Top Ten Most Dangerous Kids Toys Ever Sold

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1 Gilbert Glass Blowing Set

The glass had to be heated to 1000 degrees Farenheight, and also encouraged children to conduct dangerous experiments without the use of safety equipment.

Maybe kids should just have a kids microscope or a kids metal detector.

Kids plus hot glass equals emergency room. Those guys were dumb

2 Toy Guns

In October 2013, a policeman shot and killed a thirteen-year old boy in California, who was walking down the street carrying a toy replica of an AK47. The policeman thought it was the real thing and shot the boy.

And then they went and made nerf guns for girls.
The darts for girls had a smaller value and costed more because they had patterns and pink ends.

They aren't that bad, though.

There was even controversy one time where they made guns in different colors and they thought they looked like toy guns.

My little cousin got a toy laser gun for his 2nd birthday. No joke.

3 Aqua Dots

This toy contained chemicals used in drugs, so they were called off.

4 Wood Burning Kit

Wood burning is a combination of etching and branding onto wood. The kit included a handheld hot iron powered by electricity. This toy was sold to children, and caused many serious injuries, and some deaths.

Yes it defenetly exists and believe it or not this was for children 5 years old and up.

Fudge this exists

5 Gilbert Chemistry Set

I found one in my grandpas bomb shelter only it was made by Lionel yes the same company who makes model trains...
and there was stuff growing in the glass bottles.

This contained many dangerous chemicals, including some that could catch fire, and some that were poisonous.

Just, how many lawsuits has Gilbert had, with this and the glass set?

Dangerous to the extreme

6 BB Gun

You'll shoot your eye out!

7 Creepy Crawlers

My dad had this toy as a kit but never touched the hot plate I don't know how. the fact that its as hot as a oven at 450 stinking degrees. my friend had a collection of old toys and he didn't have this exact one if I remember right it was the fright factory but he fried an egg on the hot plate.

The machine used to make the bugs burnt children's fingers and the toxic fumes emitted from the machine were also hazardous.

8 Lawn Darts

I have those. although I thought they actually had a spike on them but when I found out that we had them they were not pointed but they were heavy and had a metal tip.
they were also known as jarts as well. the one we have is made from Mattel which are just lawn darts.

They were so dangerous that the U.S. Congress banned lawn darts.

9 1996 Bug Munching Pumba toy from Burger King

I had this toy but my ridiculously overprotective mom wouldn't let me play with it because of Pumbaa's tusks. I am now 26 years old and I am still not allowed to touch it.

10 Kite Tube

This allowed a boat-pulled rider to glide up in the air. But once riders were airborne, they were given little control over the tube. Three young adults have been killed using this toy, as well as several children.

The Contenders
11 Aqua Leisure Baby Boats

They were very flimsy and weak, so they ripped off and babies drowned.
They were recalled after such incidents.

12 Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab
13 Austin Magic Pistol
14 Monster Science Colossal Water Balls

Kids all around the world swallowed the marble-sized balls which then got stuck in their intestines. From there it caused life-threatening dehydration and vomiting. And the balls couldn't be seen with a x-ray, and needed surgery to be removed.

15 Hitler Doll

More like inappropriate toy. Don't worry I doubt he would punch or kick kids or if they put their fingers in his mouth he would try to eat them or say anything. People just want to make dolls on everything, even make baby dolls with a penus

Hey Cartman we have got a new toy for your birthday.

I googled it and there was a picture of a little girl hugging a hitler doll.

16 CSI: Fingerprint Examination

These contained dangerous levels of asbestos, causing respiratory problems along with cancer in children, so they were banned.

17 Balloons

They're a choking hazard and people can pop them easily and pieces can get stuck in people's throats.
There have been thousands of reports on kids choking.

18 Trampolines
19 Pie Face Game
20 The Swing Wing

Like a Skip-It, but worn on the head. When using this toy, kids started to self-harm themselves using the ball at the end of the toy. Injuries included spinal injuries and head injuries.

Look at the boy and girl in the cover of the toy I think they have red eyes. Weird!

Ouch! This was the only one I have seen.

21 Burger King Pokeball plastic container 1999

Over 500 children swallowed over 400 of these. Those are returned to Burger King and exchanged for free French fries.

Just like the Kinder Surprise.
How old were the kids?

22 Drones
23 Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper
24 Moon Shoes

These were marketed as mini trampolines for peoples' feet. But the company didn't think that the toy might cause broken ankles when they thought of it.

The Nickelodeon version of Moon Shoes was also on this list in which it had a orange logo. Viacom International sued the manufacturer of this toy for broken ankles.

25 Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners were invented in 1993 and retrended in 2017, and they not only distract students from school work, leading to schools banning them, but they also contain extremely dangerous amounts of lead, the 2nd most toxic household chemical in the world (only behind arsenic).

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states no toys should contain more than 40 parts per million (ppm) - (0.004%) of lead, which is why this is so shocking because these toys contain 825X that amount, a whopping 33,000 PPM (3.3%)!

Much of the lead is contained in the circle in the center of the fidget spinners and kids hold those centers to spin the edges with the tips of their fingers.

Plus many children (as well as adults) get hurt even in unexpected ways from using fidget spinners as they can fall off and land, yet some people could even get lacerated from direct contact with the high-speed revolutions per minute (rpm), especially if they're made of sharper materials.

They distract children in places like school, leading to millions of bans, and not only that, but they also contain high levels of lead, which is the second deadliest household chemical only behind arsenic.

They are too distracting and dangerous, they were banned at schools for being distractive and dangerous.

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