Top Ten Most Disappointing Movies of 2007

This list compiles the movies released in theatres in 2007 that disappointed us, the good people of this planet, the most.

The Top Ten

1 Spider-Man 3

Did you honestly think anything else would top this one? I mean, after two game-changing installments of (what was then) the biggest superhero movie series on the planet, we were given this half-dead curmudgeon of a movie that failed to equal the efforts of either of its two predecessors (by a long shot). I get that Sam Raimi didn't want to do Venom. Well, for this movie, that was an okay thing, but the stupid executives at Sony just wouldn't let Raimi do his job and forced him to add Venom in last minute. And look what happened. The rest sort of imploded after that and everything went to Hell in a handbasket from there. - BKAllmighty

This permanently killed the Spider-Man franchise.

My ass!

As disappointing as this film was, I did not hate it, it's atually (in my opinion at least) a decent film, it did not need to be better than the last 2 but it sure was dissapointing

Also, venom was not Raimi's fault, sony forced him to be shoved in this film. - idontknow

2 Shrek the Third

The previous two installments were (and still are) frequently hailed as some of the first CGI animated movies to compare positively with Pixar's works. The same can't be said about movie numero tre. Unlike parts one and two, Shrek the Third didn't really seem to know what audience it was trying to reach. I mean, it was still a "family" (colloquially meaning "kids") film only it didn't really want to be one. Most of the movie's efforts seemed to cater to the viewing eyes of the adults in the theatre (which, in this case, is not a good thing) and failed to give the loyal fan base of kids anything to really enjoy. Of course, this would all be okay if the humour was more clever. Unfortunately, if filmmakers WERE to pick their movie's jokes out from a barrel, chances are that the ones chosen for this film were selected from scraping the bottom of one. - BKAllmighty

Don't Even Get Me Started a With Shrek The Third

The First Two Are 1 Billion Times Better

It started well, then fell immensely. - idontknow

The animation can be good but it’s still disappointing.

3 AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem

The first film wasn't exactly a masterpiece, but it was good enough to warrant the production of a follow-up film. Too bad all we were given this piece of crap. It was excessively gory, had a non-existent story, and didn't even feel like it was trying to give us a fun time. If I was to select one of those previously mentioned flaws for further emphasis, I'd say that its excessive use of gore was its single most negative quality. - BKAllmighty

You could barely see a god damn thing!

4 I Am Legend

This movie had promise, and I don't think anyone who remembers the build-up would disagree. We had a great actor playing a unique role in a very well-designed atmosphere in a story that we knew could be awesome (it was a book originally, of course, and had numerous previous adaptations for source material). Then... Those stupid CGI mutant-things showed up and ruined everything. The rest is post-history (wink wink). - BKAllmighty

5 Ghost Rider

What an awesome character, right? And yet he has been royally screwed over almost as badly as The Punisher has been (and he's just about as awesome). It was bad enough that they cast Nic Cage for a role as intense as this and let him do his thing ONCE. Of course, we all know how they actually wanted him back for the (stand-alone) sequel. And I am not exactly positive on why. Sure, he's eccentric and colorful, but he also lacks the emotional depth and restraint needed to really do the character justice. Heck, he made Wes Bentley's role in the film look Oscar-worthy, for Pete's sake. - BKAllmighty

I don't know why the want Nic Cage to paly super heroes he almost played superman but this was a bad movie the second one was better but is this the best they can do please redo ghost rider marvel PLEASE - Batmaniscole

I liked most of movies above this one over all I am legend and Spiderman 3. But the other ones are disappointments. - keyson

It was just meh... Very forgettable movie. I voted for this simply because when I saw it on the list it surprised me because I forget it ever existed. - Dorito

6 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Every harry Potter is good I just don't like this ones book because it's a billion pages long. It's one of Daniel Radcliffe's favourite harry potter films

Much like 'Death Proof', 'Harry Potter #5' is commonly considered to be the weakest entry in what is otherwise a very solid series of films. For me, I just found that it lacked the sense of magic and awe that each prior film had. Plus, I give this film credit for turning the Dark Lord, Voldemort, himself, from the scary villain we all wanted more of (from 'The Goblet of Fire') and turned him into the awkward, unfrightening dork that we all know (from 'Deathly Hallows'). - BKAllmighty

None of the harry potters are bad to me how is this on the list - Batmaniscole

This is actually one of my favorites of the franchise, 2nd to be specific, but we have our opinions but we can agree on 2 things:
Dumbledore vs Voldemort was brilliant
The Possession scene was excellent, in my opinion the best harry vs Voldemort showdown as it was the most emotional, touching and personal. - idontknow

7 Death Proof

Quentin Tarantino's filmography contains almost exclusively movies that are loved by (just about) all. Movies like 'Pulp Fiction', 'Reservoir Dogs', 'Kill Bill', and 'Django Unchained' that critics and audiences both adored. But often when conversing about his movies does the subject of "Which is his worst? " come up. And almost always is the answer the same. 'Death Proof', while a decent film outright, seemingly marks the low point of Tarantino's directing career, simply because it lacked the considerable punch that all of his prior films had. It wasn't anywhere near as edgy or as well-written as his previous works (and subsequent later works), and is even singled out as his weakest film by the big man, himself. - BKAllmighty

8 Epic Movie

It's title suggested that it would be epic. It was not. I was naïve enough (back then) to think that it would be a hilarious parody film (I had only seen the first 'Scary Movie' by this point and that movie actually WAS pretty good) and it really really really wasn't. For that reason I have added it to this list. - BKAllmighty

It's not even awesome enough to be epic. - SamuiNeko

9 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

It pains me to add this film (it really does - the first film in the series has led me to love each subsequent film unconditionally) to the list but I recognize that, to many fans, this film was just too much stuff happening at once for one movie. The plot jumps around all over the place, there are just too many characters to follow, and the chatter between the characters gets just too complicated at times (after dozens of viewings there are still things that I learn from each sitting). And, while I did not want Gore Verbinski to exit the series after this film, I understand why Disney made the decision to move the series to new places and start off again with a clean slate. - BKAllmighty

10 The Golden Compass

The Contenders

11 Knocked Up
12 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

After the first film felt like a complete waste of time (I have since grown to appreciate it more - thanks to the new 2015 disaster of a film), we were all really hoping for something bigger and better for round two (I was actually surprised that the movie even got a sequel in the first place). Unfortunately it was just more of the same (uneven special effects, a haphazard story, and a botched villain - this time, Galactus - THEY MADE HIM A GIANT SPACE CLOUD dammit! ). - BKAllmighty

13 Juno
14 National Treasure: Book of Secrets

I actually really liked this movie. For me, it brought the same clever storytelling and witty humour that made the first one good. - BKAllmighty

15 Norbit

What's this movie about? The big fat lady looks a bit intimating... - SamuiNeko

I think we could already tell that this would be awful. - PositronWildhawk

Uuum...this is a movie? - Batmaniscole

16 300

THIS IS SPARTA - Batmaniscole

17 Bratz: The Movie
18 Transformers

How The Hell Was This Disappointing

Hey, at least it's not 'Revenge of the Fallen'. - BKAllmighty

19 Good Luck Chuck
20 Smokin' Aces
21 Evan Almighty
22 Georgia Rule
23 Because I Said So
24 License to Wed
25 I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
26 Alvin and the Chipmunks
27 Always: Sunset on Third Street 2
28 Daddy Day Camp
29 I Know Who Killed Me
30 Hannibal Rising
31 Saw IV
32 Hostel Part II
33 Captivity
34 Awake
35 Delta Farce
36 Surf's Up
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