Top Ten Disadvantages That Come With Being a Child Star

Child star not restricted to any form of entertainment.

The Top Ten

1 Being forced to deal with the overwhelming pressures of fame at a young age

Especially if a child star is a child star just because he/she is cute. It's the mentality of giving a child work just because they're cute rather than any sort of talent and immediately pulling the plug once they stop being cute that brings a lifetime of pain. - nerffan8000

The cast of the Harry Potter series really felt this.

2 Growing up on-screen

Puberty etc. - ParasN2000

3 Meeting your ego
4 Friends and family wanting to leach off of you
5 Not being able to fully understand the impact it is going to have on your life
6 Having to live up to the standards of your early work
7 Making it more difficult to recognize who are your real friends and loved ones
8 People attempting to manipulate and take advantage of your age and immaturity
9 Losing privacy
10 Having to deal with jealousy and conflict among peers
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