Top 10 Dinosaur (And Prehistoric Animals) Matchups

The Top Ten

1 T-Rex vs Triceratops

T-Rex had to have won.

2 Velociraptor vs Protoceratops

Protoceratops would have crushed it

3 Allosaurus vs Stegosaurus

I think Allosaurus because it was faster, but its close.

I think stegosaurus would win

I think stego but it would be close.

4 Spinosaurus vs Sarcosuchus


5 Megalodon vs Livyatan
6 Megasaurus vs Majungatholus
7 Mapusaurus vs Argentinosaurus
8 Deinonychus vs Tenontosaurus
9 Tarbosaurus vs Therizinosaurus
10 Dire Wolf vs Smilodon

Smilodon kills the dire wolf

Smilodon would win.

The Contenders

11 Hyaenodon vs Bear Dog
12 T-Rex vs Spinosaurus

Spin would win because it was bigger T-Rex had tiny arms.

Didn't this happen in Jurassic Park?

No no it the best dino is the t rex it waz bite 5000

13 Utahraptor vs Gastonia

This is a good one. I will have to go with Utahrapter but it might be a tie.

14 Spinosaurus vs Carcharodontosaurus

It's a face off between the biggest and second biggest meat eating dino. I'm going with Spinosaurus because its larger.

15 Mega Lion vs Mega Bear

An ice age battle. It's a good one but the bear would win. This is what would happen. They meet, and roar at each other. The bear attacks but the lion dodges it and jumps on the bears back biting it. The lion does this a few more times. Now the bear is mad. When the lion jumps again the bear smacks him with his huge paw. When the lion is on the ground the bear bites his throt killing it.

Sorry to correct but u mean cave lion vs short faced bear


16 Allosaurus vs Ceratosaurus
17 Megalodon vs Leviathan
18 Raptor vs Tenontosaurus
19 Giant Cheetah vs Giant Jaguar

It would be impossible to see these animals fight cause they giant cheetah lived in north america and the giant jaguar live in south america

20 Baryonyx vs Tyrannosaurus Rex
21 Megalodon vs Tyrannosaurus Rex

Megalodon it eat whale

22 T-Rex vs Giganotosaurus
23 Allosaurus vs Carnotaurus
24 Tarbosaurus vs Tarchia
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