Top Ten Desperate Housewives Characters


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1 Gabrielle Solis

Most funny and beautiful woman in the whole series

Gaby is the the funny,hottest, woman in the show and carols and gaby have a great chemo

2 Susan Mayer

Susan is #1

Susan Mayer brings heart & depth to the show. She is beautiful, funny, classy, and has a great heart. She’s easily one of the greatest characters in television history

Susan should be number one. She made the show. She was so funny and she was great very scene she did. Especially after mike the love of her life was killed right in front of her

3 Lynette Scavo

Lynette is such a modern kick ass mom! Definitely the best housewife

Of course Lynette it is the most realistic!

4 Bree Hodge

A very classy character. Wish I could marry a woman like Bree!

5 Edie Britt

This Woman is so underrated.She is such a bitch but she did great things for the others

6 Karen McCluskey
7 Mike Delfino

Mike should be second best. He was a such good character with amazing story lines. He and susan was great toghther. Plus he kicked most people's ass on the show. Always knocking people down including Carlos lol. And how he died was so heroic. Saving susan.

8 Carlos Solis
9 Andrew Van de Kamp
10 Angie Bolen

The Contenders

11 Tom Scavo
12 Katherine Mayfair
13 Karl Mayer
14 Renee Perry
15 Julie Mayer
16 MJ Delfino
17 Paul Young
18 Mary Alice
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1. Gabrielle Solis
2. Andrew Van de Kamp
3. Bree Hodge
1. Susan Mayer
2. Lynette Scavo
3. Gabrielle Solis
1. Gabrielle Solis
2. Andrew Van de Kamp
3. Edie Britt

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