Top Ten Worst Things About Google

It's ironic how I'm using Chrome while I type this, isn't it? Well, I hate them, and I'm only using it because Browser always glitches, and I don't have Firefox.

Google is just the worst company ever.

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1 Trying to take over a business that isn't theirs

Google is trying to become the superpower of the tech business. Reality check, you're not gonna be better than Microsoft. Ever. - Turkeyasylum

Google is very bad there is no answer of my question in Google

Yeah once I Googled Abarth Siena with voice but no Abarth Siena came. Instead Abbott Sienna or About Sienna.

Yep no ads

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2 They are cocky

Google some times likes to be annoying and cocky at times its like bing is trying their best and google are saying no get me instead I'm the best and since they are owned by Microsoft then they just go No bing is the worst.

Google is more cocky than Apple, Disney, and any car company combined! They think they are better than anyone else just because they made the first big search engine. - Turkeyasylum

3 Buying beloved companies

All they do is chew up what's good of the companies, and spit them back out with no redeeming qualities. Doesn't that sound like something an arse would do?

This also applies to YouTube especially. Now you can't even have the glory of choosing your user name anymore, what?!?! And I've also heard the horror stories of video length limits, too. - Turkeyasylum

But they are not like EA, lol so calm down

4 Bing is better than Google

I agree on this one. It's like BING leaves you in peace when you searched for something. GOOGLE is like always trying to correct you.

ANYTHING is better than GOOGLE. You want trouble on your system, let one employee download Google Chrome.

For some reason, I've always found what I'm looking for with Bing. Google always has glitched on me. - Turkeyasylum

Um are u crazy? obviously you are because google is more efficient and better then bing

5 They are money hungry

Most money-hungry company ever. They put little to no effort, make slapdash products, and they also buy other companies for money. - Turkeyasylum

I like google and all but seriously chill on the money.


True but I do think they want money but whats bad about them is that you can put fake things on Google and people belive it
Thank you

6 Milking off others

They always sneak into our lives, and they slap their name on any product they can. - Turkeyasylum

Google is worst

true that

7 Gmail

Easily the worst email I have ever had the displeasure of using. They glitch, and they make everything Google owns attached to your Gmail. I don't want that! Ever! - Turkeyasylum

Gmail is the best thing about Google in my opinion.

It always was the best thing on Google. Turkeyaesylum stop being negtiv

8 Ruining YouTube

Their handling of YouTube is complete dreck. Worst of all they ignore people who don't agree with them forcing/harassing changes on YouTube. Not even petitions will effect it.

Yeah they took my youtube channel away just because I was 8

They didn't just ruin it.They broke laws to begin with only reason they are big is copyright infringement.Then blame streamers when they allowed the content to begin with. Now the mod army paid in incentives who say they don't work for youtube heros program.Ban free speech say disruptive abuse power when they don't like it.Did I mention televised suicides and murders live streams yet allowed unmonotored? They force mods to watch infomercials too by the way to get to level 5.level 5 free produce samples & stuff.At 100k views you get a ban button to ban anyone period.? its hidden from public knowledge to by the way on a public platform.

9 Google ads. invasion of privacy, low quality products, monopolistic business model which destroyed the dollar.

There was a google d right under this one specifically. 😂

10 Charging less for the money

They take advantage of the current recession here in America, and make their low quality products a few bucks cheaper than Microsoft's high quality products. Smart, but also devious. - Turkeyasylum

The Newcomers

? Google Custom Search

Ugly as hell and super annoying

The Contenders

11 Google Glass

I hate Google glass because it's not better than original glass and Google glass won't look like in future but original glass is better than Google glass so I hate Google. GOOGLE IS WORST COMPANY EVER!

Can you even see through the lenses on these?

It was supposed to be a set of glasses with Internet capabilities. Doesn't that sound far-fetched? What s next' Google cars? - Turkeyasylum

Google Sucks

12 You always get inappropriate pictures even when you look up something else.

This always ends up happening to me. Ugh...!

Not that theirs a problem with that.

to bad pic

Search up KND, get inflation pics 😒

13 You don't get the search results you wanted

Google is a poop because when I search something I did not get the results what I wanted so it's dumb

You look something everyone knows and it says '' Search not found ''


That's true

14 Bad working conditions

A former Google worker once said that people were sometimes crammed into about 3 to 4 people per cubicle. Just another sign they are arrogant, money-hungry jerks.

Thanks for reading! - Turkeyasylum

15 Google+

The most pointless social network ever

it sucks

It's a trap

16 The annoying Phone Verification

It is so anyonying

I hate this one so much! every time I make a new email address, I need a phone verification but I don't have a phone number and my parents don't allow me to use theirs! now I've wasted so many email address on my life just because of this stupid phone verification! >:( - Lucy1402

17 The name has 2 Os

What are you going on about? How is this relevant to ANYTHING

Who gives a damn - mayamanga

Yeah it sucks to have 2 O's

no idia

18 Google Maps

Recently, whenever I click on photos to see more images of a particular business it automatically opens a page where people can report a photo EVERY SINGLE TIME. I want to see more images, NOT REPORT THE IMAGE! >:(

19 Google Chrome

Google chrome sucks it gives a lot of viruses

All browsers can give you viruses dummy

20 Google Pixel


21 Pandering to SJWs
22 Google Cardboard

Make a better vr system this one sucks


23 Keep bullying everyone

Google is a hoe

24 When you type Elmo pictures of Elmo with a knife/gun appear

Just check out chadtronic on youtube lol

25 Google thinks they are good

They literally promote themselves, when you search web broser it comes up with all this google crap and doesn't show good stuff like bing or internet explorer, the adobe flash also either sucks or doesn't work

26 Google Goggles App Sucks

When I take a photo it only gives results on things which have texts. Otherwise on anything else no matches found.

27 It takes 3-5 days business days to retrieve password

Is it just me or google is so lazy?! - Lucy1402

28 Google keeps bullying everyone
29 You need to be a certain age to make an account

It's annoying now I have to wait to be able to

30 Google Recaptcha
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1. Bing is better than Google
2. Charging less for the money
3. Google ads. invasion of privacy, low quality products, monopolistic business model which destroyed the dollar.
1. Trying to take over a business that isn't theirs
2. Buying beloved companies
3. They are cocky


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