Best Decrepit Birth Songs

Decrepit Birth is an American Technical Death Metal band from Santa Cruz, California formed in 2001. Decrepit Birth have released 3 studio albums, with a 4th to be released in 2016. Here are the best songs by Decrepit Birth

The Top Ten

1 (A Departure of the Sun) Ignite the Tesla Coil
2 The Living Doorway
3 Polarity
4 Condemned to Nothingness
5 And Time Begins
6 Metatron
7 Diminishing Between Worlds
8 Sea of Memories
9 A Brief Odyssey In Time
10 Rebirth of Consciousness

The Contenders

11 Concepting the Era
12 Thought Beyond Infinity
13 A Gathering of Imaginations
14 The Infestation
15 The Enigmatic Form
16 Shroud of Impurity
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