking down the street carrying a toy replica of an AK47. The policeman thought it was the real thing and shot the boy. - Wolftail

My little cousin got a toy laser gun for his 2nd birthday. No joke.

And then they went and made nerf guns for girls.
The darts for girls had a smaller value and costed more because they had patterns and pink ends.

They aren't that bad, though.

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5 Creepy Crawlers

The machine used to make the bugs burnt children's fingers and the toxic fumes emitted from the machine were also hazardous. - Wolftail

6 Kite Tube

This allowed a boat-pulled rider to glide up in the air. But once riders were airborne, they were given little control over the tube. Three young adults have been killed using this toy, as well as several children. - Wolftail

That's just rediculous! - Officialpen

7 Monster Science Colossal Water Balls

Kids all around the world swallowed the marble-sized balls which then got stuck in their intestines. From there it caused life-threatening dehydration and vomiting. And the balls couldn't be seen with a x-ray, and needed surgery to be removed. - Wolftail

8 The Swing Wing

Like a Skip-It, but worn on the head. When using this toy, kids started to self-harm themselves using the ball at the end of the toy. Injuries included spinal injuries and head injuries. - Wolftail

Look at the boy and girl in the cover of the toy I think they have red eyes. Weird!

Ouch! This was the only one I have seen. - Turkeyasylum

Those red things were the cheeks

9 Hitler Doll

Whoever made this doll has know idea who he is - Officialpen

More like inappropriate toy. Don't worry I doubt he would punch or kick kids or if they put their fingers in his mouth he would try to eat them or say anything. People just want to make dolls on everything, even make baby dolls with a penus

Hey Cartman we have got a new toy for your birthday.


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10 Moon Shoes

These were marketed as mini trampolines for peoples' feet. But the company didn't think that the toy might cause broken ankles when they thought of it. - Wolftail

A lot of broken legs from this one - blackflower

The Nickelodeon version of Moon Shoes was also on this list in which it had a orange logo. Viacom International sued the manufacturer of this toy for broken ankles. - playstationfan66

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11 Fidget Spinners

I own one and after about a month of constant use (I'm not a fan of them anymore. It was short-lived), one of the plastic sections snapped and the metal ring would slide off at times. This is one of THE stupidest fads in the world. Why did I buy a spinner? - Epikrika

They are too distracting and dangerous, they were banned at schools for being distractive and dangerous.

I was playing with 1 and it dropped on my toe. hurts a lot

I have 1

12 Yo-Yo Waterball

It was a good idea at first, but people went to the hospital for it. - Turkeyasylum

In December 2007, the CPSC had received over 400 reported injuries related to this toy. 294 of those were suffocation or strangulation. - Wolftail

13 Easy Bake Oven

My cousin actually got one and I came to her house so we could use it together. We didn't burn ourselves, but I got an upset stomach after eating the desserts made by the oven and threw up a lot. - Catacorn

Just learn how to make something simple like pasta. - Epikrika

There is one in our house and we never used it.

They've been recalled I think. - andrewteel

14 Lawn Darts

They were so dangerous that the U.S. Congress banned lawn darts. - Connor360

Like shooting a Minecraft arrow with a bow. - Epikrika

People died playing with these

15 Rocking Horse

My aunt has a huge wooden rocking horse at her house. Last year while I was riding it I rocked a bit too hard I fell off of it.

No wonder my mom wouldn't buy me one of those spring-loaded ones when I was a toddler.

These toys have been around for centuries. What next the first toys ever invented yo-yo and the doll.

Of course it's "dangerous." If you rock too far then it will make you fall off, just like in real life! - Epikrika

@blackflower-if you rock too hard on it you could tip it over and fall off of it. If it's the kind on springs you could also get pinched from the springs.

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16 Sky Dancer Dolls

These are especially dangerous, they can end up in dangerous places and cause danger.

They're fun to play with but can be dangerous by causing blindness and other stuff. - andrewteel

Fun to play with, the only dangerous toy I had anyway.

I had one and never got hurt - blackflower

17 Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye

Sounds like a doll that dies.
- TheDuttyGyal

18 Burger King Pokeball plastic container 1999

Over 500 children swallowed over 400 of these. Those are returned to Burger King and exchanged for free French fries. - playstationfan66

This is really surprising. - Epikrika

Just like the Kinder Surprise.
How old were the kids?

19 Clackers

I had these a s a kid and I nearly smacked myself in the face with them a few times

20 Plush Toy Uterus

Because ALL children need to have a plush of a female reproductive gland.


21 Mini-Hammock

These things should be banned. My cousins have one of these in their living room. It is a full adult sized one. Yesterday I was at their house for a party and when I sat in it I fell, breaking their electrical outlet cover in the process. I even nearly tipped it over a few times.

22 Aqua Dots

This toy contained chemicals used in drugs, so they were called off.

23 Cabbage Patch Kids Doll

One time, a kid's hair was chewed by this toy from a horror film when she took the ridiculous toy to bed.

How is this bad?

It's the cabbage patch snack time doll, it has a chewing thing inside its mouth, so if you stick your finger inside the mouth, the doll will chew on it. And one girl even got her hair stuck inside the doll's mouth. - Catacorn

Ridiculous - Officialpen

24 G.I. Joe's Roadblock (1992)
25 Hanazuki: Full of Treasures


26 Baby Alive

My 9 year old cousin has one and once I stuck my finger in its mouth AND IT BIT ME

27 Baby Alive Sweet Tears
28 Slime

It has ingredients on some brands that can cause chemical burns, and also some kids swallow it, thinking it’s food.
Just like the giant marbles.

29 Chocolate Cigarettes

This is food? That they stopped selling after the 80s. "Fags give you cancer" so they stop making chocolate fags for kids.

30 Leapfrog Fun & Learn Phonics Bus

I had one and when I was a kid I would try to ride it like a skateboard

31 Leapfrog Alphabet Pal


32 Inflatable Baby Boats
33 Dive Sticks
34 CSI: Fingerprint Examination
35 Toy Penguin Figures

I think these are the ones with nails and spikes. - Epikrika

It's just a penguin. Not dangerous 🐧 - Officialpen

36 Slip 'N Slide
37 Austin Magic Pistol
38 Water Snake

I got one and it exploded in my face and I swallowed some of the poisonous water but luckily only a little bit

39 Hoverboards

You know those things often explode when people are riding them, so think twice before buying these for your kids.

40 BB Gun

You'll shoot your eye out!

41 Yo Yo Ball
42 My Friend Cayla

They can steal information from your child and someone can scam it!

43 Interactive Veggietales Toys
44 Fijit Friends
45 Baby Alive Super Snack Snackin' Sara
46 Dance & Move Beatbo & Beatbelle
47 Csi Fingerprint Examination Kit

In case ya don't know, this contains asbestos in the so-called fingerprint powder. This asbestos is fatal when handled with and can kill. - Epikrika

48 Javelin Darts
49 Polly Pocket

Err how is this bad exactly

50 1996 Bug Munching Pumba toy from Burger King

I had this toy but my ridiculously overprotective mom wouldn’t let me play with it because of Pumbaa’s tusks. I am now 26 years old and I am still not allowed to touch it.

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