Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP Foundation Creatures

The Top Ten

1 SCP-682


Definitely as he is super intelligent and he has quite a lot of strength

The hard-to-destroy reptile

Scp-682 Should Be Number 1 Because Of How Overpowered He Is. He Is Extremely Intelligent,Durable,Strong & Powerful. Not To Mention In Order For Him To Defeat, Requires To Destroy The Entire Universe/Existence As We Know It. His God Form Is What Makes Him Truly A Terrifying Adversary As It Says That It Has The Power Of "Limitless/Infinite Omnipotent Beings" That No Power Has Ever Reached That Kind Of level.

2 SCP-106

Honestly this guy is really freaky, plus he can move through walls, break down anything, and slaughters people slowly and painfully

Scp-106 can still be killed we just don't know how he has broken a bone before and he can probably be crushed if we use magnetic power blablabla idek but the thing is when he die there goes from 50 - 100 years and then he is alive again

He is really freaky

He can literally walk through walls, and if anything touches him like a bullet for instance it would just corrode.

3 SCP-001

It is very classified and is very dangerous to even know what it is.

This guy is so freaky like- he should definitely be number 1

There are multiple entities of 001

It could probably destroy the world as we know it, probably.

4 SCP-096

If someone posts a picture of 096's face online it would make it kill anyone who saw its face.

Shy Guy is pretty cool, and he was the very first SCP I ever discovered

Best SCP, and a very dangerous one when you stare/look at his face...

He is my favorite but still he had a fight with 682 and both ended just giving trying to kill each other "Further attempts to expose SCP-096 to SCP-682 cause it to turn away from 682, jumping in place while clawing at its face and screaming.

5 SCP-173

I vote this bro for his bravery. He stood up to the leviafins and makes 682 cry

This one isn't that dangerous - stick it into a town centre and it couldn't move. So nope, not that dangerous.

Well that's true.I also like the old man named Radical Larry Hard to destroy and sculpture but others too...

Cool but they should probably right on the web how it moves also when will people stop believing these are real

6 SCP-2700

This thing could literally destroy humanity

What if they activate 2700 and 319 at the same time?

Literally just a fake phone just get over it because its not going to destroy anything

This object is guaranteed to end existence as we know it in the year 2234. There is no known way to stop it.

7 SCP-049

Can create army of zambies


I have a crush on him

Creepy As Heck

8 SCP-343 (GOD)

It is GOD.

I mean, This SCP can do anything it desires. Right now, it's not very harmful, but it could be if that's what it so chose to do.

He’s a God. Not dangerous at the moment but he can do anything.

9 SCP-055

This Should Be Number 1 Because We May Forget It And It May Be Planning To Destroy Every Single Time Line Without Any Of Us Knowing

How is this even dangerous? All it does is make you forget about it...

10 SCP-076

He isn't that scary but ya know he cool

The Contenders

11 SCP-173 (The Sculpture)

He's the main man himself. All the necks he has snapped and he always find a way to escape

Sculpture has snapped so many necks it’s kinda ridiculous

12 SCP-1000

Bigfoot? seriously? - IntotheVoid

13 Scp-999

Amazing! Love

I know that he is not dangerous but please keep him he is so cute

He's a cutie, not that dangerous.

Well, only voted on this one to say it's probably the least dangerous SCP.

14 SCP-079

Well yea he can release every scp and kinda almost destroy the world but still being safe even though he's just an old looking computer

15 SCP-610 (The Flesh That Hates)

It is a mass of flesh that will stop at nothing to consume anything it comes in contact with.

This one is just... cool I guess?

This is basically SCP 008 but on steroids

This makes SCP-008 look like a cry baby. I wonder what SCP-049 thinks of it.

16 SCP-035

Should be higher than 096

He is my dad

This mask attracts you in a manner which you can not control, leading you to put it on. Henceforth, putting on the mask makes you lose all control of your body and mental function. The mask then takes over you and your face begins to corrode into black liquid and you will maintain motor function even after your body has corroded far from being able to move.

17 SCP-169

Big sea thing.

I love this SCP-169

The bruh, man's "almost certainly never going to be contained" It's body is literally between 2000000 and 8000000 meters long. He could use the "Splash" move from Pokemon and accidentally flatten a continent. This guy is for sure not number one, that should be given to The Scarlet King, but 169 is at least worthy of top 10. Especially on this list.

It's better

18 SCP-610
19 SCP-871

While the idea of a self-replicating cake being among the most dangerous SCPs seems rather ridiculous, this SCP would leave the planet inhospitable within 80 days if not kept in check.


20 SCP-2006
21 SCP-2317

Yeah this is probably gonna destroy everything

This is the scarlet king and hates anything that is robict and will kill anything in its way like other gods.

It will destroy everything

This scp has to be the most dangerous.
this scp I literally classified as: CODE NIGHTMARE REGENT RED, according to the wiki.
this SCP was only containable by binding it with chains, which were lost in the 19'th century.
furthermore, this SCP is no longer containable and will cause a xk-class scenario and will destroy the world in at least 30 years from now.

Not only that, but the foundation tales even state that they sent at least 60 nuclear weapons to it's location, and after the explosions stopped, there was a shield that was found to have blocked the weapons.

there is no possible way to contain this entity, and the world will end.

22 SCP-939

It's young are babies and can make class C ansetsics.


SCP-023 is literally you just look at it few minutes later DEAD like seriously it has a lot of health unless you can kill it which will be impossible without looking at it its going to kill you.

24 SCP-804

Destroys all man made objects, including people themselves at an ever growing rate.

25 SCP-513
26 SCP-2747

Its destroying the world very dangerous

27 SCP-6AY
28 SCP-058

It's a Cow heart mixed with an immortal spider. The Heart of Darkness

29 SCP-2470

The SCP is so powerful anything that it looks at, will cease to EXIST. It's the complete seed of a ZK-Class Event. No SCP can stop it. SCP 2700 can't even escape it. Nothing can. It's literally the only thing that could kill any SCP instantly if it were to escape. It's so dangerous that it has to be fed SCP's to keep in containment. The Scarlet King looks like a f#c#i#g child to a nuclear bomb when matching up.

30 SCP-3000

SCP - 3000 Is Pretty epic

31 SCP-2521

Sayings anything about this will get you taken away by thing.

If information about this was to escape, it would surely cause an XK- Class event, that is all I can say or else we will all die.

32 SCP-087
33 SCP-239

She may be a child, but she was supposedly trained by SCP-343. She once wished someone out of existence once they caused her harm, annihilated the hospital she was born in and when someone told her Santa was just a story, she brought him into existence. Not to mention, she's a Keter class.

34 SCP-008

Zombie disease.

He can destroy the world and start the zombie plague

35 SCP-1548
36 SCP-085


SCP-085 known as hand-drawn Cassy is not dangerous but is smart and can make almost any other Scp more powerful. she can communicate with other Scps and she will communicate with other scps and tells them ways to kill things way more easy and ways to kill things faster.

37 SCP-1048

Lol cute but deadly

38 SCP-2090
39 SCP-804 (World Without Man)
40 SCP-1111

Cute :D

How Could You Hate it

It Can Hang People But Who Cares It's A Dog

41 SCP-420-j
42 SCP-582
43 SCP-3999
44 SCP-6789
45 SCP-134
46 SCP-607 (Dorian the Grey Cat)
47 SCP-5000
48 SCP-9345
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