Top Ten Items for Urban Survival

This is a list of items that will be very useful in a Urban Survival scenario, and can potentially be life saving tools.
The Top Ten
1 Becker BK-2 Campanion

A knife is the most important tool in any survival situation. With the correct skills, you can build a fire, create shelter, and hunt. The Becker BK-2 was chosen because of its size, high-quality build, and low maintenance. It only requires some sort of oil-based lubricant such as gun oil, honing oil, or even animal fats and grease.

In an urban situation, two features of this knife come into play: the thickness and a window breaker at the end of the hilt. Many people believe this feature to be a "hammer" or "pommel," but its intended purpose is different. The thickness of the knife can pry open many things and has been tested and proven to handle car doors, home doors, and windowsills. All of these features make this knife the number one most important item for urban survival.

2 Zippo Lighter

Zippo lighters are number two for three good reasons. First, whether in an urban or wilderness setting, fire is essential for survival. Second, they are windproof lighters and are incredibly easy to light. Lastly, Zippos have been tried and true when it comes to what you can fill them with. They can be filled with various fuels, from alcoholic drinks and hand sanitizer to Coleman camp fuel.

3 First Aid Kit

The brand doesn't matter much, nor does what's in the kit, as long as you know how to use everything for multiple purposes. The first aid kit ranks third because it serves obvious yet crucial functions. You can use the items in it to trade or heal injuries, which are important reasons for having one.

4 Leatherman Charge TTi

A multi-tool can accomplish more tasks for you in a city than almost anything else. Particularly, we've highlighted the Leatherman Charge TTi and the Swisstool RS as top options. These two tools are head-to-head competitors in the multi-tool world. They are on the expensive side, but their build quality justifies the cost. The Swisstool RS is known for its build quality, while the Leatherman Charge TTi is notable for its titanium construction.

If you can't decide between the two, consider acquiring both over time. If budget is a concern, the next best tools we recommend are the Swisstool Spirit or the Leatherman Wave. Ultimately, choose what best fits your needs. These are merely recommendations.

5 Cigarettes

Cigarettes are a somewhat general item, but even if you don't smoke, they can be valuable for trade. In an urban survival situation, cigarettes could potentially be worth more than gold. If you're wounded or in severe pain, cigarettes can also offer some relief due to their medicinal properties. Therefore, it may be a good idea to have a pack or two on hand.

6 TOPS Pry, Probe, and Punch Tool

We all know the uses for small pry bars. When it's a TOPS Pry, Probe, and Punch Tool (or PPP for short), you have a versatile tool that can be used for breaking windows, entering vacant buildings, and even for self-defense. These tools are lightweight, so they won't tire you out, and they are small enough to fit in almost any backpack or shoulder bag.

The TOPS PPP comes with a window breaker that has a very sharp point, rubber washers for improved grip, and paracord. The pry bar itself costs about $40, or even less if purchased used. While any small pry bar will do, the TOPS PPP is just a recommended suggestion, like all the other items on this list.

7 LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

The LifeStraw is a water filtering system. We chose not to include hand-pumped water filters on this list because they make you more vulnerable and take more time to use. Additionally, you need multiple filters for when one goes bad. The LifeStraw is portable, compact, and lightweight. For the same price as one pump water filter and its replacement filters, you can get about four or five LifeStraws. There are also multiple variants available, so you're not limited to just the LifeStraw brand.

8 Ruger 10/22

We chose the famous and reliable Ruger 10/22 for its reliability, affordability, and the high capacity of ammo you can carry. You can purchase a Ruger 10/22 for around $250. Although ammo is hard to find these days, you can still acquire enough to last a long time without breaking the bank.

The Ruger 10/22 is incredibly accurate, capable of shooting up to 200 yards with a good scope. However, 100 yards is a prime distance for a 10/22. It's versatile enough to hunt animals ranging from deer to smaller game. In urban environments, you're more likely to encounter animals like cats, dogs, squirrels, rabbits in smaller towns, and birds. With precise shots, it can also serve as an effective defense weapon.

The Ruger 10/22 has a low maintenance requirement and is one of the easiest guns to unjam. There are also multiple stocks available to suit your needs, including AR-styled stocks. While there are many other fantastic guns out there, such as the Colt AR-15, the Ruger 10/22 has fewer moving parts and is easier to maintain and unjam. That's why we recommend the Ruger 10/22, but ultimately, the choice is yours. Choose a gun that you can use for both hunting and defense.

9 Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack

The Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack is a tank of a pack. It is triple- and quadruple-stitched almost everywhere and can hold almost anything you need. We decided to include it on this list for these reasons. The Falcon's price range is not cheap. It comes in at a steep $165 roughly but is worth every penny.

Why a backpack? Well, what if you come across some rope, water bottles, canned foods, or maybe a high-end sleeping bag? Eventually, you can only carry so much, and all of these items will be lifesavers. Luxury items, such as a sleeping bag, will also be helpful. Trust us, you will want something to carry all of this and the extra things you find. If you don't have the money for the Falcon-II, then a nice Red Rock Assault pack will also do nicely, at about one-third the cost.

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