Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP Foundation Creatures

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1 SCP-682

Scp-682 Should Be Number 1 Because Of How Overpowered He Is. He Is Extremely Intelligent,Durable,Strong & Powerful. Not To Mention In Order For Him To Defeat, Requires To Destroy The Entire Universe/Existence As We Know It. His God Form Is What Makes Him Truly A Terrifying Adversary As It Says That It Has The Power Of "Limitless/Infinite Omnipotent Beings" That No Power Has Ever Reached That Kind Of level.

An SCP that is indestructible and has an unquenchable desire to destroy humanity. I would have chosen SCP-106 (Radical Larry, right? ) if it weren't for the fact that it doesn't have that much of a drive to destroy ALL of humanity- just some. So, SCP-682 is one of the most dangerous SCPs out there.

He can't be killed anything, even a nuclear bomb, and hates humanity. Extremely smart, agile, strong and capable of speech too.

SCP-682 has almost the most containment breaches in the entire SCP universe. Sure SCP-106 can walk through walls but he is extremely slow and barely ever does it sitting in a corner for days and months straight doing nothing. While SCP-682 goes around murdering foundations and SCP-106 sends you to a pocket dimension. Where he can't even catch you their either, you have a better chance of starving to death with SCP-106 than you do him killing you. Why do idiots choose SCP-106 just because he can walk through a wall?

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2 SCP-106

He can literally walk through walls, and if anything touches him like a bullet for instance it would just corrode.


3 SCP-173

This one isn't that dangerous - stick it into a town centre and it couldn't move. So nope, not that dangerous.

Cool but they should probably right on the web how it moves also when will people stop believing these are real

But there will be lights, HAH

Well that's true.I also like the old man named Radical Larry Hard to destroy and sculpture but others too...

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4 SCP-096

Views his face one minute to run he will get you screaming high blood pitch


Uh don’t look at his face u will die and uhhh he is very dangerous and that’s why when I grow up I will be a mtf either nine tailed fox or a captain in Alpha one.

HIS FACE IS HORRIFYING wait hold on A he's MARRRGH - IntotheVoid

5 SCP-2700

This object is guaranteed to end existence as we know it in the year 2234. There is no known way to stop it.

Why is this not No. 1? It's guaranteed to destroy the world in 200 years and they haven't figured out a way to stop it. This should at least be above SCP-096


6 SCP-001
7 SCP-076
8 SCP-055

How is this even dangerous? All it does is make you forget about it...

9 SCP-1000

Bigfoot? seriously? - IntotheVoid

10 SCP-049

Not the most dangerous. But CREPY - IntotheVoid

This is my favorite SCP. I dunno why, I it. - 1337MinerDude94


SCP-049 “Doctor Plauge”
SCP-049 is a humanoid entity.
He claims to have cured his victims, although all of his “Patients” Have died to to his “Cure” If made skin contact with SCP-049, you will burn into ashes immediately. How this occurs is unknown

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? SCP-058

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11 SCP-079
12 SCP-035

This mask attracts you in a manner which you can not control, leading you to put it on. Henceforth, putting on the mask makes you lose all control of your body and mental function. The mask then takes over you and your face begins to corrode into black liquid and you will maintain motor function even after your body has corroded far from being able to move.

13 SCP-871

While the idea of a self-replicating cake being among the most dangerous SCPs seems rather ridiculous, this SCP would leave the planet inhospitable within 80 days if not kept in check.

14 SCP-2006
15 SCP-343 (GOD)

He’s a God. Not dangerous at the moment but he can do anything.

16 SCP-610
17 SCP-804

Destroys all man made objects, including people themselves at an ever growing rate.

18 SCP-169

It's better

19 SCP-173 (The Sculpture) SCP-173 (The Sculpture)
20 SCP-610 (The Flesh That Hates)
21 SCP-1548
22 SCP-6AY
23 SCP-513
24 SCP-087
25 SCP-939
26 SCP-2090
27 SCP-2747
28 SCP-804 (World Without Man)
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