Top 10 Worst Things About Google

Isn't it ironic how I'm using Chrome while I type this? Well, I dislike them. I'm only using it because my browser always glitches, and I don't have Firefox.

Google is just the worst company ever.
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1 They are trying to take over a business that isn't theirs

On Google, you can search for anything you want, but other than that, it's not a good company at all. They often give results unrelated to what you search for. Google Translate can't translate less popular English words or other languages, and worst of all, they have poor service!

Google is trying to become the superpower of the tech business. Reality check: you're not going to be better than Microsoft. Ever.

Would you like a computer full of ads? Not me! I strongly believe that Google is the worst because of the ads.

2 They are cocky

Google is more cocky than Apple, Disney, and any car company combined! They think they're better than anyone else just because they made the first big search engine.

Google sometimes likes to be annoying and cocky. It's like Bing is trying their best, and Google is saying, No, choose me instead, I'm the best. And since they are owned by Microsoft, they just say, No, Bing is the worst.

3 They are buying beloved companies

They bought YouTube, which was one of the best companies ever. Three people created YouTube in 2005, and then Google bought it the same year for US$1.65 million. Google insists that if you are underage, you should use YouTube Kids, which freaks me out. If Google hadn't bought YouTube, I think they would still let you watch videos even if you are underage. I hope some company will buy YouTube and make it better, like it was before Google bought it.

All they do is chew up the good parts of companies and spit them back out with no redeeming qualities. Doesn't that sound like something terrible to do? This also applies to YouTube, especially. Now you can't even choose your username anymore. What? I've also heard horror stories about video length limits.

4 They aren't as good at search as Bing

I agree on this one. It's like Bing leaves you in peace when you search for something. Google is always trying to correct you.

For some reason, I've always found what I'm looking for with Bing. Google has always glitched on me.

5 They are money-hungry

Most money-hungry company ever. They put little to no effort into creating products, make slapdash products, and also buy other companies for money.

I like Google and all, but seriously, chill on the money.

6 They are milking off others

They always sneak into our lives and slap their name on any product they can.

7 They own Gmail

Easily the worst email I have ever had the displeasure of using. They glitch, and they make everything Google owns attached to your Gmail. I don't want that ever!

8 They have a feature where X% liked this (Google users)

Not only did Fallout 4's rating suddenly drop from 93% to 60%, but the reviews in the audience review section are also inexplicably mixed with those for Fallout 76. What is the point of this feature if it has such a glaring issue?

The rating system is pointless and useless.

What kind of people gave Sonic 2 a 96% rating? These individuals must be either uninformed or completely lacking in judgment.

9 They are ruining YouTube

They didn't just ruin it. They broke laws to begin with. The only reason they are big is copyright infringement. Then they blame streamers when they allowed the content to begin with. Now the mod army is paid in incentives, and some say they work for the YouTube Heroes program.

They ban free speech and claim to disrupt and abuse power when they don't like it. Did I mention televised suicides and live streams of murders yet? These are allowed unmonitored. They even force mods to watch infomercials to reach level 5. At level 5, they receive free product samples and stuff. At 100k views, you get a ban button to ban anyone, period. This is hidden from public knowledge on a public platform, by the way.

10 They created Google Glass

It was supposed to be a set of glasses with internet capabilities. Doesn't that sound far-fetched? What's next? Google cars?

Can you even see through the lenses on these?

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11 They don't provide the search results you wanted

It's like you want to search for something, then they give you garbage. I experienced that many times before I switched to DDG, and voice search is horrible. They just guess what you are saying.

You want to search for something, and what comes up are the haters. No offense. People can like and hate whatever they want.

When I searched for 4 places that need rehabilitation in the Philippines, it gave me DRUG REHAB.

12 They often display inappropriate pictures even when you look up something else

True. I looked up a rapper one time and got some inappropriate cartoon fanfic. I searched for memes from a cartoon channel that I watch and got another inappropriate picture, which ruined the show and some of my childhood.

This always ends up happening to me. Ugh!

Affirmative. I searched for graphic improvement mods for BOTW and some weird sex mod appeared.

13 They correct every single sentence you write, even when it's correctly written

Google acts like they know what we want to search for better than we do, yet Google Translate can't even function properly!

When I type "eSound" (the music app), that's what I'm looking for, not "sound"! It's alright if Google corrects actual spelling mistakes, but I think they go overboard!

Oh, I hate this so much! Is it so hard for Google to let us write on our own? The best thing Google could do is stop correcting our search terms!

14 They have bad working conditions

A former Google worker once said that people were sometimes crammed into about 3 to 4 people per cubicle. Just another sign they are arrogant, money-hungry jerks. Thanks for reading!

15 They are trying to stop DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is better than Google for several reasons:

They don't save your searches. Instead of tracking you with ads, they only show ads relevant to the specific search you are performing at the moment. In the future, their search engine will consistently find exactly what you typed in. In contrast, Google often returns results that include extra letters.

Google is attempting to hinder DuckDuckGo's popularity:

For a long time, Google owned the domain. Eventually, it was transferred to DuckDuckGo. For most of the period that Google Chrome has been available (the browser that consumes your RAM and sells your browser history), DuckDuckGo was not an option as a search engine. When it finally became an option on Google Chrome, Google made no announcement.

16 They have an annoying phone verification process
17 They own Google Maps

At least the old Google Maps isn't the worst, but only the new Google Maps is the worst.

18 They own Google Chrome
19 Their name has 2 Os
20 They are pandering to SJWs
21 They created Google Pixel
22 They think they are good
23 They bully people into using Google Chrome

If you haven't used Firefox in a while, it has improved greatly, and Mozilla probably won't sell your browser history.

24 They have poor quality control in the Google Play Store

They contain disgusting games that appeal to children but contain graphic imagery that kids should NOT be looking at. They are filled with in app purchases all over the place who try to suck as much money out of people as possible. Also, the app developers such as Tivola, Alexander Prokorim, and Pocket Games Entertainment are complete a holes who respond rudely to one star reviews. Some developers tell haters to kill themselves. I hate this app with a burning, undying passion. I would be a much happier person if this didn't exist!

25 They created Google Cardboard
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