Best Deities In Crawl

These are the best gods to worship in Crawl, a dungeon crawling game with the twist of being the monsters. This list does not include taunts or secret gods

The Top Ten

1 Momot Momot

He starts off with the two best monster paths in the game (spike worm and plague mushroom) and also starts off with the tribal shield spell, which blocks all damage from certain angles. - kempokid

2 Teok Teok

Has good monsters and also has the nice bonus of monsters having extra health - kempokid

3 Gor Gor

Has pretty good monsters apart from the dark minion. His hemophilia also makes you bleed easily meaning bleeding items are more useful. - kempokid

4 Glub

His club is better than a normal sword, his monsters are pretty good, and starting off with the glubfish is a helpful bonus. - kempokid

5 Gholoth Gholoth

His monsters are nothing special apart from the mushroom, but his damage buff for traps is ok - kempokid

6 Chz Chz

His monsters are not that great, but the vampire ring is a nice bonus - kempokid

7 Odshan Odshan

His monsters are really good, but healing on pentagrams is simply terrible - kempokid

8 Murkan Murkan

His monsters are not good and his ability is only good for the 37g trade in - kempokid

9 S'hrim S'hrim

His monsters are really bad and his shop discount isn't enough to do much - kempokid

10 Xophant Xophant

His monsters are bad and his ability is not that great - kempokid

The Contenders

11 Qaahl Qaahl

His monsters are not that bad, but his ability is atrocious, starting off with the worst bow in the game is a penalty rather than a reward, and you don't even get the gold trade in that murkan gets. - kempokid

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