Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP Foundation Creatures

The Top Ten

1 SCP-106
2 SCP-682

An SCP that is indestructible and has an unquenchable desire to destroy humanity. I would have chosen SCP-106 (Radical Larry, right? ) if it weren't for the fact that it doesn't have that much of a drive to destroy ALL of humanity- just some. So, SCP-682 is one of the most dangerous SCPs out there.

Very dangerous. If this one breached and escaped the facility, the end of the world could happen. Luckily SCP isn't real, ha. - Cloudstep

A SCP that can barely be stopped. It's fast, strong, flexible, and ridiculously intelligent.
If it ever got out into the real world, a very high number of people would die. Because, as said previously, it views humans as ticks or fleas that need to be demolished.
Truly a brutal creature.

3 SCP-173

This one isn't that dangerous - stick it into a town centre and it couldn't move. So nope, not that dangerous.

Cool but they should probably right on the web how it moves also when will people stop believing these are real

But there will be lights, HAH

Not that dangerous? if the lights go out say at night it will kill you

4 SCP-096

Views his face one minute to run he will get you screaming high blood pitch


5 SCP-055

How is this even dangerous? All it does is make you forget about it...

6 SCP-1000
7 SCP-076
8 SCP-2700

This object is guaranteed to end existence as we know it in the year 2234. There is no known way to stop it.

9 SCP-079
10 SCP-610

The Contenders

11 SCP-804

Destroys all man made objects, including people themselves at an ever growing rate.

12 SCP-049

This is my favorite SCP. I dunno why, I it. - 1337MinerDude94

13 SCP-169

It's better

14 SCP-1548
15 SCP-513
16 SCP-035
17 SCP-087
18 SCP-939
19 SCP-001
20 SCP-871

While the idea of a self-replicating cake being among the most dangerous SCPs seems rather ridiculous, this SCP would leave the planet inhospitable within 80 days if not kept in check.

21 SCP-2090
22 SCP-2747
23 SCP-2006
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