Top Ten Most Inappropriate Kids Toys

There are many unbelievable, hilariously, and inappropriate kids toys. So here is the top ten most inappropriate kids toys.

The Top Ten

1 Pole dance doll

Yep, it's real. Who made this idea? - Delgia2k

Does it at least have clothes on - simpsondude

Its like a stripper

You can take the clothes off it, too. That makes everything worst. - RaccoonCartoon

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2 Hitler doll

Oh come on, who would sell a dictator doll to children? - Delgia2k

Nobody likes Hitler. He's a horrible person. - Powerfulgirl10

Why? Why Hitler dolls? - TwilightKitsune

This is a dog toy, for the dog to rip to shreds - Maddox121

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3 Dora aquapet

You mean Dora the explorer? I hate her, WITH A BURNING RED PASSION!

I absolutely hate Dora, but I don't get why this is on here. Probably because it looks like a girl in a... penis.

Get it right on this one, Dora aquapet resemble... well, um penile organ - Delgia2k

It looks like a... uh... an... eggplant! - Extractinator04

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4 Drug dealer magnet set

If you wanna be a drug dealer, maybe you can learn from this - Delgia2k

Oh boy! I can't wait to start my professional business with some early training! - TwilightKitsune

Why? Why on earth do people make these toys? - Powerfulgirl10

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5 The Breastfeeding Doll

(sigh) the girl is supposed to breastfeeding the baby doll - Delgia2k

That just crossed the line!

Yuck! Who would buy this? - RaccoonCartoon


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6 You can shave the baby

This toy shouldn't be made for kids. Neither the others on this list. I bet these toys are for ages 15 and up.

The baby's hair isn't only on top of the head, also on butt and crotch - Delgia2k

That should be banned

Welcome to Japan. - RaccoonCartoon

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7 Harry Potter's vibrating broom

The creators of the broom were trying to make a realistic broom, but they did a big mistake when older fans purchased it because it vibrated. It was only around for the first film.

The broom vibrates on kid's crotch. Enough said - Delgia2k

Who thought of this!? - DarkDragon_492

This is a wizard's broom.. Which you put in-between your legs... And it vibrates.. Um.. - RaccoonCartoon

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8 Pee and poo dolls

Plush toys aren't inappropriate. Pee and Poo plus he's aren't either. They are just ugly.

You don't have to. People, if you want to know what this is, just look it up.

Do I have to explain? - Delgia2k

9 Baby Wee Wee

It's a baby with a willy.

10 Oreo Barbie (African American Version)

Just look up the real definition of Oreo, compare the definition to the Oreo cookies, and then look at the African American version of the doll. Then you'll understand why this toy is racist.

I just looked it up, and the definition of an Oreo (not the cookies) is a stereotype about an African American that shares many traits in common with white people? Personally, I didn't know that each race was supposed to act in a specific way (and they AREN'T, unless you enjoy stereotyping people). So basically, this toy is the embodiement of racial stereotypes.

This toy is based off of the slang insult for black people that act like white people. Need I say more? - RaccoonCartoon

This toy is super racist. - Powerfulgirl10

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11 Elmo Knows Your Name Doll

Hopefully he just guesses.

That sounds creepy...

That's very creepy. - Powerfulgirl10

Elmo is a bit stalkerish. - RaccoonCartoon

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12 Barbie Doll

"If you touch my hair, I'll hit you with a chair! " - Navylexi

Barbie sucks super bad. But I don't find her inappropriate. - Powerfulgirl10

Bad for kids. I never liked them

Ridiculous, all girls have played with them for decades, centuries. One of the oldest dolls.
Oh it's the boobs? How PC Correct. We have become.

When I was a kid I used to play with my Barbie dolls taking her clothes off nearly all the time. No one said anything and colour her hair with felt tip pens.

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13 Baby's First Baby
14 Mr.buttons doll

This doll is creepy because of his teeth - Delgia2k

Rumours say that this doll actually has real human teeth. - RaccoonCartoon

15 Batman Water Gun

It must've been Joker's work.

Batman is gonna get really angry when he saw this - Delgia2k

That's why Batman became brooder because of this

I am batman

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16 Fisher Price Little Mommy Baby Doll

"Islam is the light."

17 Flying F**k RC Helicopter

This is literally the word "F" with propellers. Lol. - Powerfulgirl10

What? - Officialpen

18 Rad Repeatin’ Tarzan
19 Lawn Darts

Us congress banded it.

20 Elmo Phone Toy

This is a toy for 4 year olds which basically teaches kids to share their personal information to strangers through text. - RaccoonCartoon

"Let's have sex! "

21 Triplet Dolls
22 Shake It! Animal Dolls

Twerking doll. Need I say more? - RaccoonCartoon

23 Dancing Teddy Bears

Kids wouldn't want to see a dog, two bears, a panda, and a fox that can twerk, but I think some teenagers would like to

24 Cabbage Patch Dolls

If you want to know the controversy. A line of Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls were you could feed the dolls plastic foods were removed from shelves because their were many complaints about human hairs getting stuck in the un-turnoffable gears in the mouth.

The food eating ones actually KILL people! - Powerfulgirl10

25 Lion Voltron
26 Water Weenies

The title itself sounds inappropriate. - Powerfulgirl10

27 Gooey Louie
28 Sky Dancer Dolls

Fun, but dangerous.

29 Ken
30 Furby
31 Shelby

Furby's friend.

32 Shelby

Furby friend

33 Yo-Yo

People say it's a 90s fad its not its one of the oldest toys in the world. It was created in 500 because. First made popular in the 1920s.

34 E.T. Finger Light
35 Pregnant Midge
36 Pull My Finger

Oh crap this toy. You pull the darn finger from the monkeys butt and watch it burst. It feels like Pop the Pig but with a stupid purple monkey and he farts. Watch the commercial or see it at Toys r us in the darn board game section and see so.

37 Teddy Ruxpin
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