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1 Wikipedia Wikipedia is a multilingual free online encyclopedia created on January 15, 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. The website is written and maintained by a community of volunteers through open collaboration and a wiki-based editing system. Individual contributors, also called editors, are known as Wikipedians. Wikipedia is the largest and most-read reference work in history. It is consistently one of the 10 most popular websites ranked by the Similarweb and former Alexa; as of 2022, Wikipedia was ranked the 7th most popular site. It is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, an American non-profit organization funded mainly through donations.

Taking the gold spot, we have the wiki about everything! Wikipedia is one of the few wikis that have ever become famous to internet culture. And you can look up virtually everything on here. Want to look up WPXW? Go ahead. Wonder what the meaning of the number 8? Well, do it! Wikipedia is undoubted, the best of the best. Even vandals can come up with some pretty funny reactions.

Of course it's number one! It's like the official library of the Internet.

2 Bulbapedia

Here, we got the wiki about Pocket Monsters (Pokemon). And not only all 890? of them. Yep, this wiki is also about the people, games, anime, manga, even companies (such as Viz Media and Disney) appear on the Wiki. And with every new game arriving, this wiki will be stronger than ever. While the wiki is independent from FANDOM/Miraheze/ShoutWiki, meaning outages sometime occur, this wiki is still jam-packed with information.

3 Closing Logos Wiki

Taking the silver seat, we have a wiki that's does everything logos. If Wikipedia is the encyclopedia for everything, then the CLG wiki is the encyclopedia for Logos. This wiki does everything they can do for them. Backstories for the company, actual videos with the logos and even an editor's note. Which made the wiki less biased back when it had the infamous "Scare Factor" on there. Though the wiki does have it's flaws but we're saving that for another time.

4 Fresh Websites Wiki

A rather underrated (and underappreciated) wiki apart of the Miraheze Reception Wikis. Now unlike it's brother, Rotten Websites Wiki, it isn't controversial. Plus, lots of sites with a good reputation are on there and it explains why people enjoy them. It even praises Miraheze's competitors, FANDOM (pre-2018 though) and even ShoutWiki as well. Making it way better than incredible wikis and users wiki. It not having TheTopTens isn't a poor quality so stop doing that.

5 Encyclopedia SpongeBobia

If CLG Wiki is for Logos, then Encyclopedia SpongeBobia is everything SpongeBob. Easily one of the (if not, THE BEST wiki over on FANDOM). This wiki is well, everything SpongeBob. Ranging from episodes, to seasons, to even networks and the show's producers. Not to mention that the community is surprisingly healthy when you compare it to other wikis on the list (such as SephSpace). They even go as far as respecting the deaths of some users on the wiki as well. Such as CheeseRoxTheWorld, who sadly died in 2018. Take that, Fun S-posting wiki.

6 Mario Wiki

Almost an article for everything. This wiki sure have a lot of true fans who search for everything reliable before adding it to a page. Even obscure characters have a page in this wiki.

7 The Official Qubo Wiki

Now we've seen everything Logos and everything SpongeBob, well how about everything Qubo? Well, that's where this wiki comes into play. While not as active as it used to be (ever since Scripps closed down it and ION Plus for not being as "mature" as Laff, Court TV Mystery, (REDACTED), Grit, and Bounce), it's still pretty healthy whatsoever. Not to mention that the admins made the wiki as truthful as they can as well. Did you know that there are around 10 or so imposters of this wiki because of that trait alone?

8 Arwingpedia
9 SephSpace

So we have a satire wiki. It was either this or Fun S-posting wiki. I choose SephSpace over FSW mostly because that this wiki knows it's limits. Now I haven't really been on this wiki that much, but from what I've heard about it, it's basically a cleaner version of FSW and Encyclopedia Dramatica. And yes, slandering someone just because you hate on them is forbidden (unless that user is Geoshea or apart of the Reception Wikis for some reason). That I like since Miraheze forbids anyone to slander someone else without punishment. Just look as UW&UW.

10 The Spyro Wiki
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11 Minecraft Gamepedia

Another wiki with one subject? Well, originally independent before the hooligans over at FANDOM decided to merge with Gamepedia, the wiki still holds up to this day and tries to keep up to modern standards. Plus, it's one of the few "official" wikis with actual sound files in it. Even with some unreleased mobs have audio files too. That's actually impressive.

12 The TOONS Wiki
13 Okami Wiki
14 Wikirby
15 Death Battle Fanon Wiki
16 Fantendo
17 Peanuts Wiki
18 South Park Wikia
19 Learningblocks Wiki

Next up on the Wikis, we have the Learningblocks Wiki. now the only reason why Learningblocks Wiki is so low on the list is because that there exists a group of underage kids on the wiki (typically between 8 and 10) known as Dym Cids (an intentionally misspelled version of Dumb Kid) who shouldn't even be on FANDOM. But overall, most of the wiki seems to be in high quality and the templates are really amusing to read. Not to mention that they also like to reference various things in the series on them too (such as the Terrible Twos).

20 Smash Wiki
21 Rational Wiki
22 Wookieepedia
23 Atrocious Deviants Wiki

Unlike the 4 official ones, this wiki along with Talented Deviants wiki have no political side and only focus on bad actions of the users (along with Talented Deviants with the users who do great drawings (except the ones who waste their talents on awful type of drawings) or good actions) Also, this wiki is willing to give a chance to anyone that seriously try to redeeming from their bad actions, as long as they don't start again.

They're not flawless however and have two problems:
-Some bad claims on a bad user are also good claims on a good user on the Talented Deviants wiki (They blamed one user for self-shipping itself with a fictional character while they praised another one for doing the same thing on another fictional character.
-The page against crossover pairing is just opinion disrespecting. Don't get me wrong, I hate crossover pairing, but I don't find them problematic or atrocious unlike pedo-pairing and incest.Those wikis are way too hostile against crossover ...more

24 Wowpedia (World of Warcraft)
25 Disney Wiki
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