Top Ten Best Detective Conan Movies

Detective Conan movie series is a series of original and innovative art work in detective fiction.

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1 The Phantom of Baker Street

Been looking for Jack the Ripper related movies/stories. Never thought there's one in Detective Conan, until now. Epic thriller as usual!

Just... Wow! A must watch for Detective Conan lovers (and anyone up for a great mystery! )

Brilliant work! Conan looks like the real genius detective here!

Just the fact that Conan's sharing the worpd with his favorite detective is already pure awesome!

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2 Quarter of Silence

Conan edogawa is in his best form...

The movie is on par with hollywood thrillers.

The best movie yet, when Conan almost died

Loved it.

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3 Countdown to Heaven

This one was so epic especially the last bit (warning spoiler alert) when they was in a car and were trying to go to the other roof by using the explosions to get a boost

I like this movie the most! Every second of it fulls of mystery and make me nervous! Especially at the moment when they escaped from the explosion in the car flied from the skyscrapper! I never tired of it! Never!

Awesome hair-raising stunts. Never saw a better movie in my life.


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4 The Last Wizard of the Century

That moment when Kaito kid disguised himself as Shinshi, Priceless!

One of the best:
Storyline is amazing
animation too
good action

all around amazing movie

5 The Time Bombed Skyscraper

Perhaps the best of Conan movies... Loved the architect... Such a genius Leo Joel...must watch..!

The first one usually is the best. And the first movie of Detective Conan is one of them. The ending where Conan(Shinichi) said to Ran if she die, then they'll die together is one of the best scene in any anime.

6 The Private Eyes' Requiem

Yeah definitely. This movie had a pretty unique plot and you couldn't guess until the end what was happening... Moreover, the last part is mind-blowing!

Agreed. I mean you used to predict the end every second but it was new! The end... Kaito mah love!

Pretty lit movie if you ask me

An explosively stunning masterpiece, it'll keep you at the edge of your seat the whole time!

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7 Captured In Her Eyes

Great case and great Shinichi and Ran moments.

I Love ShinRan moment! Especially Shinichi said 'Because I love You, more than everyone else in this world'

8 Crossroad In the Ancient Capital

This one is totally the best and I love heiji and kazuha. I knew kazuha and heiji were meant to be with each other

Why is it 10th? It has so super cute heiji-kazuha and shinichi-ran moments

9 Magician of the Silver Sky

It had the most breathtaking finale, I was cheering for the heroes the whole time!

10 The Darkest Nightmare

Number 1 best movie

Perfect for everyone who's looking forward for Amuro/Akai fight!

I think I like when Conan vs black organization

Best movie

The Contenders

11 Private Eye In the Distant Sea
12 Strategy Above the Depths
13 The Raven Chaser

While I annoyed with the misleading advertisements leading up to this movie (something Movie 19 also pulled), I remember being really impressed by the level of paranoia and threat they managed to communicate from the Black Org despite this being one of the serial movies and thus bound by the status quo. It slowly ramps up the tension, stays focused the entire time, and has a real weight to the plot. Though Conan's leap at the end (kept vague to avoid spoilers) has a mathematically low chance of actually hitting the target, it still feels like believable chance due to the desperation of the situation (and escape being the primary goal, with hitting being a secondary one). It lacks the silly, over-the-top, obviously contrived feeling the "epic" stunts and climaxes of the later movies have, like flying around using the centripital force of a sattelite dish (looking at you, 21 - at least 14 was able to make the utter ridiculousness fun), while also having the consistent entertainment and ...more

AN amazing BO plot and such a thriller. Mystery was good too and ending was just WOW!

14 Full Score of Fear

It's my favorite movie, It's a really good one ^.^

15 Crimson Love Letter
16 Zero the Enforcer

The chasing scene on the rail track!

The BEST Among the recent movies

Furuya "my lover is japan" rei

17 The Lost Ship In the Sky

I can see the headlines now, "child with bow tie thrown off a moving blimp by fake terrorists" wow... Never forget the bow tie...

Nice Intensity and nice conan vs kaito rivalry... over Ran

There's Heiji, Kazuha, Kaito Kid, and a good mystery...

This movie is so epic! 😎

18 Sniper from Another Dimension

Really awesome, Conan Really comes to action.
And Subaru/Akai also appears. "The Real Silver Bullet Appears"

19 Sunflowers of Inferno

This is just so cool! Sunflowers painting is included and there is Kaito Kid as well!

It's a good movie.

20 The Eleventh Striker

The Best Movie Ever! I Love Soccer

So cool movie

21 The Fourteenth Target

Ran kisses conan, enough said

Its just a great movie, it has a really good Shinichi and Ran moment at the end! >.> even a kiss between the two... it is also well detailed and has an amazing back story that relates all the way back to Dective Mouri’s last case as an officer (meaning when he had a badge and gun and worked for the police force). It even manages to show a serious hard working detective side to him!

22 Jolly Roger In the Deep Azure
23 Lupin III vs. Conan
24 Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan

It’s probably the best crossover I’ve ever seen...

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