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61 All the Time in the World

This should be on 1st place! Epic song, epic vocal, epic gitar! Just the best!

62 Love Conquers All
63 Shield

Masterpiece, for me this one and 'mistreated' are two great tracks.

64 Wicked Ways

Why is this song not popular? Its just too great to be ignored!

65 Wring That Neck
66 Hell to Pay

This Song shows proof that Deep Purple is still on the Heavy Metal Stage even in 2014! - STLRams1

Deep Purple amazing Metal in 2013!

67 Into the Fire

Awesome and catchy guitar riff and a classic from "In Rock"!

How is this at 74? it's in my top ten at least!

68 Vincent Price

Awesome song from the new album!

This song is great, it combines gothic rock, progresive rock and hard rock making it a masterpiece it should be in the top ten of this list.

How can this song be at 76 on this list,it is a progresive masterpiece it should be in the top ten because it is of the best Deep Purple songs

69 Sail Away

The fact that Sail Away isn't in the Top Ten is a travesty unlike any the world has seen before.

70 Holy Man

Such an awesome song with a great soul feel. One of the finest from the band.

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71 The Cut Runs Deep

Such a great song! - Metal_Treasure

72 A Touch Away

This song wasn't on the list! - zxm

73 Out of Hand V 1 Comment
74 No One Came
75 Super Trouper
76 Our Lady
77 Hard Lovin' Woman
78 And the Address
79 Anya

Ritchie still had what it takes with one of his best solos ever. Then Deep Purple gave him the boot for his child outburst on stage, shortly after.

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80 Never Before
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