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21 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

This is not often considered a kids movie, but I still agree. - Extractinator04

22 Gremlins

I don't really recommend children's movies that teach kids that it's okay to put animals in dangerous mechanical kitchen appliances

Gremlins 2 The New Batch may be calm and tame, but this sequel still has scary moments and a terrifying character that turns into a giant half orb weaver spider half gremlin abomination after drinking a magic potion.

Gremlins 2 The New Batch is way more scary than this crud seriously it could give you nightmares for the rest of your life

The first film maybe because it was rated PG but this is one of the movies that give birth to the PG- 13 rating the same with Howard the duck the Indiana Jones movies and poltergeist I already know the second one wasn't but I'm not sure about the first don't get me wrong I'm not saying this is a bad movie at all it's actually pretty good but I like the second film better because it was darker and it was longer and it was amining at the right age group 13-14 kind of age because I definitely a 6 year old will not be able to handle this probulay not even a 9 I mean that gremlin exploding in the microwave that could really dirsturb or frighten younger kids but aside from that it's pretty enjoyable to watch check it out if you hadn't seen.

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23 Scooby-Doo On Zombie Island

Really Scooby doo, that most mean she's scared of the live action movies too.

Agreed my sister cried in this and she's 14

24 Disney's a Christmas Carol

This film scared me so much when I was little

25 The Brave Little Toaster

It may sound like a movie like Care Bears but it's not this movie actually pretty dark the clown is creepy.

This movie is so much darker than monster house! This movie has a suicidal A/C, a suicidal flower,some mice tried to pull Blanky into a mouse hole and then eat through him and get to his internal wiring and have the mice get electrocuted or start an electrical fire, they come across a jump scare forest, Lampy almost kills himself charging the battery,Kirby tries to eat his own cord,they almost die falling into quicksand, they get taken to a part shop where a blender gets murdered, there's a horribly scary song called it's a b movie, there's a mish mash that's a can opener, a lamp and a shaver,unkind cutting edge appliances that send our heroes to the junkyard and there's a second villain song called cutting edge, our heroes arrive at the junkyard and there's a third villain song called worthless, the bloodthirsty magnet tried to kill the master, toaster sacrificed himself and back in the jumpscare forest toaster has a dream about being tortured by an evil clown.

I don't get why would almost dying falling into quicksand is dark, I mean, I've seen it happen a good amount of times in kid shows. - tent2

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26 The Polar Express

That scene with the cart of abandoned toys always creeped me out, - Turkeyasylum

27 Night at the Museum

I'll have you know that Night at the Museum is NOT a scary movie, unless you write your own story about it. You better take this off this list, or I will SLAP you SILLY!

This is a wonderful movie, and not dark. Not scary at all. Unless you are little, and scared of the T-rex. - TheWolfLover

28 The Black Cauldron

I love The Horned King

When I was a kid and watched it for the first time I was so scared I couldn't sleep well for weeks. My mum still feels bad about letting me watch this 😄

29 Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton threw away the rulebook on this one, with dark scenery, awesome effects and a certain burtonesque tinge to all the evil characters - CrowdedChisel

Well in my opinion this version sucked it had lazy writing made all the characters uninteresting and I didn't find any thing imaginative.

Tim Burton gave his own twist on it, and I like it


30 The Witches

Why is this a kid's movie if it has a scene where she peels her face off? - LaST_LiGHT

It's just a disturbing mess of a movie.

This movie is scary because it has a witch peel her face off

This movie scared the hell out of me.

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31 Bambi

I will not cry. I will not cry.

They shot Bambi's mother.

It is not scary...but it is sad

32 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry sticks a sword up a snakes mouth and then it shows blood all over it

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33 The Dark Crystal

This movie is dark and the fact that it was made by the same guy who did Sesame Street and the muppets Jim Henson was his name and I think the reason why he made this was because he didn't want all his films to be all bright and colorful or too happy and go lucky and I agree I think kids films need a little bit of a dark edge but not too much and don't listen to the guys who say kids can't handle darkness, well little kids who are like 5 maybe but kids above yeah I think some of them will be ok and the creator Jim Henson I think went on to do labyrinth that's also one of those old dark children films and the puppets in that film are just as disturbing as the puppets in this film or even creepier and it has the late David Bowie and yeah you should check it out it's a pretty good film it's also on this list oh yeah let me tell why this film is dark A the puppets are creepy and want to rule the world B one of human animatronics gets slaughtered but there isn't really any gore or anything ...more

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34 The Plague Dogs

Two dog surviving in England where they also eat one man.

35 The Little Mermaid

How is this movie dark?

I agree with the 2nd comment

36 Toy Story 3

The first two were so light you could fly in those. This was filled with an evil teddy bear, that smells like strawberries, which are red and what else is red? The story is about abandonment and prison. I watched this at school and I felt like I saw a gory animation.

Toy Story 2 ended quite well, why did they need to make another?

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37 Corpse Bride

Just as dark as films like coralline and the nightmare before Christmas the reason why is because they are all by the same creator obviously!

Well DUH. Why can't this be number 1 or 2? - LaST_LiGHT

The movie was very dark.

38 Frozen

How the hell is frozen dark?!

Can someone tell me why is this here - LaST_LiGHT

Number one how is it dark? Number two why is it rated PG?

39 Brave
40 Inside Out

Out of all the dark kid movies out there seriously this your kidding right?!

It's not dark who the hell in the world will think that's movie is dark it's just stupid

This is not dark at all. Only a stupid kid thinks that

It's not dark, it's deep

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