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1 Wikipedia Wikipedia is a multilingual free online encyclopedia created on January 15, 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. The website is written and maintained by a community of volunteers through open collaboration and a wiki-based editing system. Individual contributors, also called editors, are known as... read more

Taking the gold spot, we have the wiki about everything! Wikipedia is one of the few wikis that have ever gained prominence in internet culture. You can look up virtually anything on here. Want to look up WPXW? Go ahead. Wondering about the meaning of the number 8? Well, go ahead and look it up! Wikipedia is undoubtedly the best of the best. Even vandals can elicit some pretty funny reactions.

Of course it's number one! It's like the official library of the Internet.

2 Bulbapedia

Here, we have the wiki about Pocket Monsters (Pokemon). It's not just about all 890 (or so) of them. This wiki also covers the people, games, anime, manga, and even companies such as Viz Media and Disney. With every new game that arrives, this wiki becomes stronger than ever. While it is independent from FANDOM/Miraheze/ShoutWiki, meaning outages sometimes occur, the wiki is still jam-packed with information.

3 Mario Wiki

There's almost an article for everything. This wiki must have a lot of true fans who search for reliable information before adding it to a page. Even obscure characters have a page on this wiki.

4 Arwingpedia
5 The Spyro Wiki
6 Death Battle Fanon Wiki
7 Fantendo
8 Peanuts Wiki
9 Wowpedia (World of Warcraft)
10 The TOONS Wiki
The Contenders
11 Okami Wiki
12 Wikirby
13 South Park Wikia
14 Smash Wiki
15 Rational Wiki
16 Wookieepedia
17 Atrocious Deviants Wiki

Unlike the four official ones, this wiki, along with the Talented Deviants wiki, has no political bias and focuses only on the bad actions of users. The Talented Deviants wiki also highlights users who create great drawings (excluding those who waste their talents on less admirable types of drawings) or engage in good actions. Additionally, this wiki is willing to give anyone a chance at redemption for their bad actions, as long as they don't repeat them.

However, they are not flawless and have two problems:

1. Some claims made against a bad user are also made against a good user on the Talented Deviants wiki. For instance, they criticized one user for self-shipping with a fictional character while praising another user for doing the same thing with a different fictional character.

2. The page against crossover pairings shows a disrespectful opinion. To clarify, I personally dislike crossover pairings, but I do not consider them problematic or atrocious like pedo-pairings and incest. These wikis display excessive hostility towards crossover pairings for no valid reason. Out of the seven claims made, three are invalid as they are merely subjective opinions, three can be found in non-crossover pairing situations as well, and one claim applies to both crossover and non-crossover pairings.

18 Disney Wiki
19 Heroes Wiki
20 Minecraft Gamepedia

Another single-subject wiki? Well, it was originally independent before the team at FANDOM decided to merge with Gamepedia. The wiki still holds up to this day and tries to adhere to modern standards. Plus, it's one of the few "official" wikis that actually include sound files. Even some unreleased mobs have audio files, which is actually impressive.

21 Thomas the Tank Engine Wiki
22 Awful Movies Wiki
23 Logopedia Wiki
24 Fresh Websites Wiki

This is a rather underrated (and underappreciated) wiki, part of the Miraheze Reception Wikis. Unlike its sibling, the Rotten Websites Wiki, it isn't controversial. Plus, many sites with good reputations are featured there, and it explains why people enjoy them. The wiki even praises Miraheze's competitors, such as FANDOM (pre-2018 though) and even ShoutWiki, making it way better than many other incredible wikis and users wikis. The absence of TheTopTens isn't a mark against its quality, so stop saying that it is.

25 Encyclopedia SpongeBobia

If CLG Wiki is for Logos, then Encyclopedia SpongeBobia is everything SpongeBob. Easily one of the (if not, THE BEST wiki over on FANDOM). This wiki is well, everything SpongeBob. Ranging from episodes, to seasons, to even networks and the show's producers. Not to mention that the community is surprisingly healthy when you compare it to other wikis on the list (such as SephSpace). They even go as far as respecting the deaths of some users on the wiki as well. Such as CheeseRoxTheWorld, who sadly died in 2018. Take that, Fun S-posting wiki.

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