Top 10 Tips on How to Be a Good Autist

Autistic people often get a bad rap for being violent, immature, and taking things way too seriously. If you want to be a good autist and not have everyone hate you then simply follow these tips listed below.

Now hear me out. I know that people who have autism really bad can't handle what they think or do so I completely understand. I'm just saying that there's more high-functioning autists than low-functioning autists. If you're a high-functioning autist reading this right now and you want people to like you better then just follow these tips. I personally have mild Aspergers and I try to avoid a bad rap by keeping these tips in mind.
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1 Don't take everything so personally

Sure there's some things you should take a bit personal but not everything. The world does not revolve around you. Just saying.

It's a shame you didn't follow your own advice.

2 Don't be violent

Violence is never the answer. If you get angered easily, either take a deep breath, count to 10 or take a stress ball with you everywhere you go.

If you feel angry, don't use violence. Smoke some weed instead.

3 Don't use your autism as an excuse

If there's one thing I can't stand it's autists who use their autism as an excuse to do douchey things. Don't use it as an excuse. It'll only get you hate.

4 Find out ways to cope with loud environments

Exactly! My biggest pet peeve is baby talk and my relatives do it all the time. I do not mind a little bit of it but I absolutely HATE it when there do it to my cousins, especially if they're crying or throwing a tantrum. That's why I've created a "Family Survival Kit" to bring to parties. They include my phone, earbuds, chargers, and spare earbuds). These are the tools that are absolutely necessary for me to survive my crazy relatives so I don't have to lose my sanity.

You can't control how loud a party you're attending is. If any area you're in is too loud then simply walk away or carry some ear plugs with you everywhere you go (I usually take ear plugs with me when I go to certain places).

5 Understand that just because you have autism doesn't mean no one can criticize you

I'm not saying people should bully you, I'm saying that if you act rude or obnoxious to other people then they will lambast you for your behavior. Like I said before, your autism is not an excuse to do bad things.

6 Understand that anger leads to consequences

It really does. Once you get angry with another person, the person might get angry back. Maybe even angrier. You don't want to start fights or feel intimidated in any way.

7 Don't use obsession in a bad way

Sometimes obsession can be a good thing, like if you have a dream and you really want to make it a reality then you have to be obsessed with trying to make that dream possible. You can't just sit down and do nothing, you have to really work hard and live and breathe your passion everyday.

Now bad obsession is another thing. Let's say you were obsessed with things like movies, T.V. shows, video games, etc. There is such thing as unhealthy obsession where you're constantly attached to your favorite things instead of trying to live your life. People will think you're creepy for being extremely obsessed with a movie. Don't devote your entire time to playing games or watching movies or whatever. You have to life your own life cause this is the only shot at life you get.

8 Avoid whining

No adults will take you seriously if you start whining all the time cause whining is immature and very unattractive. Again, just saying.

9 Communicate your thoughts and feelings

Whenever my relatives speak in baby talk to my cousins I always usually let them know how it makes me mad and if they could treat them more maturely and they'll understand and stop treating them like a baby or a toddler.

Unfortunately I get in trouble with my parents for doing this so I try to only do this when my parents are not around or are distracted by something else.

I always feel like no one cares about my thoughts and feelings. The only person that seems to care is my mom.

10 Do not swear
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11 Do not cry

It's OK to cry. Just don't overdo it.

12 Don't take things too seriously

Now I know that some autists do in fact take things too seriously but if you really wanna improve then try to not take things so seriously sometimes (especially jokes. It's one thing to apologize for an offensive joke but it's another thing to get so triggered over a joke that's not even that bad. If you are easily offended by such material then simply don't listen to it. Simple as that).

13 Get some alone time if you find the environment too difficult to deal with

Back when my mom babysat my cousins, sometimes my great aunt and great uncle would come over in the evening. Whenever my relatives and my cousins were at my house together and they start with the baby talk I just excuse myself to my room and stay there until they all go home. I usually either watch T.V., do some homework, draw, or play on the iPad while in my room.

14 Do not confront or yell at people who do something you don’t like

The problem will not be solved, and you WILL get in trouble this way. I found out the hard way.

15 If you use headphones or earbuds, do not blast the music or sing along when other people are around

Not only will others get annoyed and angry by it, you will get hearing problems from it. If it's too loud in the room, turn the music down to a reasonable volume and excuse yourself to go to another room in the house instead.

16 Control your own meltdowns
17 Don't act like a victim
18 Have good hygiene

Not all autists are like this but from my personal experience there have been some pretty unhygienic autists. Heck even I was a pretty unhygienic autist until I realized how gross I felt. If you don't want your bad looks or smells to drive people then always keep hygiene in mind.

19 Try to ignore things you don’t like

It doesn't always work for me so I find other stuff to do or concentrate on to distract me from things that I find highly irritating such as pain, annoying and loud relatives, etc...

20 If you want something, don’t beg for it

You will make others think that you are greedy. Make requests instead. People will more likely to say yes to requests.

21 Comply with everything your parents say

If you do stuff your parents want, they'll be more happy and you are more likely to get what you want in return

22 Don’t overreact
23 Remember the world does not revolve around you
24 Learn anger management skills
25 Be flexible
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